32 Life Hack Products Reddit Is Obsessed With

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by Christina X. Wood
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Reddit is the land of strong opinions and humor. It's a place where sarcasm and silly jokes are passed around shamelessly — but it's also home to pretty great advice. Whether you want to improve your cooking skills, find easier ways to play music, or pack better for plane rides, Reddit is the place to go and learn.

I visited the site with the hopes of finding a few life hacks, and I asked the following questions: Is there a kitchen appliance that could improve my life? What would make my car radio smarter? Is there something that would make traveling easier for me?

It was quite a journey, and I fell down some rabbit holes — but I did find answers. I scanned iconic Reddit tales and saw GIFs that I can never unsee. I also learned that there are many things I've been doing wrong for a long time — like spending money I didn't need to spend and completing redundant chores around the house. Now, I know better.

If I had taken this trip sooner, I could have saved myself so much day-to-day trouble. But I'm back, and I brought these life-hack products that Reddit is honestly obsessed with. Go ahead and take a look.

1. This Shelving System That Dries Dishes Over Your Sink

If the counter space in your tiny kitchen gets cluttered up with dish-drying materials, go vertical. This organized shelving system takes advantage of the airspace over your sink, and it holds everything from the dish soap to the cutting boards. There are even hooks for sponges and utensils. Am I a dork or is that thrilling?

"Showed this to my partner and we both got excited," wrote thomas_wadsworth in r/DidntKnowIWantedThat. "Being an adult is just mortifying."

2. This Popular Stool That Makes It Easier To Go

The Squatty Potty gets a lot of attention on both Amazon and Reddit. This platform is made to elevate your legs to help your colon become aligned, which ultimately results in an easier bathroom experience every time. It even comes in different colors, so you can add style to your toilet. One Amazon customer wrote, "Squatty Potty is the most important thing I own. I own three."

3. A Bluetooth Keyboard That Turns A Tablet Into A Laptop

I was thrilled to discover that my favorite mobile keyboard is also a favorite on Reddit. The Logitech K380 from Logitech pairs with two devices at once. Throw it into your bag, and your phone will work like a computer. Take notes in class or sit at a cafe and work on your novel — you don't need to haul a laptop around for this. This keyboard is small, weighs almost nothing, and has a two-year battery life.

Reddit user Super_Cyan wrote, "I used to hate tablets and thought they were useless, but the keyboard changed everything. When I got a keyboard, it made everything so much easier, and I stopped using my laptop almost altogether."

4. This Sunscreen Bottle That Turns Blue In Harsh Sunlight

This Blue Lizard sunscreen comes with a cap that tells you when to worry about the sun because it turns blue in UV-intensive situations. (It basically serves as a straightforward reminder to protect yourself.) "What an amazing idea," wrote one Reddit user in r/ProdutPorn. It's also a mineral-based sunscreen that lacks artificial fragrances and parabens. Not to mention, it's water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

5. This 2-Person Game That You Can Bring To The Bar

The problem? Boredom. The solution? Games you can play at home or at your local bar. This fast-paced game — rightfully called Fastrack — has gotten a surprising amount of support from Redditors who've been talking about a similar version online. To play both versions, you have to use the elastic band on your side to fling pucks through the middle opening. (Whoever sends all of their discs into the opposite side wins.) "This looks really fun," one person wrote.

6. A Kitchen Tool That Guts Your Pineapple And Cuts Even Pieces

What if instead of turning your pineapple into a pile of fruit, skin, and juice, you could transform it into a bowl of neatly cut pieces? This reality can be yours: all it takes is this pineapple cutter, which — according to a resident of r/ProductPorn — is "worth every penny." It uses a stainless steel blade to neatly remove the insides of a pineapple, along with a separated cutout that slides through the middle section for bite-sized pieces.

7. These Measuring Cups That Are Shaped Like Pie Fractions

Want to get into a heated argument about the imperial system of measures versus the metric? Post these visual measuring cups to r/ProductPorn on Reddit. Amid the obvious disagreements, geekery, and arcane explanations of measurements, there are some really great cooking tips. And if you have trouble cooking or understanding certain measurements, these BPA-free cups will sort that out. They're literally shaped like pie fractions and fit inside each other.

"I'd enjoy the convenience of not having to close check what's written on each measuring cup to figure out which one I need," wrote one Reddit user. "Also, the fractions-of-a-pie aesthetic is fun."

8. This Sleek Lighter That You Can Keep Refilling

This sleek lighter found on r/ProductPorn is convincing so many Reddit users that something long-lasting and reusable is a better way to go. It's slim, refillable, made of copper, and inexpensive. The lighter even features a wheel that lets you control the size of the fame, and it's available in silver or gold. One person wrote exactly what I was thinking: "OMFG WHERE DO I GET IT?!"

9. A Handy Air Fryer That's Easy On The Eyes

Redditors have upvoted this Dash Electric Air Fryer for a ton of reasons — but mainly because of its sleek, aesthetic design. Here's an air fryer that's easy on the eyes," writes on. "While the Dash Deluxe is large and has a massive 6 quart capacity, its design is striking." Aside from not being an eyesore on your counter, this air fryer has an auto turn-off function and a non-stick tray, so it's easy to clean up.

10. These Memo Pads That Reveal Cool Sculptures

These memo pads are truly wild.

I just watched this Reddit video where pages were pulled away to create a scene hidden within one pad — and you can own a version of your own (thanks to Amazon). After receiving it, just pull away one piece of paper at a time. Each time you do that, your page will leave behind a small piece of itself. As you remove more and more, the bits that are left behind will form an architectural shape. Amazing. Someone on Reddit wrote, "I need it!"

11. A Looping Eye Mask That Doubles As A Pillow

This smartly designed eye mask and travel pillow is the best life hack for flying —and really, so many occasions.

Planes create dozens of ways to be uncomfortable, but this pillow helps. It works as a cushion, supporting your head while you sleep. The plush travel accessory makes the edge of the plane wall feel softer, and it serves as an effective eye mask, thanks to its looping design that you can wrap to get just the right fit. The brand promises a “total blackout sensation” and one Amazon fan confirmed: “Wow It’s amazing! Blocks out all light 100%! It is soft and comfortable. I recommend it to everyone one.”

Reddit fans voted the original Ostrich pillow one of the best travel pillows around and this more affordable, streamlined option from the brand is sure gain a loyal following as well.

12. This Fierce Key Mold That Looks Like A Sword

If you have a lot of keys on your chain, they all begin to look alike — but not this one, which replicates a sword. It's available in four fierce options, all of which are made from metal. After ordering your favorite, just take it to a locksmith who can carve it for you. "Me and all my roommates have this for our apartment door!" wrote WastingTime1994 in r/DidntKnowIWantedThat "We act like we’re in some secret club or something."

13. This Flannel Blanket That Turns You Into A Burrito

This burrito blanket solves so many of life's problems that there isn't space to list them here. The obvious one, though, is that it makes it possible to look like a burrito while you nap. And since it's made out of flannel, you'll be warm, soft, and toasty in there. Those who dwell on Reddit adore this blend of food and comfort. "I admit that I actually do want this," someone wrote on r/INEEEEDIT. This version on Amazon is available in different tortilla designs.

14. A Stainless Steel Thermos That's Leakproof For Easy Travel

The r/BuyItForLife subreddit is all about products you buy once and use forever, and this classic Stanley has been upvoted there over 15,000 times. This container is affordable, durable, and BPA free. It's made with vacuum-insulated stainless steel, which means it'll keep its contents hot or cold. Thanks to the leakproof lid, you can carry it around without a care. So if you're looking for a thermos that works and lasts, you don't need to look further than right here.

15. This Bluetooth Adapter For Your Car Radio

Maybe your car is too old to have a Bluetooth feature, but you're not too old to want one. Do you have to buy a new car? No. You can just buy this $18 device. You'll get a clear Bluetooth sound through your speakers, along with an extra USB charging port for your devices. When connected to your phone, it'll even allow voice navigation. This one has over 25,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. One reddit user wrote on r/iphone that they’d been using the Bluetooth transmitter for months without issue.

16. A Clear Shower Curtain That Holds Your Devices

You want to take a shower, but you're expecting a call or watching your favorite show. Basically, you don't want to choose between watching and washing, so you opt for this shower curtain. It's so popular on Reddit that it has already received over 21,000 upvotes. The waterproof curtain has pockets for your phone and tablet, so you can see them while you're in the shower. You can even control the devices from inside the tub (just don't forget to wash).

17. The Bidet That Fits Right Underneath Your Toilet Seat

Many people on Reddit consider this thin bidet attachment the best purchase they've ever made — and you can buy it on Amazon for less than $30. It offers different water pressures and it's really easy to add underneath your seat. Once you install it, you'll be spending a lot less money on toilet paper.

18. This Hydration Pack That Holds A Ton Of Water

Stop carrying around a cumbersome water bottle when you run or hike. This hydration pack holds 2 liters of water, making it easy to stay hydrated all day. And since it's a low-profile bladder, it packs up super easily when not in use.

19. These No-Tie Shoelaces That Will Never Come Untied

"Every pair of shoes I own have these laces on them," wrote one Reddit user in r/ProductPorn. These no-tie shoelaces are inexpensive and genius. Depending on which shade you order, they'll add a pop of color to your shoes — and they're stretchy, so they'll hold everything together tightly. In other words, they'll transform every pair of kicks into slip-on shoes that'll never come untied. They're also popular on Amazon, where over 600 people love them.

20. A Plush Head Wrap That Eases Headaches

If you get terrible headaches or migraines, then you need this light-blocking Huggaroo Hat. It's soft, smells nice, and creates the silent darkness that you want in order to recover from the pain. It can be heated up or cooled down for even more relief. Plus, Reddit users who've gotten headaches love it. "My number one product for migraines is the HUGGAROO," wrote one person. "I just wrap it around my whole head and it gives me relief."

21. This Pour-Over Coffee Set That Comes With Everything

This Hario V60 pour-over set brews a great cup, and Reddit users love it. "I just got a V60 this week," wrote one of them. "I'm getting really good results." The BPA-free kit includes everything you need to make coffee without an actual machine. There's a serving container made of borosilicate glass, a dripper, filters, and a coffee scoop. It's on the market in three colors.

22. The Arko Soap Stick That Works Like Shaving Cream

People on Reddit love these Arko Shave Sticks (and their scent). "I enjoy the smell," wrote if0rg0t2remember. "I have come to associate the lemon-industrial smell with clean and tidy." After wetting your complexion, the sticks can be rubbed across the areas of your face that you're planning on shaving — and they work just like cream. One Amazon customer wrote, "Really like this shaving soap! Gets nice and creamy easily, and seems to have a good longevity."

23. A Magnetic Knife Rack That Takes Up Less Space Than A Block

If you have a small kitchen (or one that's short on drawers and counter space), this wooden magnetic knife rack is a brilliant way to organize your cooking utensils. Instead of searching through a drawer or pulling an unknown knife out of a block, you can see the knife you want right on the wall. Then, your knives can dry there — and there's no danger of dulling them out. People on Reddit have also found ways to use the strip to store everything from spices to shaving cream.

24. This Maze Game That's Making People Feel Nostalgic

This maze game can help ease your mind as you steer a metallic ball through obstacles in record time. Sure, it's labeled as a game for kids — but tons of people are happy they found it again. "I had this when I was a kid and have been looking for this ever since!!" wrote one person on Reddit. On top of that, someone on Amazon proclaimed, "I searched for this game for years. I played it once in a friend’s playroom on a rainy day when I was little, but never knew the name. This game did not disappoint."

25. This Bear Claw Back Scratcher For Hard-To-Reach Spots

After vacationing on Reddit, I feel as if I may be the only person on the planet who doesn't own of these bear paw back scratchers (I'm fixing that right now). They're cheap, expandable, and use little pointy claws to scratch those hard-to-reach spots on your back. The four-pack comes with different colors, so leave them where you need them or share them with family members.

26. The Dish Drainer That Rolls Up So It's Out Of Your Sight

This roll-up dish rack gets a lot of love on Reddit. It takes over part of your sink when you want a drying rack, letting the dishes drip right into the stainless steel rods. When you're done, it can be rolled up and placed into a drawer. Thanks to the silicone rims, it says in place — and it's even versatile. "I don't use it to dry things," wrote one Reddit user. "I use it because I have a tiny kitchen and it makes the sink into another surface to put things on."

27. This Rice Cooker That Makes The Process Even Easier

Believe it or not, there's a machine that makes perfectly cooked rice every time — and all you have to do is measure and push a button. This inexpensive rice cooker by Zojurishi — a much-loved brand on Reddit — is an easy entry-level model. It boasts a 3-cup capacity with a nonstick pan, along with cool handles for pain-free maneuvering. Tons of Reddit users in r/Cooking can't get enough of it.

28. This Handy Tool That Helps You Shave Your Back

Stop asking your partner to shave those hard-to-reach places. This genius back shaver has an extendable handle that glides the wide precision blade over your back. You never have to worry about nicks or scrapes thanks to this shaver's genius design that also conveniently folds up for storage. It takes two AA batteries but you’ll need to provide those yourself to get up and running. Beloved by Reddit users and Amazon reviewers alike, this is a must if you’re looking for a back shaving solution.

29. The Absorbent Bathrobe That's Made For Your Dog

This doggy bathrobe is made with microfiber, so it soaks up water and keeps wet dog fur from dripping everywhere after a bath. It even has a hood for extra warmth and a wraparound tie for security. "This dog bathrobe is among the best things I have ever bought for my dog," wrote Bommli in r/ProductPorn. "She dries a lot quicker and leaves less hair on my furniture after bath time!"

Apparently, it's also great to throw on a pup who wants to ride in the car after a swim. "I’ve seen quite a few doggos out in these little numbers," agrees Pumps74. "The owners seem happy with them."

30. This Book That Makes A Great Gift For Roommates

Life is scary, right? Sometimes, you just want to ask Dad or Mom what to do about, well, all sorts of things— and other times, you wonder why your roommates know so little about adulting. This book is for all of that, and Redditors have a lot to say about it. Amazon users do, too, because this book has earned a 4.5-star review for its straightforward advice about growing up.

31. The Clothing Steamer That Replaces Ironing Boards

The solution to ironing with a board — according to Reddit's life hackers — is a good clothing steamer. "A handheld steamer- bought for $25- has changed my getting-ready-in-the-morning game forever," wrote one user. There isn't a lot of agreement on Reddit as to which steamer to get, but this Hilife travel steamer is wildly popular on Amazon for being small, portable, and effective. It has a 9-foot power cord and runs for 15 minutes straight.

32. This Moon That's Actually An Awesome Night Light

Tired of choosing between bright light and absolute darkness on your nightly journey to the bathroom? Maybe it's time to invest in a nightlight that doubles as a cool decoration. This 3-D moon is a light that many Reddit users were pleased to receive as a gift. It's touch-activated and shines in both white and yellow. "It's really nice," wrote one person. "You can't actually see that it's more than a white sphere with weird lumps when it's off. Then you turn it on and you're holding the moon in your hands."It's a crowded field, but the

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