Of All the Organization Products on Amazon, These Have the Best Reviews

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by Allison Bolt and Sara Brown-Rigoli
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There are so many plastic bins and stackable situations with dividers out there it can be a task just to know which organizational products are actually going to tidy up your home. So, instead of tossing a bunch of drawer dividers that didn’t quite fit or closet solutions that somehow made things messier — turn to all of these organization products on Amazon that actually work, and have the reviews to prove it.

The accolades for these items are so stellar, so you can proceed with confidence that they’ll tidy up even the messiest of homes.


A compact knife block to create functional storage in your kitchen drawers

If you have knives that don’t fit into a countertop holder (or don’t have space for one), this two-tiered, in-drawer knife block is the solution you’ve been searching for. The top tier is ideal for shorter, smaller knives, while the bottom tier is nice for longer knives up to 9 inches. It has nonslip feet on the bottom so it will stay in place when you open and close the drawer, too.

  • Available colors: 4
  • Available styles: 6


An adjustable organizer to fit all your water bottles

This water bottle organizer is obviously meant for, well, water bottles, but you could easily stick a few cups or any other cabinet clutter on it because it’s so versatile. It comes with three breathable shelves with a curved design to hold all of your bottles in place, and they’re completely adjustable to fit the oversize ones.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available styles: 2


A wooden coat rack that helps keep your entryway tidy

You won’t just willy-nilly toss your belongings on the floor when you get home anymore when you set up this wooden tree coat rack by the front door. It has heavy-duty hooks that can hold bulky winter coats, work bags with your things inside, and more. There are also different height options you can adjust it to depending on how much storage you need.

Anna L. noted, “My husband was convinced it would topple over when he put his heavy coat on it but it stayed firmly in place! Very impressed with this especially for the low price - very high quality!”

  • Available colors: 6


This multi-compartment trunk organizer with adjustable straps to secure it in place

The trunk of your car should be a useful storage space. Oftentimes it ends up feeling more like it lacks any organization. Change that with the help of this multi-compartment organization unit. Its adjustable tie straps have steel tips that secure it in place so it won’t slide around or tip over while you’re driving. The three distinct layers give extra reinforcement and are also waterproof in case of leaks. There is plenty of space to hold car must-haves like jumper cables, a first aid kit, tools, spare clothes, and more.


A 2-tiered lazy Susan that makes for nifty kitchen storage

This two-tiered lazy Suzan takes your kitchen organization to new heights with its helpful storage capacity. The stainless steel is highly durable and can withstand being used on a daily basis and helps keep it smudge-free from fingerprints. The base sits on a turntable that rotates 360 degrees making it easy to grab what you need.


A clear divider set to streamline the shelves around your home

These strong, acrylic shelf dividers will be barely noticeable on your closet, but you’ll definitely notice how tidy they keep all of your sweaters and tops. You can quickly slide these lightweight dividers onto all of the shelves around your home, like in your entryway closet or pantry.

  • Available colors: 3


This wall-mounted mail holder with versatile storage features

Having an entryway system just got a whole lot easier thanks to this wall-mounted mail holder. There are different storage compartments for different items, such as a slot to hold mail, a small shelf to hold sunglasses or a wallet, hooks to hold keys, and more.

Wrote Alise Saunders, “Nicely made. Has lasted for years and a few moves. Really functional to have to hold wallet, keys, dog leashes, etc.”

  • Available colors: 3


These zip-top storage bags that fit underneath furniture

This pack of under-bed storage bags is especially ingenious thanks to it being the right size and shape to fit under most furniture. The clear panel top zips shut to keep dust and other debris off the items you have stored inside and also makes it easy to see without opening it. The built-in handle makes it simple to move these bags wherever needed.

One 5-star reviewer, rhonda utterback, raved, “Perfect size bags to store all my bed linens in, and perfectly stores away under my bed!!!”

  • Available colors: 3


A multi-level shoe rack that creates a makeshift mudroom

Create a functional mudroom at the entrance of your home with the help of this multi-tiered bamboo shoe rack. Once assembled, this storage bench can hold up to 300 pounds, making it more than durable to hold pretty much whatever you put on it. The bamboo is water-resistant and can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth when it needs to be cleaned.

  • Available colors: 3


This hanging shoe shelf that frees up your closet floor space

Whether you want to reclaim floor space in your closet or are just short on storage options, this hanging shoe rack is a nice space-saving solution. It has 10 separate compartments to hold 10 pairs of shoes. You can install it in a few seconds thanks to the swivel hooks that hang on the closet rod. There are also mesh pockets on the side for additional storage to hold things like socks or belts.

  • Available colors: 3


This set of vacuum storage bags that can reduce wasted space up to 80%

These vacuum storage bags are very good at doing their job of saving you space. The set comes with a pump that sucks the excess air out of the bag to reduce its size by up to 80 percent. That makes it extremely handy for tight closet space, and they are also handy to maximize your suitcase when packing. You can get years of use out of these bags thanks to their incredible durability.

  • Available styles: 6
  • Available units: 4


An organizing case that can hold & test your battery stash

Store up to 93 batteries ranging from AA to more obscure sizes in this convenient battery case. The clear lid makes it easy for you to see the contents inside and includes a handy battery tester. This organizational case can be stored on a shelf or tucked away in a drawer.

“I know a lot of others have gone to rechargeable batteries, but I have plenty of things that still use the good old fashioned battery,” shared Rebecca S. “I loved this product so much, [I] bought one for my home and one for my RV. Perfect for keeping track of batteries.”

  • Available colors: 5


These expandable bamboo dividers that can tidy up any drawer

These bamboo drawer dividers are a simple, easy, and affordable way to tidy up your drawers from kitchen tools to art supplies. They have a universal design and will fit in almost any size drawer whether you place them vertically or horizontally. The expandable end has a built-in spring that lets it adjust to the correct size of your drawer.

  • Available colors: 3


A smart faux leather foot stool with built-in storage

Style and function are rolled into one with this faux leather, tufted storage ottoman. On one hand, it's a cozy place to rest your feet, and on the other, it has built-in storage in its base. The lid is easy to pop off and on, and if you need to move the ottoman, use its comfy handles. It can hold up to 250 pounds and has enough space to hold things like blankets, toys, books, and more.


This wall-mounted rail for a modern take on kitchen management

You can give your kitchen a quick upgrade by installing this wall-mounted pot and pan rail to hold your cooking goods and more. The powder-coated iron rail comes with 15 S-shaped hooks and can support up to 22 pounds.

Said Cobraman115, “I was extremely impressed by how good the quality was on this for the 13 dollars I paid. It comes with tons of hooks. I attached it to a shelf I built for my coffee bar area. It worked great, included hardware, and seems very sturdy.”


This under-sink organizer with a ton of hooks & dividers

This sleek, two-drawer under-sink organizer looks way nicer than trying to organize everything down there with bins or baskets. The matte-black plastic design is moisture-proof and waterproof, so it won’t get all grimy under the bathroom or kitchen sink. It also comes with a bunch of dividers, hooks, handles, and a little clip-on cup for easier organizing.


A toiletry bag that has superb travel functionality

This toiletry bag is designed with features that make it so convenient to use for traveling. The zip-top closure is designed with a small hook that makes it easy to hang this bag up. There are four elastic-edge pouches, three mesh pockets, and one zipper pocket on the outside, which is lots of space to organize and take your most-used hygiene products with you.

  • Available colors: 5


An over-the-door hanging organizer for super versatile storage

This over-the-door hanging organizer has so much versatility in what it can hold, you may want to buy more than one. There are 40 slip pockets you can use for spices, workbench sundries, or additional closet storage. Or go the route of a five-star reviewer, Giventime, who shared, “This is perfect for storing my garden things in a visual way inside my greenhouse.”


This wall-mounted rack that will clear up cluttered cleaning tools

One area that is often overlooked when it comes to organization is the cleaning supply closet. This wall-mounted mop and broom holder is an efficient and helpful way to clear up floor space. The extra-strong grippers securely hold the handles of your mops and brooms. andthere are hooks for dustpans and rags.

Larry Rickert, a satisfied reviewer said, “Love how compact it is but can hold some weight as well.”


A rotating utensil caddy that has a sleek, modern look

Store your most-used kitchen utensils in this stainless steel utensil canister for a modern look and convenient reach. The three compartments are made to hold things like spoons, spatulas, whisks, and more. The matte finish helps prevent unsightly fingerprint smudges from building up. And you can remove the center divider to do a deep clean on the inside from time to time.


These stackable fridge bins that maximize your storage space

Improve the inside of your refrigerator in no time with these acrylic fridge organizing bins. They are shatter-proof, so you can feel confident in anyone rummaging around to find a snack. They’re easy to move around, too, thanks to the built-in handles. And since they’re BPA-free you can safely store produce directly in the bin or stack prepackaged items like juice boxes and yogurt.


A slim cart that gives you creative storage options

This slim storage cart has a ton of multifunctional uses thanks to its versatile design. You can choose to use it as a four-tier rolling cart or break it down into smaller shelving options for different parts of the house.

As Leticia Lozano noted in her 5-star review, it “[was] easy to assemble & fit perfectly in the spot I bought it for!” It comes with removable dividers and three different hooks that add to its small but impactful organizational features.

  • Available colors: 3


A multi-port charging station that’s functional for a whole family of techies

Whether you’re a techie who loves digital gadgets or a family that wants to stay connected to one another, this USB charging dock has plenty of charging space for everyone. It has six slots for six different devices and includes six micro USB cables to prevent a jumbled mess. It’s also compatible with Apple and Android products for convenience.

  • Available colors: 4
  • Available styles: 2


A handy station for all your food storage container lids

You will never have to struggle to find a matching lid for your food storage containers when you use this lid organizer to keep them tidy. It’s designed with five adjustable dividers which can give you more or less space to store certain size lids. And once you’ve got all your lids organized, the holder fits easily in a kitchen cabinet.

  • Available sizes: 5


These packing cubes that streamline space in your suitcase

You can alleviate one area of travel anxiety by creating more suitcase space with the help of this handy set of packing cubes. Each nylon bag has reinforced stitching with a mesh zip-top flap to securely hold your belongings. These travel bags have been tested to provide you with 14 days worth of clothes for trips and vacations. Plus, you get a compact laundry bag to put your dirty clothes in.

  • Available colors: 10


These drawers with built-in slots for socks & underwear

Keeping random items like socks and undergarments tidy has never been easier than with these drawer organizers. This four-pack comes with six-, seven-, eight-, and 24-slotted drawers and are made from durable fabric. You can set them inside your dresser or set them out on shelves to give your closet a more high-end feel.

  • Available colors: 7


A leakproof car trash can that won’t get in your way

This car trash can clips right onto a headrest, so it won’t clutter up your floorboard, but it’s also big enough to hide away all the snack wrappers. It’s waterproof and leakproof, in case you want to toss a half-full fast food cup. You won’t even have to open the unique lid to toss things in, and it comes with outside pockets for extra snack storage.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 19


A huge pantry container set with the easiest-to-use lids

This air-tight food storage set with labels is the easiest way to tidy up your pantry with matching containers because it gives you a ton of stackable sizes. These unique sizes give you spots for all of your leftover snacks or dry ingredients, and the universal lids snap right on, no matter which size you’re using.


A tilted rack so you won’t forget about any of your canned goods

Stick this can organizer in your pantry or cabinet, and you won’t have to pull out every single soup can when you’re searching for black beans or coconut milk. The tilted wire design lets you stack similar canned goods in the same row, and you can easily see all of the ones at the back.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 5


This kitchen sink caddy to contain all the sundries

You might not think about grabbing a stainless steel organizer specifically for your kitchen sink supplies, but how tidy your sponges and dish soap will be will make it so worth it. Not only will it organize all of your dishwashing brushes and spare drain stoppers, but it also has a removable drip tray underneath to clean up stray water.

  • Available colors: 3


This snazzy tea bag holder with a water-resistant design

This water-resistant tea box is such a chic kitchen organizer because it has a bamboo finish, and it will display all of your colorful tea bags. The clear top lets you see when you’re running low on your go-to peppermint tea or pouches of hot chocolate.

  • Available sizes: 2


An extra-sturdy pan rack with enough room for bulky handles

This pan organizer is more than sturdy enough to take care of all of your everyday stainless steel pans and even that seriously heavy cast iron you pull out now and then. The durable steel design is completely open on one side, so you won’t have to worry about fitting pans with extra-long handles.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 6


These sleek, matte black stick-on shelves for your shower or kitchen

These versatile adhesive shelves are versatile enough to tidy up your kitchen, pantry, or even the shampoo in your shower. They’re rust-resistant so will stay sleek on your tiles as a shower caddy, and they’re the perfect size to tidy olive oil and spices in the kitchen. This matte black set is also topped off with adjustable hooks for kitchen towels or loofahs.


This organizer that’s customizable for drawers all over your home

This plastic drawer organizer is customizable enough to tidy up your desk, vanity, or even bathroom drawers. It’s all about the middle section that has two adjustable dividers and a bunch of slots for arranging them to fit office supplies, toiletry products in your bathroom, and more.


A record holder with a timeless-yet-trendy wooden design

This record organizer is trendy enough to work as a decor piece in your home because it’s made of solid wood, and it displays all of your records. The durable base is lined with little slots to hold onto up to 50 of your go-to LPs. This geometric stand is also finished with clear acrylic pieces on each end, so you can see your records (but they won’t tip over).


A jewelry stand with aesthetic spots for every piece

With this multi-tier jewelry organizer, it’s way easier to keep your watches, cufflinks, earrings, and necklaces tidy than it is with a cramped jewelry box. It’s covered in sturdy hooks, earring slots, and even light wood posts to hang things. Of course, this metal holder also has a neat little tray on the bottom for rings and extra pieces.


A neat sweeping set with a broom-cleaning dustpan

This extra-tall broom and dustpan might seem like a cleaning set instead of an organizing set, but their unique design actually tidies up your cleaning closet. They both clip together, and the dustpan stands up so it won’t fall over. Plus, the dustpan comes with built-in bristles to clean off gross dust clumps that stick to the broom.

  • Available colors: 6


This filing system to easily tidy up when you log off

This classic three-shelf desk organizer handles all of your notebooks, notes during the workday, or any other papers needing a home on your desk. The durable metal wire design is even sturdy enough to slide your laptop on one of the shelves when it’s time to stash it away.


A hammock to make scattered stuffed animals a fun decor moment

This minimalist storage hammock will instantly make that pile of stuffed animals look like an organized (and adorable) decor piece in your home. The mesh design lets you see all of the small stuffed animals that might get stuck at the bottom. It also comes with sturdy hardware and rip-resistant fabric, in case you have a lot of stray stuffies.


This rolling, airtight set for the tidiest dog food station

This pet food storage set is the easiest way to toss out all of those bulky dog food and treat bags that never seem to close. The airtight food container has an included scoop and a matching little bin on top for your pup’s go-to treats and is airtight to seal in freshness.

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