Of all the things Amazon keeps selling out of, you'll wish you knew about these 50 sooner

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by Christina X. Wood
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When Amazon shoppers find a good thing, they buy it. Especially when that thing is both useful and affordable. And that means that, if you aren’t paying attention, the good stuff is already gone by the time you find out about it. And when I say “good stuff” I mean the weird problem solvers that will make you say, “Wait! That’s a thing? I need that!” Not to fret, though, because of all the things that keep selling out on Amazon, you'll wish you knew about these 50 sooner. They’re all in stock at the moment, too. So don’t hesitate.

For example, this smart garage door closer you can control from your phone is just the thing you need if you’ve ever driven off and left the garage wide open with all your stored — and expensive — sporting goods unprotected. These motion-activated lights are perfect for illuminating the stairs, a dark hallway, or your counters so you don’t fall or fumble around in the dark. And if you’ve been doing a lot of video calls lately — and who hasn’t? — are you sure no one is looking in on you when you’re not on a call? Don’t freak out, just install one of these simple and effective webcam covers to make sure that never happens.

1. A glow-in-the-dark skin for your Roku remote

Always looking for the remote? Wrap your precious Roku controller in one of these two silicone covers that protect it from drops, keep the battery from popping out, and glow in the dark so you can find the little bugger when watching your shows at night with the lights off. This is a two-pack and you have six fun color-combo options to choose from.

2. A sleek bamboo charging station for all your devices

This decorative bamboo charging station creates a place for all your devices to charge without turning your desk or bedside table into a snarl of wires. Just hide your multi-port charger (not included) in the base and thread the (included) short cables through side-holes to the slots above, where your phone and tablets stand on end to save space. There are also docks for a smartwatch and a wireless earbud case, so all your gear is tidy and powered up.

3. This magnetic phone mount that pops in the AC vent

This is a clever and minimalist car phone-mount system that’s super easy to use and hardly noticeable when not in action. Simply clip one of the two magnetic bases to the air vents in your car, then peel-and-stick the metal disk to your phone or its case. Your phone will now stick to the base, conveniently positioning it for using navigation or making hands-free calls.

4. A big, 3-way mirror that fits in your car’s visor

For those who like to check hair and face before getting out of the car — or even shave on a road trip (passengers only, please) — you’ll be glad to have this three-way mirror installed on the visor. It folds flat when not in use, but unfurls to a foot wide so you can see back and sides hair, a clear look at teeth, and not go into the world wearing mistakes that might have happened en route. Its adjustable straps fit most visors.

5. An insulated mug that also heats beverages

Plug this stainless steel, double-wall insulated coffee mug into any car’s lighter socket, and not only will it use its insulating capacity to keep your drink warm, but it will also heat cold beverages up to a toasty 145 degrees. When unplugged, it maintains that temp for two hours. The cord is long enough to reach most cup holders, it holds 16 ounces, and has a sip-friendly lid so you can drink without spilling in the car.

6. This emergency radio that’s ideal for camping

Whether camping, heading somewhere that behooves being prepared for emergencies, or into an apocalypse, bring this waterproof Bluetooth radio with you. It scans for weather stations so you automatically get important alerts, charges by cranking, the sun, or power outlet, and connects to your phone via Bluetooth for listening to music. There’s also a powerful built-in flashlight, and it can even charge your phone (also using solar/hand crank). What a mighty little wonder.

7. The putty that hangs pictures without damaging walls

Need to hang posters without leaving marks on the wall? Want to stop the cat from pushing knickknacks off of shelves? This sticky putty holds a non-porous item firmly to another with a hold that’s strong enough to stay put, but not do damage. Just mold it like modeling clay, press it to your poster or other items, then press it onto the wall or surface where you want it to stay. To move the item, just lift firmly.

8. The magnetic screws that make any surface a rack for keys or metal tools

With this four-pack of magnetic screws, you can make a handy rack for keys or other metal tools out of any surface you can drive a screw into. Create an elaborate magnetized surface, or use as a light switch hack by simply unscrewing the screw (or screws) holding the switchplate to the wall and replacing with these. They’re perfectly sized for the job. With just a minute of time and a screwdriver, you have a place to stash keys or the dog leash right by the door.

9. This under-bed lighting for a subtle, motion-detecting night light

Instead of stumbling around in the dark when you get up in the night, peel-and-stick this cuttable strip lighting to the underside of the bed. It only comes on when the room is dark and it senses motion. So if you pop out of bed at night, it gently illuminates the floor beneath the bed with a warm, gentle light so you can see where you’re going without getting blinded by the overhead. It’s dimmable so you can set it to just the lighting level that suits .

10. The portable, 10-foot-wide screen that lets you project movies anywhere

This portable projection screen folds up small and opens up big so you can hang it on the side of a building or between a couple of trees (ropes, hooks, and double-sided tape are included), point a projector at it, and watch movies — on a 150-inch screen — anywhere you want. The polyester is the right reflexivity for a crisp image, and it’s so small and light that you could even take it backpacking.

11. These motion-activated nightlights for safer stairs

These night lights have a unique setup that makes them ideal for stairs, sinks, and dark corners. The motion sensor is on the top so it’s harder for things like dust bunnies or cats to trigger, and the diffused light is emitted downward so they illuminate in a way that’s gentle to nighttime peepers. Just peel and stick to install them and venture into the dark safely.

12. An alarm so no one leaves the fridge open

If someone in your household has a tendency to walk away from an open fridge — or to stare mindlessly into it for ages — install this open-fridge alarm to help put the kibosh on the habit. It offers a gentle reminder when the door is open for 60 seconds, and gets more insistent at two, three, and four minutes. You can also use it for a basement freezer, where the danger of a forgotten door could be very bad, by setting it on loud mode.

13. This sponge that swipes away car window fog fast

Keep this quick-absorbing sponge in the car for those moments when the windshield suddenly fogs up and you can’t see. That’s not the time to be arguing over whether to use hot or cold air to defog. Just wipe with the sponge, which can be used wet or dry, and is so soft it won’t scratch or damage finish. It’s a great option for the bathroom, too, since it gets rid of fog without introducing fingerprints or streaks.

14. A tactical pen for a more prepared everyday carry

Add this multi-tool tactical pen to your EDC and you’ll go into the world much more prepared. There’s a glass-breaking tip so you won’t get trapped in a car, a flashlight so you aren’t caught in the dark, a bottle opener so you can get your beer open, a screwdriver and wrench for quick fixes, and a pen for emergency contacts or notes. All this fits tidily into a pen that’s also pleasant to write with.

15. The notebook that stores your brainstorms in the cloud

There is something about a notebook and pen that’s more satisfying than typing onto a phone screen. This reusable notebook lets you have that experience while still storing your notes where you can find them again — transcribed and searchable — in the cloud. The 48 pages of this pocket-sized pad achieve this via the Rocketbook app. When you need a clean page, simply erase one with the included microfiber cloth. You’ll never have to buy another notebook.

16. This touchless soap dispenser that gets it right

An automatic soap dispenser has become one of the items we all want in order to cut back on germy places we have to touch. This one looks good next to the sink, and quickly delivers just the right amount of soap into your hand without a lot of negotiation. A precise infrared sensor detects when a hand is present, and you can set the amount of soap it delivers.

17. A smart controller that lets you close the garage door from anywhere

Ever headed out and gotten a good clip away before wondering if you left the garage door open? Do you drive home or hope your equipment is still there when you return? Now, neither. Just pull out your phone and check the MyQ app that connects to this smart garage controller. If the door’s up, tap a button to close it. Then keep on road tripping. It’s also handy for getting packages delivered directly into your garage. In fact, if you sign up for Key In-Garage Delivery, you get a $30 Amazon credit with your first order.

18. This boot scrubber so your indoors stay cleaner

Set this boot scraper at the entryway to your home so people can clean boots and shoes before coming into the house. There are two channels so you can stand on one while cleaning the bottom and side of your shoes with stiff brushes that get mud, snow, and other debris out of treads. All the dirt drops below the scrubber and back to the ground. Or, in an entryway, set a tray under it to capture the mess.

19. This clever device that charges & sanitizes your phone

Drop your phone into this combo sanitizer and wireless charger for a quick digital pick-me-up. It charges any Qi-compatible phone wirelessly while bathing it in UV-C light, which eliminates as much as 99% of the germs and bacteria — including E. Coli, Staphylococcus, and Candida albicans — that might be lurking on the screen. You can also sanitize keys, earbuds, watches, glasses, or other small items that go into the world and might be covered in germs.

20. A warmer so your coffee is still hot when you remember it

After you’ve completed the ritual of brewing coffee or tea, you take a sip and set the cup down to cool. An hour later, you remember it. You could start all over, or you could set your hot beverage down on this electric cup warmer where it stays warm until you grab it again. It looks nice, has an eight-hour automatic shut-off, warms only to 104 degrees so it doesn’t burn coffee or start a fire, and works with everything from baby bottles to candles. It’s waterproof and easy to clean.

21. This quick & easy cold-brew maker

Waking up to a delicious cold-brew coffee is super easy when you have this simple cold-brew coffee maker on hand. Just fill the filter with coffee and cold water and stash it in the fridge overnight with the air-tight lid. When it’s ready, you won’t even need to push a lever down. Simply pour your cold and ground-free coffee.

22. This spray that causes rain to shed off the windshield

Spray this glass cleaner and rain repellent onto your windshield to clean away dust and dirt for a crystal clear view when driving. And the next time it rains, the water will bead and roll off the windshield so you can see better, even without wipers. Even snow, ice, and bugs roll right off the glass. Applying this is a simple task that helps with improved visibility, rain or shine.

23. The slim Bluetooth tracker that goes in your wallet

Slip this credit-card-sized tracker into a slot in your wallet and connect it to your phone. Now, if you lose your wallet, the app will show you where it is, and at the tap of a button, start the card beeping so you can locate it precisely. If your wallet isn’t within range, the app tells you when and where it went out of bounds to help you track it. And if you lose your phone, tap the button on the card to make it ring so you can find it.

24. A dryer to help rid shoes & boots of damp & smell

If you work a long, hard day, or you get caught in the rain — resulting in shoes that are damp and potentially stinky — insert this shoe dryer inside, plug it in, and let the 360-degrees of heat dry your kicks completely from the inside. It helps shoes last longer, prevents bad smells from growing inside them, and is super easy to use. It expands to fit many shoe sizes.

25. A cable management box for safer, tidier wires

The tangle of wires under your desk, on the bedside table, or near the entertainment system is not only ugly, but can be a hazard to pets and small children who might play with or chew on wires. Tuck those tangly suckers into this cord-management box — it’s sized to hold a full-sized power strip and has ports in the back for wires to go in and out. The lid snaps on to contain everything so it’s neat and out of sight.

26. This folding board for retail-level stacks of folded shirts

When you shop for clothes, they’re displayed in beautiful, colorful stacks that are so appealing. Then, at home, the “stacks” are complete mayhem, which begs: “How do they do that?” Enter this shirt folding board, which makes the process simple. All you do is lay a shirt down, follow the instructiosn embossed on the board, and arrive at perfect piles of neatly-folded shirts. “It saves me time in my laundry routine,” says one reviewer, “and helps make my shirts neat and orderly when put away.”

27. The Bluetooth speaker that doubles as speaker phone

If you like to listen to music while you work but scramble to turn it off when the phone rings, connect this clever mini Bluetooth speaker to your phone. It acts as a speaker phone, too. When you’re jamming out and the phone rings, just tap to answer it through the speaker. It works up to 15 hours on a single charge, can connect to a second unit for stereo listening, and is small enough to be part of a mobile work rig.

28. This 6-pack of door & window alarms for a safer home

If you want to know about it immediately if one of the kids leaves the house or if anyone enters your home, install these door and window alarms to the windows and exits. There are two pieces — one on the frame and the other on the door or window — and they have to be in close proximity or an alarm sounds. So, anytime someone opens that door or window, you’ll know.

29. A pair of lightweight gloves that works with your touchscreen

When biking, hiking, or driving in the cold, these warm touchscreen gloves offer a layer of protection to your hands. But you don’t have to pull them off to text or search for directions because the thumb and forefinger will be recognized by the phone’s screen. They have a waterproof layer to keep hands dry and warm, and come in five sizes.

30. The minimalist night light that lives in a light switch

If you want to shed a little light in a dark room, what better place for that light than in the light switch plate? Not only will you be able to see — they come on when it’s dark — but you’ll be able to find the lights to turn them on. Instalation is minimal — just replace your switch places with these SnapPower ones — and the light level is adjustable. It works with rocker or toggle switches and comes in white, ivory, and light almond colors.

31. The phone stand with a built-in speaker

When you want to follow a recipe or share a YouTube video, set your phone in this stand with built-in Bluetooth speaker. That way, you can go hands-free while amplifying sound. It’s stable enough — and roomy enough — to handle a tablet, and there’s a channel for a charging cable to slip through. It makes a great charging stand for listening to music in bed, and folds up for travel.

32. This flat USB charging port that fits behind furniture

When there isn’t space for a huge charging plug (hello, behind the couch!), this flat charging plug that positions cables at the bottom is the answer. It charges two devices at once from its two USB ports, is so small it covers just a standard plug face, and is thin enough to go behind furniture that’s pushed right up against the wall. It comes in black or white and has a small indicator light to let you know it’s charging.

33. This tiny slicer that opens boxes & mail

Instead of risking your own flesh by holding a pair of scissors in the business position every time you open a package, use this Slice blade. Only a small portion of the ceramic blade is exposed at once so hands and fingers stay safe. It’s sharp and effective at opening packages of all kinds, slicing open mail, or clipping pages from magazines or circulars. Unlike scissors, its super hard ceramic blade stays sharp.

34. This in-car organizer with 2 cup holders & phone slot

Want more organization in the car? Slide this front seat organizer between the front seat and console and it provides two cup holders, a phone slot, and a couple cubbies for sunglasses, keys, and other sundries. The base expands so it stays firm in its spot but is easy to remove if you want a trip without it in. It comes in three colors and two sizes.

35. A memory foam footrest for improved WFH seating

Set this memory foam footrest under the desk to invite better posture while you work. Or put it in front of the couch so you can comfortably put your feet up. The height is adjustable — just add or remove the extender — and the easy-to-clean, removable cover is so soft it feels delicious on your feet. Turn it over and set feet on the flat size and use the curve to create a rocking action with your feet to add calf-stretching movement to your day.

36. The colorful cable protectors that stop wires from fraying

If you want your high-priced charging cables and headphone wires to last longer, slide these colorful cable protectors onto the base, which is the area that sees the most abuse. It stops sharp bends and twists that can damage wires. And, since there are four colors in this 24-pack, you can use them to color-code and identify your gear so no one swipes your charger. (They also come in all black.)

37. A pint glass that keeps beer icy cold

Store this pint glass in the freezer so that when you want a cold one, there’s a vessel at the ready. Just pour your beer into it and that brew will be chilly as a snowstorm. It comes with a silicone band that lets you hold it without freezing your fingers, and is made of plastic so makes a great option for the pool (or for anyone who can’t be trusted not to drop a glass after drinking beer).

38. These socks with a hidden pocket for cash & valuables

Whether traveling or going for a long hike or bike ride, it’s helpful to have a non-bulky place to keep emergency funds, a credit card, and an ID. Enter these pocket socks that have a slim, zippered compartment right at the ankle. There’s room for necessaries and the socks themselves are stretchy and comfy, so you’ll forget the goods are there — until you need them. There are 12 colors and patterns to choose from.

39. A wireless doorbell that’s incredibly easy to install

Forget rewiring the house to fix a broken doorbell. Just stick (or screw) this tiny wireless doorbell at your entry and plug the receiver in inside your house. Simple. It’s already paired, has a 1,000-foot range, requires no setup, and just works. Choose from 58 musical tones or bells and five volume levels for the ringer. You can even instals multiples to create a system with doorbells and different chimes at every entry.

40. This beanie with wireless headphones & room for long hair

This unique Bluetooth beanie has everything needed to make it through even the worst day (or worst hair day). The built-in speakers play music from your phone so you can ignore everything that’s annoying. And the ponytail vent lets you wear hair up without creating odd lumps under the hat that contribute to bad hair days. It comes in three colors and it’s easy to remove the headphones so you can wash the hat.

41. These webcam covers that add security to your rig

Want to be sure that no one can ever use your webcam to look in on you uninvited? Stick one of these webcam covers over the eye of your laptop, phone, or tablet, and slide it closed when you aren’t on a call. There’s no software hack that can get through that. These two-packs of webcam covers come in four color options so also add a pop of color to your machine. They’re simple to install — just peel and stick right over the lens.

42. A laptop stand that looks good & saves your neck

If working from home gives you a pain in the neck, set your laptop on this ergonomic stand to elevate the screen so you can sit up straight. (It helps to add an external keyboard, too.) Made from a premium aluminum alloy in your choice of seven colors, it’s sturdy enough to raise even big laptops by six inches while angling it for easy viewing. A lip keeps the laptop from sliding off and the design allows for plenty of airflow around the computer.

43. This adapter so you can bring your favorite big cup in the car

If your cup holder won’t accommodate your large water bottle or that mug with a handle, drop this cup-holder expander in and change that. It grips to the cup holder firmly and accommodates any bottle or tumbler with up to a nearly four-inch diameter. There’s also a roomy slot to allow for handle mugs. As one reviewer admires, “It has removable rubber inserts to accommodate different sized bottles... and my bottle fits perfectly. The sides are high enough that my tall bottle will not topple out if I have to stop short.”

44. This 2-pack of hand warmers that also charge your phone

These nifty hand warmers are the perfect accessory for a cold day. Drop one in each pocket and keep hands warm for up to 10 hours. You can adjust the heat level to three settings, with the hottest one clocking in at a toasty 140 degrees. And if your phone starts battery to get low, use one to charge it up again. Each has a USB output port for charging electronics and a USB-C input for charging itself. They come in three colors.

45. This TV backlight for a theater-like viewing experience

Adding a backlight to your TV or gaming setup reduces the contrast between what’s on the screen and the wall behind it, which makes for a leveled-up viewing experience. It also turns the screen into a decorative lighting element in your home. This is nearly ten feet of backlight that you simply peel-and-stick to the back of the TV, then plug into a USB port. Connect the lightstrip to your phone via Bluetooth and you can control the effects — there are 16 million colors and numerous modes — from the app.

46. The digital alarm clock that projects time on the ceiling

Update your bedside table by replacing that earsplitting, ancient alarm with this slick, mirror-front projection alarm clock. It projects time onto the ceiling so you can see it even when flat on your back, and has a large, digital display for times you’re less prostrate. It even shows temperature and humidity. The brightness level of both projection and clock front are adjustable, and there’s a built-in FM radio, a sleep timer, and a USB port to charge your phone.

47. A cloud-shaped humidifier that doesn’t look bulky

Swap out that bulky humidifier in the corner of your room for this cloud-shaped one on your desktop. It has a large cleanable water tank and adjustable mist settings with a low-profile knob on the back. Unlike the old oversized humidifiers, this one also comes with eight glowing color settings.

48. This hack for containing loose cords on appliances

Stick one of these two clever cord wrappers to the side of your mixer, pressure cooker, or hair appliances, and stop wrangling the cord every time you want to store or use it. It holds the cord securely against the side of the appliance so there’s no dangling (and potentially dangerous) slack in sight. The cord wrappers come in two colors, and are backed with a strong, heat-resistant adhesive.

49. The strip lights that turn a car into a party mobile

Peel and stick these strip lights wherever you like in your car’s interior, plug into the lighter, connect to your phone, and easily transform the inside of your car to whatever mood you want it to be today. The lights connect wirelessly to a smartphone app where you can choose from 16 million colors and plenty of effects, so you can go from slick limo to wild party bus with a tap to your phone. Almost 38,000 enthusiasts give these five stars.

50. This shower head that tells you the water temperature

Getting the shower temperature just right before stepping in is an art. This color-changing showerhead makes it easy. Its LED lights are powered by the water’s movement, and the color determined by the water’s temperature. If the stream shines blue, wait, because that shower is cold. Green is warmer. At red, your shower’s hot. If flashing red, though, be careful — that’s too hot. There are also four water pattern settings: power rain, massage, mist, and economy rain, for the perfect shower experience.

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