Of the most popular gifts under $35 on Amazon, these 65 are truly worth the hype

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A Greenco Bamboo Breakfast Tray and a Flathead Products Hair Scalp Massager

Being popular isn’t everything, but it certainly helps when you’re shopping online. If a product has thousands of positive reviews, you can rest assured that it’s worth your money — the only trick is scrolling through dozens of pages to find all the items that are truly worth the hype. Luckily for you, I’ve already done all the searching and compiled the best finds into this list of the most popular items you can buy on Amazon.

But if you still need a little convincing? I’ve also made sure that each item featured below costs $35 or less, which means you can grab multiple items without spending more than $100. So go ahead and buy those silky pillowcases, that stylish cheeseboard, as well as that cold brew coffee maker — all three are priced so that your wallet (and budget) won’t notice much difference. But if you want to see more, you’ll just have to keep scrolling.


This Travel Mug That Lets You Brew Coffee On The Go

Don’t have time to brew coffee before you leave the house? Not a problem — just use this travel mug to make some while you’re on the go. Its reusable filter is made from rust-resistant stainless steel, which means there’s no need to buy wasteful paper replacements. The base is also narrow enough to fit into most cupholders, and the insulated walls help keep your coffee warm for hours.


An Electric Whisk That Does The Work For You

Whether you’re frothing milk for coffee or beating egg whites into stiff peaks, this electric whisk can help you get the job done. It runs at an ultra-silent level so that it shouldn’t disturb others around you — and the ergonomic handle is designed to fit comfortably into both hands. Each order also includes a stand so that you don’t have to rest it directly on your counters.


These Reusable Straws That Are Compatible With Tumblers

Not only are these straws reusable, but their bent tips allow for easy sipping when you’re drinking from a large tumbler cup. Each order includes a pipette brush to help you scrub the insides clean, as well as a drawstring bag for travel. “They are a soft silicone, and long enough to fit in my tall water bottle,” wrote one reviewer. “After the first washing, there is no lingering scent or flavor.”


A Meat Thermometer That’s Easy To Read In The Dark

With its backlit, easy-to-read LCD screen, you shouldn’t have any problem reading this meat thermometer when grilling outside at night. It also has a helpful temperature guide printed directly on the handle — just in case you forget the proper internal temperature for poultry, beef, or even fish. Plus, its waterproof design allows for easy washing in the sink.


This Stylish Cheese Board Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Not only is this cheese board sure to wow guests when they come over for dinner, but it’s also made from eco-friendly bamboo that can withstand all sorts of knife cuts. Multiple grooves give you ample room to serve everything from grapes to crackers — and it even has handles on both sides so that you have somewhere comfortable to grip when carrying.


A Charging Station That Helps Minimize Clutter

Every home has that one corner that’s become a cluttered mess of charging cables and wires, so why not grab this charging station? It comes with five shortened cables to help keep everything looking tidy: two lightning, two micro-USB, as well as one type-C. And with its helpful LED indicators, you’ll always know for certain that your device is properly connected.


The Collapsible Bowl That Lets You Pop Kernels In The Microwave

Bulky air poppers take up a ton of space in your kitchen cabinets, making this bowl a smart alternative. It’s large enough to make up to 15 cups of popcorn at a time, yet collapses down to a fraction of its size to help you save space. The best part? Cool-touch handles on either side give you somewhere safe to grip when taking it out of the microwave.


These Salt & Pepper Grinders That Do The Work For You

Not only do these electronic salt and pepper grinders do all the grinding for you, but you can also adjust the coarseness simply by turning the dial on the base of each grinder. Or, if you already have salt and pepper shakers, you can also use them with a variety of spices.


A Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Can Help You Save Money

You don’t have to spend money on expensive pre-made cold brew — just whip up a batch at home using this pitcher. It’s made from tough borosilicate glass, with a nonslip base to help keep it safe from being knocked over. Plus, its tight-fitted cap helps keep your brew fresh until you’re ready to sip.


This Tray Table Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Whether you’re eating breakfast in bed or working from home, this tray table is a solid pick if you need somewhere firm to rest your food or laptop. It’s made from eco-friendly bamboo, with convenient handles on either side that make it easy to carry around the house. The best part? You can even fold the legs down so that it’s easy to stash away when not in use.


A Shampoo Brush That Also Massages Your Scalp

Add a dollop of shampoo to this brush, then gently massage it into your head to wash away dirt and oil. The bristles are made from soft silicone, making them unlikely to irritate skin — and they can even help stimulate blood flow in your scalp. Plus, each order includes a second attachment.


The Weighted Heating Pad That Can Help Alleviate Soreness

Pop this heating pad into the microwave for a spin, then drape it across your shoulders to help alleviate aches and pains. Or, if you prefer to use it at room temperature, it’s the clay bead filling gives it a compression effect that can feel oh-so-good on sore muscles — and many reviewers appreciated how well it “stays in place.”


A Bib That Helps Keep Beard Trimmings Out Of The Sink

Tired of cleaning beard trimmings out of your sink? Then this bib is a total game-changer. Simply attach it to your mirror using the included suction cups, and it’ll catch all that falling hair so that there’s nothing to clean up post-shave. Choose from three colors: black, white, or blue.


This Bath Pillow That Supports Your Head & Shoulders

Unlike some bath pillows that only support your head, this one has an extra-long shape that also cushions your shoulders and upper back. The 3-D mesh allows air to circulate throughout, helping it dry quickly when wet in order to prevent mildew — all while six suction cups work to keep it held firmly in place against your tub.


The Foot Peels That Deliver Ultra-Soft Feet

Feet looking a little cracked lately? Let them soak in one of these peels for about an hour. Over the next two weeks, they’ll start to shed that flaking outer layer of skin, revealing baby-soft feet underneath. And unlike some peels, these ones are designed to fit feet that are size 11 and lower.


An Easy-To-Install Bidet With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

Not only is this bidet so easy to install that there’s no need for a plumber, but the control panel on the side also lets you adjust the water pressure up to six levels. The slim profile won’t leave your seat feeling lumpy — and with thousands of positive reviews, you can rest assured that it’s more than worth its price. “Installs in 10 minutes with minimal tools and zero knowledge of plumbing,” wrote one reviewer. “Simple to operate, wonderful to experience.”


These Light Strips That Can Help Reduce Eye Strain

This light strip is such a game-changer. Not only can it help alleviate eye strain by creating a glow behind the screen, but it also comes with 3M adhesives so that you can easily attach it to the back of your television. It also features 15 different colors that can be switched using the included remote, and you can adjust the brightness up to 10 levels.


A Jar Opener That Stays Hidden Until You Need It

Mount this jar opener underneath one of your cabinets, and it’ll always be ready to go whenever you encounter a particularly stubborn lid. From nail polish to pickle jars, it’s designed to work with nearly any type of container — and you even have two options when it comes to installation: double-sided adhesive or screws (both of which are included).


The Reusable Lids That Stretch To Fit Containers

Can’t find the lid to match that container? Not a problem — just pull out one of these silicone lids. They stretch to fit containers of nearly any shape or size, creating an airtight, leakproof seal to help keep everything inside fresh. They’re also BPA-free, as well as safe to use in the microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher.


A White Noise Machine That You Can Take With You

You never know how loud your hotel or Airbnb is going to be, which is why it’s always a good idea to take this white noise machine with you when traveling. It comes pre-loaded with six different soothing sounds, ranging from babbling brook to a calm summer night. The best part? You also have the choice of powering it via a wall outlet or using three AA batteries (which are not included).


This Ring Light That Helps Illuminate Videos & Photos

Whether you’re on a Zoom call or taking a selfie, this ring light can help make sure you’re cast in the best light possible. The padded clip won’t leave behind scratches — and unlike some ring lights, this one features a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to two hours on the brightest setting. Plus, its compact size easily fits into your laptop bag or purse.


A Laptop Stand Made From Sturdy Aluminum

Staring down at your laptop for hours on end can leave your neck feeling sore, so why not raise it up on this stand? It’s made from 100% aluminum, with rubber feet to help keep it stable while you type. You can also use it with any laptop — regardless of its brand — as long as it’s between 10 and 17 inches in size.


The Trashcan That Shouldn’t Leak All Over Your Car

Consider this trashcan a must-have on long drives. The leakproof base won’t let liquids spill out onto your interior, while an adjustable strap allows you to easily fit it onto your stick shift, around your headrest, or nearly anywhere else. Each order also includes 20 liners to get you started.


A Magnetic Wristband That Holds Onto Nuts & Bolts

Wear this magnetic wristband when tackling DIY projects, and it’ll hold onto all your small nuts, bolts, nails, and more so that they’re always conveniently within reach. The tear-resistant nylon is durable enough to handle heavy use — and one size is made to fit most.


These Towels That Dry Incredibly Fast

Whether you’re headed to the gym or the beach, don’t forget to bring one of these towels with you. They fold up to a fraction of their size so that they take up hardly any space in your bag — and since they’re made from soft microfiber, they’re also incredibly absorbent, as well as quick-drying. Choose from seven different colors.


These Towels That Dry Incredibly Fast

Whether you’re headed to the gym or the beach, don’t forget to bring one of these towels with you. They fold up to a fraction of their size so that they take up hardly any space in your bag — and since they’re made from soft microfiber, they’re also incredibly absorbent, as well as quick-drying. Choose from seven different colors.


A Beard Straightener That Can Help Reduce Unwanted Frizz

Your beard doesn’t have to be an unruly mess of hair, especially when this straightener is at your disposal. It’s great for calming frizz (if that’s your goal), as its ionic technology works to smooth follicles as you comb it through your beard — and the heat is even adjustable up to three levels.


This Kit That Uses A Powerful UV Light To Whiten Teeth

Whether your teeth are stained from coffee, wine, or even tea, this whitening kit can help get them sparkling. Unlike whitening strips, it uses powerful UV light that delivers noticeable results in 10 days or less. The carbamide peroxide is also gentle on your enamel — and many reviewers commented on how it didn’t bother their sensitive teeth.


A Thick Yoga Mat That’s Easy To Take With You

Since this yoga mat comes with a convenient carrying strap, you shouldn’t have any problem taking it with you to the gym, yoga class, or even outside for a picnic with friends. It’s also thicker than most and made from high-density foam that’s both water-resistant and nonslip. Choose from five colors: blue, black, red, purple, or green.


The Compact Strainer That Clips Onto The Side Of Your Pots & Pans

Regular strainers can tip over, sending your meal spilling into your sink — so grab this clip-on version. The clips are designed to fit onto nearly any pot, pan, or bowl, regardless of its size. And since it’s a fraction of the size of regular strainers, it can even help save you space in cramped kitchens.


A Portable Charger That Can Power 3 Devices Simultaneously

With two USB ports and one type-C, this portable charger can easily power up to three devices at the same time. There’s enough power inside for it to power an iPhone 8 nearly four times — and the slim design is also great for traveling, as it takes up hardly any space in your bag.


This Whiskey Decanter That’s Oh-So Stylish

You can’t deny that this whiskey decanter would look so good sitting out on your home bar, as its diamond pattern and crystal-clear glass are sure to turn heads. The smooth rim around the pour spout helps keep drips to a minimum when serving — and each order even includes four glasses.


A Throw Blanket That Feels Like Ultra-Cozy Sherpa

Plush, cozy, and warm — this throw blanket hits all the right notes. The polyester fleece sherpa makes it perfect for snuggling under when temperatures dip low, though it’s still breathable enough to keep you comfortable on warm days. And since some colors are reversible, it’s almost like you’re getting two blankets for the price of one.


The Shower Towel That Helps You Exfoliate All Over

Add a little body wash to this towel, then stretch it behind your back to scrub those hard-to-reach areas clean. It has a slightly gritty texture, making it perfect for exfoliating away dry flakes — and many reviewers also appreciated how it “dries quickly” once hung up.


These Elastic Shoelaces That You’ll Never Have To Tie

Swap out your shoelaces with these no-tie ones to instantly transform your sneakers into convenient slip-ons. They’re made from stretchy elastic, allowing them to fit nearly any shoe while still providing enough pressure to keep them securely on your feet. You also have the choice of more than 15 colors, ranging from classic white to bright lime.


The Smart Plugs That Let You Put Devices On Schedules

Add these smart plugs to your lights, and you’ll be able to put them on schedule so that they’re on when you come home. You can also control them using voice commands once paired with Alexa or Google Home, which means you won’t have to get up from the couch to turn them on or off. Plus, setup only takes a few quick minutes using the downloadable app.


A Cleaning Gel That Reaches Deep Into Tight Spaces

Whether there’s dust in your air vents or crumbs on your camera lens, this cleaning gel can help. It’s softer on surfaces than rags or scrubbers, making it suitable for use on delicate items. The best part? You can also reuse it until the color changes.


These Compact Pods That Help Keep Herbs Fresher For Longer

Cilantro, rosemary, basil — these pods are designed to keep all sorts of herbs fresher for longer. The hard shell helps protect your greens from getting mushed in the fridge, and the water reservoir in the base only needs to be refilled once every five days. “I keep my mint leaves in here and it really does keep them fresh for about 3 weeks,” wrote one reviewer.


A Slow Cooker That Gets Dinner Made Throughout The Day

Load up this slow cooker with your favorite ingredients in the morning — and by dinnertime, it’ll have brewed everything into a delicious stew, chili, or soup. Each order includes a set of liners so that cleanup is a total breeze afterward — and the rust-resistant stainless steel body makes it look way more expensive than $27.


This Insulated Can Cooler That Helps Keep Your Drinks Chilled

Tired of your cans becoming warm before you can finish drinking them? Try slipping them into this can cooler. Double-wall vacuum insulation helps keep them cold for up to 12 hours, without a single drop of condensation in sight. You also have the choice of more than 10 colors — from matte black to a fun shimmering pink.


A Food Scale With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

Not only is this food scale perfect for measuring all sorts of dry ingredients, but more than 100,000 customers have also awarded it either four or five stars. The sleek profile makes it easy to stash away in a drawer, and you have the choice of measuring ingredients in pounds, ounces, grams, and millimeters. “Very easy to use,” wrote one reviewer. “Love that you can put a plate, and zero out the weight of the plate so the food is very accurate!”


The Bottle That Adds Fresh Fruit Flavors To Your Water

Not a fan of drinking plain water? Add your favorite fruits to the infusion core inside of this bottle, and their fresh flavors will gradually seep out, giving your water a delicious fruity touch. It’s also shatter-resistant and leakproof — and the bottle even features a textured patch on the side to help you keep a firm grip.


A Tile That Helps You Find Misplaced Items

Keys, wallet, phone — regardless of what items you’re always misplacing, this tile can help you find them. Simply attach it to the item in question, then activate it using the downloadable app — it’ll let out a loud ring so that you can easily find it. Or, if you lose your phone, you can also use it in reverse (even if your phone is on silent).


This Clothes Steamer That Works For 15 Minutes Each Time You Use It

This steamer is capable of holding 240 milliliters of water — but it’s also small enough to fit into your carry-on bag in between uses while traveling. It can also produce up to 15 minutes of continuous steam, or enough to de-wrinkle nearly your entire suitcase of clothes.


A Cold Therapy Hat That’s Filled With Cooling Gel

This cold therapy hat — which has over 15,000 positive ratings — is filled with moldable gel, and its stretchy design is meant to contour to the shape of your head for comfort. Plus, the extra-long fit allows you to pull it over your eyes for added relief if that’s what you’re seeking. Choose from two colors: black or pink.


The Hand Warmer That You Can Use Over & Over Again

Unlike the disposable hand warmers you’ve likely seen, this one can be recharged so that you can use it as many times as you like. It also doubles as a power bank — just in case your phone needs a little power — and the temperature is even adjustable up to three levels. Choose from four colors.


These Bed Sheets That Are Infused With Aloe Vera

Since these bed sheets are infused with aloe vera, they’re designed to help soften your skin simply by sleeping on them. They also feature an extra-deep fitted sheet that can be used with mattresses up to 16 inches — and many reviewers even raved about how they’re “super soft.” Choose from four. colors: gray, navy, white, or cream.


A Sleek Wallet That Protects Your Cards From Digital Pickpockets

Not only does this slim wallet take up hardly any space in your bag or pocket, but it also features RFID-blocking technology to help protect your cards from digital pickpockets. There’s enough space for up to 15 cards —and the aluminum frame also helps keep them safe from damage.


This Book Light That Can Run For Up To 80 Hours

Instead of squinting at the book that you’re trying to read, why not clip this book light onto the cover so that it’s easier to see? The flexible gooseneck can be adjusted into nearly any position, and its rechargeable battery lasts for up to 80 hours. Plus, the LED bulb has a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours, so there’s no need to purchase a replacement anytime soon.


A Button Pusher That Turns Lights On & Off For You

Installing smart light switches can be complicated, making this smart button pusher an easy-to-install alternative. It’s compatible with rocker switches as well as toggles — and the downloadable app allows you to put it on a schedule so that your lights are on when you come home. Plus, you can also pair it with Alexa or Google Home if you’d like to control it using voice commands.


The Breakfast Sandwich Maker That’s Easy To Clean

Whereas some appliances can be difficult to scrub clean, all the removable parts on this breakfast sandwich maker are dishwasher-safe as well as nonstick. It only takes a few minutes to transform your fresh ingredients into a delicious morning meal — and many reviewers appreciated how it’s “super easy” to use.


A Highly Rated Vacuum Sealer For Less Than $40

Not only is this vacuum sealer machine available for less than $40, but it also comes with an average rating of 4.4 stars. It only takes about 10 seconds to seal your ingredients, helping keep them fresh for up to eight times longer — and the seal is so secure that you can even use it for sous vide.


This Diffuser Is Just As Functional As It Is Fashionable

This essential oil diffuser has a sleek exterior that looks just as good as it works. The water reservoir can produce up to 20 hours of soothing mist — and there’s even a built-in timer so that you can have it turn off after one, three, or six hours. Choose from four colors: green, indigo, light blue, or pink.


A Powerful Stain Remover With Over 23,000 Five-Star Ratings

Just because this stain remover is safe to use around kids doesn’t mean it isn’t effective, as the potent formula can tackle everything from fruit juice to ketchup, coffee, and more. You can also use it on nearly any type of fabric or upholstery — and it only takes some light blotting for even the toughest of stains to start disappearing.


The Plastic Baggie Organizer Made From Sleek Bamboo

You don’t have to keep your plastic baggies in the crummy box they came in — especially when this organizer would look so good sitting in one of your kitchen drawers. It’s made from sleek, eco-friendly bamboo, with a sliding top that makes it easy to add and remove bags as needed. The best part? Each order also includes 21 label stickers to help you keep track of which bags are stored where.


These Satin Pillowcases That Feel Like You’re Sleeping On Silk

These cooling, polyester-satin pillowcases create less friction against your hair when you’re asleep, helping smooth unwanted frizz — and the envelope closures even help keep your pillows from sliding out. The two-pack is available in over 25 colors, and tons of customers called them “soft” and “silky” in the reviews section.


The 24-Karat Gold Eye Patches That Can Help Brighten Skin

Both 24-karat gold and hyaluronic acid are a few of the nourishing ingredients you’ll find listed on these eye patches. They’re great for tired mornings when you’re experiencing puffiness, as they can help soothe inflammation as well as brighten skin. And since each pair is individually wrapped, you shouldn’t have any problem taking them with you when traveling.


A Brush That Helps Detangle Hair Without Any Yanking

Yanking away at knotted hair can be incredibly painful, so why not give this detangling brush a try? Its bristles are tipped with cones, allowing them to gently separate strands so that knots easily fall away without any pulling or tugging — and it’s even suitable for use on all types of hair.


This Magnetic Car Mount That’s Designed To Work With Any Phone

This phone mount is designed with a strong magnet that holds your phone in place, while rubber grips on the back keep it firmly secured to one of the air vents in your car. And since it’s compatible with any phone brand, you shouldn’t have any trouble using it whether you have an iPhone or Android.


A Fabric Shaver That’s Adjustable For Different Fabric Types

Whether your sweaters or leggings are starting to pill, this fabric shaver can help get them looking almost good as new. The shaving grate is adjustable, making it suitable for use with nearly any type of fabric — and each order even includes two spare replacement blades, both of which are made from sharp stainless steel.


The Dish Rack That Doesn’t Take Up Any Counter Space

Unlike the bulky dish rack that’s probably sitting on your counters, this one rolls out over your sink to help save space in the kitchen. There’s also no messy drip tray to deal with, as any stray drips instantly fall into your sink. The best part? The stainless steel rungs are heat-resistant, which means you can use the drying rack as a trivet for hot cookware in a pinch.


An Insulated Food Jar That Helps Keep Meals Warm

With its vacuum-insulated walls that can keep hot foods warm for up to nine hours, this food jar is a must-have for anyone who likes to pack their lunch. Cold meals can also stay chilled for up to 14 hours — and each order even includes a foldable spoon that’s easy to take with you. Choose from four colors: midnight blue, rustic red, army green, or matte steel.


This Heated Coaster That Helps Keep Drinks Toasty

Is your coffee always turning cold before you’re finished with it? Not a problem — just keep your mug on this heated coaster. It’s designed to work with most cups, whether they’re made from steel, ceramic, or even glass. And since the top is waterproof, there’s no need to worry about accidental spills.


A Bluetooth Speaker That Lets You Jam Out In The Shower

If you like to jam out to music while you’re in the shower, this Bluetooth speaker is definitely worth a look. Its waterproof body can handle getting wet, while a built-in microphone lets you answer calls without having to even touch your phone. Plus, the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 10 hours.


The Bathtub Tray That Holds All Your Relaxation Essentials

With space for your book, candles, as well as a glass of wine, this caddy tray is perfect for taking a long soak in the tub after a hard day on your feet. The arms expand from 27 out to 41 inches, allowing it to fit tubs of nearly any size — and the bamboo wood even has an extra layer of waterproof varnish to help keep it looking good.

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