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Nighttime Photography Reveals Colorful Delights At These Turkish Locales

See Türkiye’s historic skyline take on a bold and vibrant ambience at night.

by BDG Studios
Ordu, Türkiye. Captured by @seymen.b with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Türkiye, which was formerly known as Turkey, is known for its hot air balloons, coffee, carpets, and nightlife. Once the sun goes down, Türkiye’s historic skyline glows and the streets fill with colors that shine across the region. The country, which borders both Asia and Europe, creates a unique opportunity for travelers to experience two cultural influences, architecturally and geographically.

Read on to experience the authentic nightlife, local customs, and rich cuisines through our Turkish nighttime travel guide. And who knows? Maybe afterwards, you’ll make Türkiye your next adventure.

Capture The Dancing Fountain Of Sultanahmet

Every day after sunset, the water fountain at Sultanahmet Park blazes with a dazzling light display. Not only will you be able to experience the phantasmagoric 121-year-old structure, but you’ll also see the beautiful and historic Blue Mosque overlooking the water. When it comes to capturing the mesmerizing beauty of the Dancing Fountain, steadiness is key. Use a remote shutter to avoid blurry photos caused by shaking your camera when tapping the capture button.

Get A Midnight Snack On An Evening Food Tour

Istanbul, Türkiye. Captured by @creperzs with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

No trip to Türkiye would be complete without going on a food tour. On these excursions, expect a full schedule (and stomach) as you hit several of the country's most beloved restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The opportunity to sample authentic cuisines from Asian and European regions within hours is a rare opportunity. That's why it’s important to document the moment.

Watch The Lights Of The Bosphorus Bridge

Istanbul, Türkiye. Captured by @irem.altindag with the Samsung Galaxy A51.

Not only is the Bosphorus Bridge the fourth-longest suspension bridge span in the world, but it also has one of the best views in Türkiye. Via car, you can see the lights reflecting off the Black Sea strait as well as the Marmara Sea strait as you ride across the bridge. Alternately, you can enjoy the sight from the Galata Tower. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful night or a way to end a romantic evening, you can’t go wrong with admiring this beautiful scene.

Camp Out In Niğde

Niğde, Türkiye. Captured by @sporvisor with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

With clear skies, mountain views, and friendly locals, it’s no wonder why Niğde is one of the most sought-after camping spots in all of Türkiye. However, be warned: Camping outside the paid areas is technically forbidden in Türkiye. If you want to camp in Niğde, doing campsite research is essential. However, the opportunity to spend a summer night stargazing in Niğde’s clear sky makes paying a little extra all worth it.

360-Degree Views Of Istanbul From The Galata Tower

Istanbul, Türkiye. Captured by @taylancidam with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Since 1348, the Galata Tower has been one of Türkiye’s most iconic visuals. At the top, you can see all corners of Istanbul. Then, at night, the colorful lights of the tower can be seen from all over the city. It costs about 130 Turkish Liras or 7.64 USD to enter the 205-foot tower, but the stunning view is most definitely worth it.

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