Over 10,000 people gave perfect reviews to these weird things that are so genius

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by Christina X. Wood
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Sometimes you don’t know what the problem is until you find the answer. Maybe the reason you keep making workout goals and falling short of them, for example, is not “I’m bad at workouts,” but that you haven’t put the right, easy-to-use tools within reach. Or maybe the fur all over your house isn’t there because you don’t vacuum enough, but because you don’t have an effective, fur-grabby pet brush. Maybe the plants aren’t drooping because you have a red thumb, but you just don’t have the simple garden tool to keep them standing tall. When you find the solution that makes your problem go away easily, it’s a lightbulb moment that you want to share. After all, it’s fun to impress friends with your bottomless wealth of clever, crafty products that can be revolutionary in the right hands. And you can probably find some amongst this collection. It’s precisely (probably) why over 10,000 people gave perfect reviews to these weird things that are so genius.

Whether your problem is in your car, on your skin, or with your workout, there is a brilliant solution here that will not involve you having to be smarter, better, or more dedicated. Just a little savvy. Read on and find your issue, and its brilliant and easy-to-implement solution.

1. This essential oil-rich body soap that helps soothe skin

When your skin is itchy, dry, or the victim of a fungus attack, this body wash that’s rich in tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint essential oils will bring the power of botanicals to the problem. These plant oils are known for their effectiveness in helping treat fungus and other skin irritations. While it’s working on what ails you, it hydrates with jojoba, coconut, and olive oils so that you emerge from your shower fresh, clean, and with soothed and moisturized skin.

2. The strip LEDs that create decorative lighting anywhere

This peel-and-stick strip lighting is a fun and easy way to create slick lighting anywhere. Just stick the strips of LED lights under your bar or desk, on the ceiling, or on the top of cabinets. Choose a color and mode from your phone, or the included 24-key remote, to make your place look amazing. You can have the lights sync with music for a dance party, turn your furniture into ambient lighting elements, or create whatever effect you can imagine. This is a single 100-foot strip with 540 embedded LEDs.

3. An exfoliating brush that conquers ingrown hairs

Hold this gentle exfoliating brush in the palm of your hand to buff your body, or use it to brush shaved or waxed skin to prevent ingrown hairs. Surprisingly, that’s all it takes. Reviewers love it, give it almost 7,000 five-star reviews and use it on everything from their face to their bikini area. “Within minutes, the itching was gone,” said one reviewer who used it on a new beard. “A couple of days later, the bumps were gone as well.”

4. A cast iron grill press for better burgers

This eight-pound cast-iron grill press is exactly what you need to take grilling burgers, steaks, chicken, and other meats up a notch. Set it down on any meat while it’s on the grill. It will press out excess fats and oils while ensuring your food has primo grill marks on the underside. Almost 19,000 people give it five stars. “It saves time. I only have to roll up a ball of ground beef, put it on a plate, and smash it down,” says one of them.

5. The bowl that makes perfect popcorn with your ingredients

This silicone bowl with a well in the bottom is genius. Pour popcorn kernels and oil into that well, then put the bowl in the microwave for a couple of minutes and you’ll get perfect popcorn every time. You can have the ease of microwave popcorn with none of the preservatives or waste. Just dress it with whatever seasoning you like and eat. It comes in nine colors and goes in the dishwasher.

6. These heirloom lettuce seed pods for your indoor garden

Drop these pods preloaded with heirloom lettuce seeds into this indoor AeroGarden and you will have a wealth of fresh gourmet salad greens in your kitchen in a couple of weeks. You can cut and eat them for months. This heirloom collection includes Black Seeded Simpson, Deer Tongue, and Parris Island varieties and comes with liquid plant food, a grow dome to get your seeds started, and everything your garden needs — including a guarantee that these seeds will sprout.

7. The resistance bands that stay put & bring the burn

When you want to build some quick burn into your squats, hip thrusts, or lunges, these wide resistance bands in three levels of difficulty are the way to go. The wide, fabric bands won’t roll up or annoy you, and the non-slip inner strips keep them from sliding off while you move. Over 20,000 people give them five stars. “It takes only a few minutes with these bands,” said one reviewer, “before you feel your legs and glutes on fire.” They come with a carrying case, workout cards, and access to online workout videos.

8. This little appliance that catches pesky flies & gnats

Once the fruit flies or soil gnats move into your home, getting them to leave turns into an all-out battle. Get a leg up and plug in this clever indoor trap. Its soft, glowing UV light tempts the flying pests toward the trap. And once they’re close enough, its fan sucks them inside. Once they are inside, they stick to the sticky mat in there. All you have to do is replace that sticky mat periodically and your problem is taken care of.

9. The self-cleaning pet brush with hordes of fans

This pet slicker brush is loved by thousands of pets and their people because it gets rid of mats and snarls without inflicting pain, has an ergonomic handle so the humans don’t suffer, and is gentle on a pet’s skin while it reaches deep into their coat. The humans, in particular, love that the fur cleans easily off the bent-wire bristles with the push of a button. Nearly 50,000 people love it and give it five stars. “When the brush comes out now the dogs line up for a brushing,” said one reviewer.

10. This frother so you can have foamy café beverages any time

Making a cappuccino or frothy hot chocolate is so easy if you have this frother. Just dip it into cold milk (dairy, nut, soy, or oat) — for, say, an iced latte — or into milk that’s warming in the pan — for a hot cappuccino — and push the button. The whisk spins quickly, turning that milk into foamy yumminess. It works great for mixing supplement powders, too. It runs on two AA batteries and comes with a stand so you can keep it on the counter.

11. This set of silicone-tipped tongs that lock closed

Solve your cooking hassles by stocking your kitchen with this three-piece set of cooking tongs. They can handle temperatures up to 480 degrees so you can use them for turning meat in the frying pan or on the grill. And since they grab your food, instead of lifting on a spatula, you have much more control. The silicone tips won’t scratch pans and the tongs lock closed when you toss them in the dishwasher or a drawer, and come in three sizes (7-inch, 9-inch, and 12-inch) so you’ll always have the size you need.

12. The ab roller that makes core training at home so easy

This ab roller removes obstacles between you and working your core. Just kneel on the included floor mat, grab the handles, and roll. The wide wheel won’t wobble, the easy-to-grip handles won’t slip out of your hands, and the stainless-steel tube will hold your weight. It works your abs, arms, pectorals, and dorsal muscles and you will know it. “I did as many reps as humanly possible the first time,” said one reviewer. “The next day my ab muscles were so, so sore. It's awesome!”

13. These basting brushes with a secret grid for holding more

These two silicone basting brushes are a must-have for everything from barbecuing to baking delicate pastries. The brushes are made of heat-resistant silicone and have an internal grid that holds onto your sauces, oil, butter, or whatever you’re painting onto your food. The head snaps off to make cleaning every crevice simple and this is a set of two — one large and one small — so you always have one at the ready. They come in four colors.

14. This wide garden tie that’s gentle on plants

When you want to support a plant or guide a vine in the direction you want it to go, you don’t want your twine to harm it in the process. This wide Velcro garden tie is like a belt for your bushes. Just cut it to size and wrap it around the plant and the support to gently hold the branch, bush, or vine in place. “This is a much better option than anything I’ve tried before to tie plants,” said one reviewer. “You can also very easily adjust it to allow for expansion or growth in the future.”

15. This protector that stops phones from dropping under the seat

If you’ve ever dropped your phone under the seat of the car while flying down the interstate, you have deduced that the gap between the front seat and the center console can be a problem. Especially when, after you finally pulled over, you discover your lost earrings, keys from three years ago, and some moldy fries under there. This seat gap filler will prevent any of that from happening again. Just fit it over the seatbelt and push it between the seat and the console and the gap is gone.

16. These under-eye masks that hydrate & depuff

The delicate area under your eyes can get dehydrated and develop dark circles when you’re tired or the weather is cold or windy. But these 15 under-eye masks apply — and hold — serum to that area to hydrate, depuff, and nourish the skin. They contain castor oil, collagen, hyaluronic acid, glycerine, and gold — along with skin-nourishing vitamins — for a spa-like treatment anytime. Almost 12,000 reviewers give them a five-star rating.

17. A battery tester so you can tell the good batteries from the bad

When a toy, remote control, or other battery-operated device isn’t working, your first step is probably to replace the batteries. This battery tester will save you time and money because, instead of throwing all the suspect batteries out, you can test each one to determine which one is the culprit. It’s so handy to have on hand that over 8,000 people gave it five stars.

18. The phone mount that puts navigation on bike handlebars

If your favorite method of transportation is a bike, you still need to navigate, right? Mount your phone to your handlebars so you can do that with this simple phone mount and you can use your phone to navigate, listen to music, take calls, and do all the things people who drive cars do with their phones. Your phone will rotate 360 degrees while sitting securely in the clamp that’s reinforced with three silicone bands. It’s easy to install and works on motorcycles, too.

19. A handy temperature & humidity gauge for your home

Knowing the temperature and humidity in your living space is important for comfort and can help you decide whether to adjust the temperature or when to invest in a dehumidifier. This temperature and humidity gauge tells you all of that. It also tells you what the highs and lows were so you can deduce what has happened to plants, pets, or your fermentation hobby while away. It’s such an excellent tool, in fact, that 72,000 people gave it five stars.

20. This pan splatter screen to keep grease off your stove

When cooking a burger in a skillet — or anything that spits grease onto the stovetop — this splatter screen can save so much cleanup time. It doesn’t change the cooking process the way putting a lid on the pan does. It just stops the grease and splatter. “It's well put together, feels very sturdy, and best of all, it kept the steaks from spattering grease all over my stove!” admired one of the 23,000 five-star reviews.

21. These in-car hooks so you have a place for your bags & jackets

Hook these headrest hooks over the headrest rods in the front seat to add tons of storage to your car. The roomy hooks will each hold several grocery bags, a backpack, a purse, or a jacket right where they’re handy and not in anyone’s way. There are four hooks so you can attach two to each of the front seats. They come in black, beige, and pink.

22. The meter that tells you where your plants will thrive

When you’re planting a shrub, flowers, or vegetables, location is super important. Does that spot get enough sun? Is the water too alkaline? This soil meter will take a reading on that spot so you don’t doom your new plant to subpar growth. It reads sunlight, pH, and soil moisture, and delivers that data to an easy-to-read dial so you can make intelligent decisions. It also makes it easy to know when to water. It comes in six colors.

23. This five-pack of bottle brushes for your entire collection

If you have lots of water bottles, thermal coffee cups, and storage jars, this collection of five bottle brushes in various sizes will help you keep them all clean. There are two fat brushes for water bottles and your thermal tumblers, a narrow brush for long-neck bottles, a small bottle brush, and a long, thin straw cleaner. Reviewers tend to love this useful set as they gave it 19,000 five-star ratings and said things like, “This set is amazing. It includes everything I want and each one is useful.”

24. This tactical gear light that fits in a pocket

When you head out to walk the dog, pocket this tactical light in case you need help seeing where you are going or locating the, ahem, package. It’s small enough to keep handy but it throws lots of light and zooms easily from a narrow to a wide beam. A tactical switch makes it easy to go dark — or bright — and it’s waterproof and drop-proof.

25. This 24-pack of microfiber cloths for cleaning, dusting, & detailing

This big package of microfiber cleaning cloths will last for years and will easily clean everything from kitchen counters to baby toys — or even the baby — to automobiles. Microfiber holds a lot of water so it’s terrific at sopping up spills. Or saturate it with a cleaning solution and get your car, counters, or windows super clean. You will reach for these often. And, unlike paper towels, they can go right in the wash and be ready to clean something else next time.

26. This thermometer for more accurate cooking decisions

When you are grilling a steak, roasting a chicken, or even air-frying fish, this digital thermometer will tell you what you need to know when you need to know it so you don’t have to hope for the best till someone cuts their entre and discovers it is too done or not yet cooked. Just stick the probe into the food and look at the big, backlit display to know the precise internal temperature. It’s waterproof, has a hold button so you can pull it out of the meat to look at the temp, and stores easily. Reviewers give it nearly 46,000 five-star ratings.

27. This seat cushion that helps take pressure off your back

If your back hurts and your sciatica is acting up because you spend long hours sitting in a chair that’s less than ideal, put this gel-and-memory-foam seat cushion in the seat. It helps relieve pressure on your coccyx, softens a hard seat, and helps you sit with better posture and less pain. A handle makes it easy to move to your car or another chair, the cover removes for cleaning, and the non-slip rubber bottom keeps it in place.

28. The detangling hairbrush with its own fan club

The Glide Thru hairbrush has a simple premise — cone-shaped bristles separate the parts of a knot of hair rather than ripping at it. And it apparently works, because users are raving about how it glides through knots and curls on either wet or dry hair. Children don’t cry, adults save time and come away with less broken hair, and it prevents a lot of anguish. The handle is ergonomic, too.

29. This stretchy cover that levels-up your folding tables

When you pull out your folding table to accommodate guests, throw an outdoor party, or set up your farmer’s market booth, cover it with this super stretchy Spandex cover to create a sleek and decorative look that won’t billow or blow away. It comes in 17 colors and four sizes to fit the mood of your event and the table you have.

30. The acupressure mat & pillow that hurts so good

Reviewers called this acupressure mat and pillow set with thousands of pointed pressure points everything from a “torture device” to “evil” to a “nail bed,” but many of them simultaneously gave it five stars and said that it alleviated their pain, stiff muscles, and inability to sleep. The idea is that it helps you relax by poking your pressure points, which releases heat in your body, and, with it, stress and tension. Over 25,000 people gave it five stars.

31. This peel-and-stick wallpaper for quick refinishing jobs

Give an old table, the bathroom wall, or any other surface a fresh look by peeling and sticking this wood-look wallpaper right over whatever is there. It’s easy to pull off and reposition if you make a mistake, there are cutting guides on the back for precision, and it looks great. Over 11,000 people loved how their project turned out and gave it five stars, many of them with photos.

32. This belt that puts pockets on your workout wear

If you struggle with where to put your phone when you work out, this stretchy pocket belt is an easy solution. Just step into it and pull it on like pants and you’ll have four roomy, slide-in pockets that hold everything from your phone to your headphones, wallet, and a snack. You can carry what you need for a run — or even a busy day — no matter how many pockets your outfit has. It comes in 13 colors, is super stretchy so it fits lots of people (though it also comes in seven sizes), and is invisible under a tee shirt.

33. A big trash can with pockets for the car

This big car trash can will easily hold all the wrappers and cans that accumulate in the car, and it won’t tip over and spill that trash because it has straps to secure it to the center console — or wherever works in your vehicle. It holds a standard size grocery bag as a liner and comes with 10 trash bags of its own. The elasticized opening at the top lets you throw things away without them bouncing back out and the lid lifts for larger items. Mesh pockets on the side hold your sundries and it comes in seven colors.

34. A lightweight hammock so you can camp light or nap anywhere

Lighten your load the next time you go camping by carrying this 24-ounce hammock instead of a bedroll and trimmings. It hangs between two trees and is super comfortable so you will actually sleep through the night, too. The attached carrying pouch converts to a side pocket while you snooze and it’s so easy to carry that you might find yourself stopping for a nap during day hikes, too.

35. This cleaning gel that gets into crevices & cracks

Put away the cotton swabs and toothbrush because this cleaning gel is better. Just press it into the air vents, cracks, cup holder, and other hard-to-reach places in your car (or keyboard) and then pull it out slowly. It grabs all the dust and dirt in there and holds onto it. You can keep using it until it changes colors and then just throw it away. It works wherever there’s a crevice that needs cleaning. Also? It smells nice.

36. A big organizer to keep things secure in the trunk

Put the experience of driving while trying to ignore the things flying around in the trunk by strapping this car organizer into your trunk or truck bed. It stays put because an adjustable tie-down system holds it in place. It has lots of internal sections and side pockets to keep your gear organized, and two handles make it easy to lift out. When you aren’t using it, it folds up for storage or you can resize it to be smaller till you go shopping. It gets over 38,000 five-star reviews.

37. A pair of effective, compact binoculars for your birding outings

This compact pair of binoculars is super easy to carry along on your hikes (or to concerts and sporting events) so you can see birds, wildlife, or plants up close. They magnify distant objects to 12 times their size, are waterproof, and so small you can hold them in one hand and carry them in a pocket. “The clarity at 12x is astonishing,” said one reviewer. “I can count blades of grass at 200 yards. I am completely blown away that you can get a sturdy, near-perfect pair of binoculars for under $50.”

38. An outlet extender that adds USB & USB-C ports to your wall

Plug this clever outlet extender into any wall outlet and bring your power options into the modern world. It converts two standard plugs into five while adding four USB ports — one of them a USB-C plug. There’s no need for wiring. Just plug it in and use the included screw to firmly attach it to the existing plug.

39. The manual sweater shaver that removes pills and fuzz

There is no need for batteries, electricity, or recharging with this fabric shaver. Just shave your sweaters, blankets, and upholstery with it to remove the fuzzies, pills, and lint that make your stuff look shabbier than it really is. There are three fabric-safe edges on one end and a lint brush on the other, and it’s sized to keep in your sweater drawer for quick garment refreshes.

40. The power scrubber that makes cleaning easy

Instead of using your own muscles and energy to scrub your shower, sink, or pots and pans clean, pull out this power scrubber and let its battery-powered 60 scrubs per second do all the work. It comes with three brush attachments — both a small and a large multipurpose brush, and a grout brush — to attack whatever problem you have, runs on four AA batteries, and has two scrub settings all built into an ergonomic handle.

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