Keeping your house nice is hard, but reviewers say these clever things make it much easier

“Best $10 I've spent in years.”

by Christina X. Wood

The first time you get your own place, it can come as a shock that keeping it clean and making sure everything works well requires... effort. You get better at coming up with systems, strategies, and tools to make the workload manageable. This is also the point in life when people learn to use power tools, develop preferences for stain removers and cleaning sprays, and even subscribe to influencers who talk about nothing but cleaning toilets. Yes, this is adulting.

However, if you like to seek out life hacks and workarounds that make home upkeep something you can fit into the time you have for it, you’ve landed in the right place. There is a terrific amount of advice to be found in the Amazon reviews of products designed for adults who keep their houses clean and functioning. So, yes, keeping your house nice may be hard, but reviewers say these clever things make it much easier.

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The spray mop that makes cleaning the floors easy

Keeping tile and hardwood floors clean is an ongoing challenge in most homes. The trick is to make the task so easy that cleaning is something you can do without overthinking it. This spray mop system — with a spray bottle in the handle you fill with your own cleanser, washable pads, and a swivel head — makes it so easy you will do it often.

One reviewer said: “This mop is absolutely amazing! Easy to assemble and easy to use! No leaky mess when putting the cartridge in and ... the pads are machine washable! Amazing value.”


This drywall repair tool that practically fixes holes for you

When you move homes or simply change your mind about where to hang the art, you will be faced with the annoying task of fixing holes in the walls. This drywall repair putty is everything you need. It works like a glue stick — twist it up, rub some on the wall, and smooth it over with a rag. Done!

One reviewer said: “The product is SUPER easy to apply. After two to three good layers, which dried after one to two hours each time, I was able to smack some paint on. [It] blends in perfectly, and I can't even see the damage.”


A stain remover that also helps remove unwanted odors

If you have a pet that has indoor accidents on occasion, keep some of this pet odor eliminator on hand so you can get that cleaned up and the unwanted smell removed. The spray helps eliminates the smell completely, replacing it with the pleasant scent of oranges.

One reviewer said: “We have a brand new puppy and he is just learning to be housebroken. We use Angry Orange on the spot where he goes. It is easy to use and the smell disappears within a minute.”


These plant trivets that save your patio from watering disasters

Ever set a plant down on the floor, deck, or patio and discovered — months later — that it was destroying the floor underneath? The secret to preventing that is to elevate the pot slightly so that any watering accidents or seepage can dry thoroughly. It’s so easy. Just set one of these two deck floor protectors under the pot. Prevention is so much easier than replacing the floors.

One reviewer said: “We’d had to replace some decking, because it had rotted as a result of constant moisture accumulating under large pots of flowers ... These were the perfect solution. They’re lightweight, sturdy and unobtrusive and they keep the pots from making contact with the deck.”


A set of silicone baking mats that makes the job simpler

When you are rolling out pastries, cookies, or dough, these silicone baking mats will quickly become your favorite tool. The dough won’t stick to them and they have measures printed on them so you get the sizes just right and consistent. They are also easy to store and clean.

One reviewer said: “They’re easy to use, easy to clean, and can be rolled or folded up to store in whatever manner is most convenient!”


An organizer that reins in that mess under the sink

There is so much room under most sinks but, because of the plumbing, that space usually ends up being a mess of half-used cleaning products. This expandable under-sink organizer will change that forever. It expands in width, depth, and height to accommodate not only the plumbing under there but also the products you want to store.

One reviewer said: “It is easy to assemble, is very sturdy and easy to install, and works as designed.”


A two-level lazy Susan so you can spin to find what you need

Wherever clutter tends to gather — spices next to the stove, toiletries in the bathroom, or tools in the craft area — this two-tiered, bamboo lazy Susan will bring order and an easy way to find the thing you need, fast. Set it down, load it up with your gear, and, when you are cooking or primping, spin it to find what you need.

One reviewer said: “I was looking for something simple and easy to assemble to help organize my new apartment. So happy with this purchase. I bought two, one for my spices and one to put in the bathroom.”


The pet feeding bowls that help clean up a messy eater

If you live with an adorable fur baby with messy eating habits, this is your solution. The two feeding dishes sit in a flexible silicone base so the bowls don’t tip over. And the base has a lip around the edge so spilled kibble doesn’t make a mess.

One reviewer said: “My cat would constantly knock over his water bowl just for fun. I also began to have a problem with ants in and around his food bowl. These bowls solved both problems! Kitty can't knock them over [and] I can fill the little moat up around the rim with water, which deters the ants! Super easy!”


These nonslip pads that keep furniture from moving

If your armchair slides every time you sit in it, the coffee table keeps moving away from the couch, or your bed slips away from the wall when you sit up in bed, these nonslip furniture pad grippers will make everything stay put. And they are so easy to use. Just cut them to size and put them under the legs. No adhesive is needed.

One reviewer said: “We have a mid-century couch with legs that taper to just 1-inch square. You could breathe while sitting and the couch moved... I had no expectations [these] would be effective under such small legs. I was wrong. These things are amazing and the sofa will not move!”


The garden tool with a hooked cobra head for faster weeding

Want to make your foray into the garden easier and more effective? Tuck this clever weeder and cultivator hand tool into your garden tool belt. The hooked cobra head gets under roots and makes pulling them out so much faster, requiring less effort from you than the standard straight weeder.

One reviewer said: “Makes weeding much easier!”


These garden gloves that stretch, breathe & make happy hands

With a breathable and stretchy hand area and a palm with a textured rubber coating, these gardening gloves are everything you are looking for in comfort and hand protection. They are snug, comfortable, won’t make your hands sweaty, and also work with a touch screen. Pull a pair on when you head into the garden, prune shrubs and trees, or even go fishing. They get over 10,000 five-star reviewers.

One reviewer said: “These gloves fit, well…like a glove. They don’t make my hands sweat, I can actually grip things while wearing them, and they protect my hands from thorns.”


This 4-port charging station that organizes your devices

Get your gadgets corralled and charging on this USB charging station with four slots and LED indicators that turn off when each device is charged. It transforms a snarl of wires, chargers, and gear into a tidy and compact charging station.

One reviewer said: “Easy to use, convenient, works for multiple devices, including Kindle, iPad, iPhone, and Android. It takes up very little space even when charging multiple devices.”


A simple hack for keeping the sheets on the bed

Do you know what’s irritating? Making the bed. Then having to make it again every morning because the bottom sheets roll off the mattress during the night. If this is not how you want to spend your life, clip these bed sheet straps to the bottom sheet — and under the mattress — and snug them tight the first time you make the bed. Those sheets will stay put.

One reviewer says: “[My] sheets finally stay on my mattress all night. They have never come off since I began using [these]. It takes an extra 3 minutes to put the sheet on to the mattress and has saved me countless hours of sleep already and I am more than thrilled with this purchase. Best $10 I've spent in years.”


This pair of decorative birds that water your plants

If your haphazard plant watering habits result in more casualties than you would like, these cute plant waterer bulbs are here to keep everyone hydrated. Fill the birds with water and stick the base into the soil. The water will slowly empty from the decorative bird as your plant drinks it, and you will be able to see at a glance when you need to refill. They look like pretty plant accessories and make your life easier and your plant’s lives longer.

One reviewer said: “This beautiful glass bird easily tucks into the plant providing a great watering system. Easy to fill and put into soil. Bought two for myself and for friends. It’s a great gift!”


The reusable pet hair remover that works so well

The premise of this pet hair remover is simple. But the execution is perfect and, according to the over 92,000 five-star reviews, it works beyond expectation. Rub the grippy, fabric brush on your furniture, rugs, or pants, and it deposits the fur it finds there into the catch basin on the handle. Just empty the handle and carry on until next time.

One reviewer said: “It is so genius, easy to use, easy to clean, portable (yep, pet hair in the car too lol)... I am just ... amazed with how well this hair remover works.”


A toothbrush holder & toothpaste dispenser that keeps the sink area clean

Clean up your bathroom and keep it that way by mounting this toothbrush holder to the wall. Just install your toothpaste (it fits two tubes), sundries, the included cups, and up to five toothbrushes so that all the vanity clutter is contained. There won’t be any more toothpaste smeared in the sink, either, because you just push the brush into the dispenser window and let it drop paste onto the bristles.

One reviewer said: “Easy to put together, easy to mount, and most importantly easy to use. Your kids will actually want to brush their teeth using this.”


The chore chart that brings clarity to housework

Mount this dry-erase chore chart to the fridge and bring on an era of housework equity. It will make it clear what job is whose and when it got done, so there is no more sliding out of chores or piling them all onto the one responsible adult. It comes with three neon dry erase markers for bright color coding and everything wipes clean easily.

One reviewer said: “I feel so much more organized w this! 5 stars.”


These car organizers that keep the kids entertained & backseat tidy

Instead of a pile of toys and other gear that’s constantly on the floor where your kids can’t reach them while buckled up, hang these two kick mats with pockets on the back of the front seats and fill them with entertainment and snacks. Your drive will be a lot calmer. They also keep the back of your seats clean and prevent kick scuffs.

One reviewer said: “This product really helps my family stay organized and it doesn’t get in their way or take up too much space.”


The bib that’s actually a life hack so you don’t have to clean the bathroom

If cleaning the bathroom after you shave is your least favorite task, you won’t mind the momentary indignity of wearing this beard bib apron to prevent it, right? It takes all the hassle out of this necessary maintenance. Just clip the bib around your neck, stick the two corner suction cups to the mirror, and shave. All the mess is caught in the bib. Just throw it away.

One reviewer said: “Best way to keep your bathroom vanity clean! Easy to use and clean up!”


A low-pile doormat for a cleaner house indoors or out

Drop this door mat at your entry and reduce the time you spend cleaning the house. It’s soft and grippy so people won’t slip on it. It looks nice. And it catches all the dust, dirt, and shoe detritus before it gets into your home.

One reviewer said: “I am surprised by how much I like this doormat ... The low pile lets the door glide easily over it. It is easy to clean and lays flat without sliding on my floor.”


The sleek-looking box that cleans up cable clutter

If you have cable clutter — on your desk or under it — this cable management box is the fast and easy way to clean it up and keep it tidy. Just drop the power strip into the box and run the cords through the slots to fuel your devices. The pretty bamboo-style top serves as a useful surface and all the mess is hidden in the minimalist white box.

One reviewer said: “Makes my home look so much more tidy.”


This glass beehive that’s the solution to all your honey-serving efforts

Honey is yummy. But that delicious, sweet, sticky stuff is challenging to get from jar to food or beverage without making a mess. This honey dispenser has solved this problem beautifully. It looks like a beehive and sits in a mess-catching dish so you can always keep it on the counter. It has a trigger that releases the honey from the bottom — and then stops it again when you release it. It’s both clever and decorative.

One reviewer said: “Easy to use and no mess at all. Works beautifully.”


A file organizing system you can hang from the door

Bring some order to your home office by hanging this over-the-door file organizer, well, over the top of your door. You can put files in it or stash supplies you like to keep handy in the four roomy pockets. They are sized to fit file holders but work for everything from magazines to office supplies.

One reviewer says: “I use this for mail and note pads and love the different compartments. Easy to install & hang behind a [door,] gives more countertops space…and a cleaner look.”


This soft, waterproof blanket that helps prevent pet messes

If you don’t quite trust your pet not to leak on the couch or leave fur on your favorite armchair, spread this cozy, waterproof pet blanket over that place and encourage them to sleep on it. That won’t be hard to do since the soft and fuzzy texture is likely to be a favorite nap spot. Meanwhile, the waterproof inner layer will keep any liquids from getting to your upholstery.

One reviewer said: “Loved it so much that I had to get a second one. It protects our sofa exactly as described. I really appreciate that I am able to wash it and dry it unlike some other pet protectors which must air dry only. Very practical, yet luxurious in feel... It stays in place but can be folded easily when not being used.”


A wall-mounted rail hanger that turns kitchen tools into wall decor

Mount this pot and pan rail to your wall and expand your storage options exponentially. You can hang everything — from pots and pants to utensils — with the 15 included hooks so everything is easy to find. It gives all your useful tools a second job as kitchen-appropriate decor.

One reviewer said: “It was a perfect fit, exactly what I needed, and it’s even strong enough to hold cast iron!! Love it!”


The easy cure for rugs that curl up to trip you

You don’t have to tolerate rugs that have a habit of tripping up feet due to curling corners. These rug grippers will hold those curled edges down and make your home safer and easier to navigate. There is no adhesive on the floor side to cause damage, but they hold the curled corners down and add some traction to rugs so they aren’t so hard to navigate.

One reviewer said: “The corners of the rug were already very curled up, so I wasn't sure if it would work, but it worked perfectly [and] was easy to use.”


This clever way to hide the messy wires in your home

If you have a ceiling-mounted projector, wall-mounted TV, or other intended-to-be-minimalist electronics in your home, all the wires snaking across the wall to the power and other components is likely an eyesore. This cord cover raceway kit is the way to bring it back to your expectations. Peel and stick the back to the wall, rung the wires in the channel, and snap the top on. The wires are hidden inside and you can even paint it to match the walls.

One reviewer said: “Super easy to figure out and made the space look a lot less cluttered.”


An extending squeegee & window cleaning kit so you can wash windows fast

Give up cleaning windows with paper towels. It’s hard to do and not very effective. Use this squeegee window-cleaning kit that is not only super fast and effective, but also sort of fun. Dip one of the four microfiber cleaning heads into soap-infused water, scrub the windows with it, then squeegee them clean with one of the two squeegee heads. The handle extends so you can reach high places.

One reviewer said: “Makes cleaning my huge 20-foot windows so easy!! No more ladders and rolls of paper towels for me! I cut my window cleaning time in half!”


The electric bug trap that ends your flying insect problems

The Katchy insect trap takes a three-step approach towards bugs — a UV light attracts them, a windy vortex created by the internal fan sucks them in, and a waiting glue mat traps them, never to irritate you again. All you do is change the mat occasionally. That’s one very frustrating problem gone from your home.

One reviewer said: “Gosh do I love this thing. It does what it’s supposed to do and it looks great doing it!! It’s super easy to use. None of the other bug-removal attempts I’ve tried have worked (though I haven’t been very proactive about anything else, which is why I’m enjoying this thing since I barely have to do anything!)”


This mat that stops the cat from tracking litter all over the house

Love the cat but don’t love the litter box? This cat litter trapper mat makes that mess a little easier to handle by catching litter that gets tossed and tracked outside the box under its clever, honeycomb mesh upper layer. To clean up the litter, pick up the mat, pop it open, and dump the litter back into the box.

One reviewer said: “The mat is doing a great job at keeping tracking to a minimum. My only gripe about the mat is that I didn't get a larger size!”


The plant-based stainless steel cleaner that works

Cleaning stainless steel appliances without leaving streaks or damaging the surface is surprisingly challenging. But this plant-based stainless steel cleaner kit does it with just a spritz and a wipe with the included microfiber cloth. And it leaves a protective barrier behind to prevent future fingerprints.

One reviewer said: “I have been looking, literally for years, for a stainless steel cleaner that really works. And this is it. It is eco-friendly, easy to use, and [gives] instant results! It has a subtle fragrance that is just perfect.”


A little magnetic sign that lets everyone know if the dishes are clean or dirty

The inevitable question about whether the dishes are clean or dirty can be ended once and for all with this simple dishwasher magnet sign. One side reads, “Clean” and the other, “Dirty.” When you run the dishwasher, flip it to clean. When you empty it, flip it back to dirty. It’s easy, decorative, and comes with a metal plate to stick on dishwashers that won’t hold a magnet.

One reviewer said: “This is a pretty cute magnet and really more useful than I thought it would be. The kids love it and surprisingly remember to flip it and not ask endlessly if the dishes are clean.”


The clever grocery bag containment system you can mount to the wall

This plastic bag saver will permanently solve your dilemma over what to do with the plastic bags you get at the grocery store. Shove them into the top of this wall-mounted container. When you need a bag, pull one out of the front. When it’s full, you probably have enough bags and can start recycling. Mount it to a convenient wall, inside a cupboard, or whatever works in your space.

One reviewer said: “This bag holder was easy to install with the two screws that came with it. It holds quite a few bags and they dispense easily!”


A set of markers & crayons to repair damaged furniture in minutes

That scratch on the floor, hazing on your coffee table, and stain on the dining room table are not, in actual fact, calamities. All you have to do is color over those blemishes with one — or, if you get arty about it, several — of the crayons or markers in this furniture repair kit to make the damage disappear. And if you can’t see it, it’s not there, right? Over 6,000 five-star reviewers agree.

One reviewer said: “These were easy to match with different colored woods I had around the house ... They covered up any white marks our furniture had and made our used stuff look new and higher end!”


These weird, crevice cleaning brushes that get into the cracks

These tiny crevice cleaning brushes that get into small, hard-to-access places are the tool you had no idea you needed. Shove them into the gap under the toilet seat, window crevices, vents, and other small spaces, scrub out the dirt, and throw them away. It’s fast and easy.

One reviewer said: “I’m now officially obsessed ... Something so small and simple has made such a big difference in how clean I can easily get things, and I will definitely be keeping these around regularly now.”


The bamboo bath mat that gives your shower a spa vibe

Set this clean, minimalist bamboo bath mat down in the bathroom instead of a fuzzy, absorbent one to not only bring a zen, spa vibe to the room, but also to reduce the amount of laundry you have to do. It wipes clean, has a grippy surface so you don’t slip, and lets water drip through and dry.

One reviewer said: “Super easy to clean ... And really cute for any ‘earthy’ bathroom. They also work great for outdoor showers and grooming my pets.”


A linen storage ottoman that looks great & hides the clutter

This storage ottoman solves so many common household clutter problems by hiding everything from shoes to toys inside a useful piece of furniture. Set it in front of the couch and keep all your gaming accessories or home gym stashed in it. Put one at the entry to keep your shoes in. Put two of them at the foot of the bed to store extra blankets. Assembly is a matter of unfolding it, there are five linen colors to choose from, and it’s sturdy enough to sit on.

One reviewer said: “This is a great square/cube ottoman. It's easy to assemble, under 1 minute, and ready to use. It's great for storage and for extra seating or [a] foot rest. It is so light, it's shocking how much weight it supports with normal use!”


This cleaning supply caddy so you have all the tools in one place

Load this cleaning supply caddy up with everything you need and stop running around looking for the supplies when it’s time to clean. It works great for small tools, hauling toiletries to a shared shower, or bringing supplies to your craft table, too. The center handle balances everything stored in it and it comes in three colors.

One reviewer said: “This caddy helps me to keep all of my most used cleaning supplies and small tools in one place. It is very convenient to be able to grab my caddy and go to work.”


The bamboo mattress pad cover that’s comfortable & cool

Protect your mattress while improving your comfort with this bamboo mattress pad cover that helps cool you as you sleep. Memory foam mattresses can be hot to sleep on, but this cover helps reduce the heat. It also keeps stains off your expensive mattress, is easy to clean, and stays put after you install it.

One reviewer said: “I have slept so much better since I have gotten this ... [It’s] so easy to put on the bed and so comfortable.”


A tough cover to help protect your lawnmower from the elements

When you have no room in the garage for your mower, protect it with this lawn mower cover so it isn’t exposed to harsh weather. The marine-grade, tear-proof fabric is tough, waterproof, and easy to cinch onto your mower so it stays put.

One reviewer said: “We get intense heat, humidity, and UV blasting all day around here ... I've had it for about six months ... and it's still like new.”

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