It's amazing how popular these 45 cheap products have become by word of mouth

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by Christina X. Wood

When it comes to products that are awesome and affordable, word gets out fast. I know I’ve perpetuated some of this rapid information spread, because when I whip out something cool and someone says, “Oh, I love your wallet!” or, “Where did you get that slick kitchen tool?” I usually brag about the great deal I got on it. This probably wouldn’t fly if I was one of the denizens of The Gilded Age, but, fortunately for my mostly-sweatpants wardrobe, I’m not. So I’m free to brag on my own deal-finding skills. And that kind of bragging works. Sometimes people pull out their phones and buy the thing, right then and there. Somehow, even though I know this, I still find it amazing how wildly popular things like these 45 cheap products can become by word of mouth.

For example, there are a lot of lotions out there. But people who work with their hands have intense needs when it comes to creams. And, according to the word-of-mouth of people who handwash often and work outdoors, this two-pack of affordable and portable hand cream is the best there is. People are also opinionated about affordable bidets, often overcoming extreme skepticism to become evangelists for a simple unit that’s easy to install and use. And everyone is talking about these tiny but mighty pimple patches that help heal blemishes overnight, which makes them extremely popular.

Do you already know about all of these products? Or is your word-of-mouth network letting you down? Read on to find out.

1. These warm wool socks at an amazing price

Wool socks often run more than $10 for a single pair. But that’s the price for this whole set of five wool-blend socks, and they come in 20 fun patterns and colors that range from frisky animals to plain colors to classic plaids. It’s no wonder this deal is getting so much word-of-mouth love. They have just enough cotton (29%) and polyester (36%) to make the wool (35%) not scratchy against your skin and to improve their stretch and durability.

2. This touchless thermometer that works at a glance

If you’re monitoring people who might be sick, the last thing you want to do is get invasive with a thermometer. That’s why this silent, touchless thermometer is so popular. It color codes a person’s temperature, so you can tell at a glance if they have a fever. It will also measure the temperature of the room as well as of solids and liquids, so it’s handy to have around even when everyone is well.

3. This talc-free body powder with cooling menthol

When you’re looking for a powder to help you get dry and stay dry, you have to be careful to avoid talc and other substances that do more harm than good. This talc-free body powder not only absorbs moisture while imparting that nice powdery-fresh feeling, but it has cool-feeling menthol to control odors and treat skin issues that cause itching.

4. These delicious gummies that promote healthy sleep

If you want tomorrow to feel better, get a good night’s sleep tonight. When you need help with that, these tasty Sleep Support gummies — infused with melatonin, L-Theanine, and relaxing botanicals like chamomile, passionflower, and lemon balm — are both a sleep aid and bedtime treat. They taste like blackberries with a hint of mint and the “relaxing effect is felt within minutes,” says one of the 34,000 five-star reviewers, “with a good night's sleep always soon to follow.”

5. The massage-by-numbers wand for pinpointed relief

If muscle pain or tension has got you recruiting friends for massage, this self-massager tool is here for you. Each nub is numbered so you know what it’s meant for. Four non-slip gripper let you get a firm hold on the wand, and it comes with a poster showing where trigger points are and how to best massage them. “Finally!” says one of the nearly 8,000 five-star reviewers. “A way to get relief without having to pay someone to do it for me.”

6. A mellow vanilla lip balm that’s super moisturizing

Everything about this lip balm is delicious. The beeswax, shea butter, and vitamin E formula is ultra-moisturizing and doesn’t retaliate with super dry lips later, the way some balms do. The price is friendly — this is a four-pack — so you can have a tube in every coat pocket. And the flavor is like having a lick of vanilla bean ice cream on your lips. What’s not to love?

7. This light that illuminates the page you’re reading

When you want to read without disturbing the sleep of your bedmate, the person in the next seat on your flight, or the child you’re reading to, this booklight is a brilliant solution. Set it down on the page you’re reading and it lights up the portion you’re looking at and nothing else. There’s no ambient light to disturb others, yet you can read just fine. It comes in two colors and runs on AAA batteries.

8. This long-reach candle lighter that never runs out of fuel

Next time you feel the urge to light all the candles in the house, don’t be disappointed by a lighter that won’t fire (or reach the wick). This electric lighter with a long, bendable neck is always ready because you reload the power by charging it via any USB plug. The blue indicator dots on the side tell you when it needs a re-up. Since there’s no flame — it lights with an electric arc — it works in the wind, too.

9. The straw that cleans whatever water you drink

This water-filtering straw is definitely something you want in your bug-out bag or camping kit. Just put the business end into the water at hand, and the sip end into your mouth and suck. It removes more than 99% of bacteria and parasites in the water — including E. coli, salmonella, giardia, and cryptosporidium. It could be the difference between being able to drink water and going thirsty. Over 71,000 people give it five stars.

10. A set of craft cocktail mixers for a better bar at home

When you want a hand-made craft cocktail without braving the bar scene (or dropping a pile of folding money), pull out one of these classic cocktail mixers and whip one up at home. No bartending experience is needed because the ingredients have already been expertly blended. Just add ice and alcohol to a measure of these premade blends to make a classic old fashioned, some whiskey sours, or a round of ginger mules.

11. This insulated drink cooler that works on cans & bottles

The clever engineering of this double-walled, vacuum insulated can and bottle cooler results in a stainless steel koozie that works on skinny 12-ounce cans, regular beer cans, and beer bottles, so you don’t have to house a koozie collection to keep beverage options cold. Plus it keeps things 20x colder than neoprene. You can even use it as a tumbler without a can in it at all. It comes in three colors.

12. This toilet spray that protects delicate olfactory senses

Instead of leaving a cloud of noxious fumes in the bathroom when you go, arm your commode with this pre-poo spray. A quick spritz into the bowl before letting loose locks resultant scents in the water, releasing only a faint and pleasing odor of citrus into the room. The unique formula achieves this magic by creating a barrier on the water’s surface that odor molecules cannot cross. Over 121,000 humans say, “Five stars!” for this bit of cultural evolution.

13. This cream that quickly heals hard-working hands

When you work outside, or in a job that requires constant hand-washing, skin can get so dry it cracks, tears, and becomes painful. Most hand creams do not provide enough moisture — or create a protective barrier to retain moisture — for this style of hard-working hands. But this is O’Keeffe’s Working Hands’ specialty. This cream instantly adds moisture to skin and then creates a barrier to keep that moisture there, even through long work days and many washings.

14. A massage roller you can heat up or chill to get in the zone

When your muscles are sore, tight, or otherwise in need of hands-on care, this massage roller is a fast and effective fix. Warm it in hot water for a soothing warm massage, or freeze it to help alleviate the pain of inflammation. Just roll it over the affected area. It’s made from food-grade stainless steel and filled with a nontoxic cooling gel that holds temperature. It sits in a rubber base that won’t roll around your desk or escape under the couch.

15. This bidet that’s the major cleanliness upgrade you need

Install this bidet attachment onto your existing toilet and it will change your idea of personal cleanliness with a quickness. It connects to the water supply line for your toilet so installation takes only a few minutes (and requires no plumbing know-how). Use the dial to control the intensity of the water stream to achieve just-from-the-shower cleanliness . Skip flushable wipes. This is much better and will save a tidy fortune (not to mention storage space) on now ancillary (and inadequate) toilet paper.

16. These miracle patches that treat & heal pimples

These tiny bandages work to suck the gunk out of blemishes and allow them to heal quickly. In many cases, they heal overnight. Put one on when you go to bed and that blemish will be well on its way to healed by morning. Reviewers call them “magic,” “miracle workers,” and “witchcraft” because they work so well and so quickly.

17. This facial cleanser that moisturizes while it cleans

This facial cleanser is wildly popular because it not only cleans dirt, makeup, and oil, but it’s also loaded with pampering ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin, that hydrate skin and preserve its natural moisture. Most face cleansers that can accomplish all of that are quite expensive. But this 16-ounce bottle with a pump top will sit next to your sink for weeks without running out.

18. This tongue scraper for cleaner mouth & breath

This two-pack of stainless steel tongue scrapers is an easy upgrade to your daily dental care routine. The easy-to-grip handles can be used in one hand or both if you really need to get in there. The scraping area is gentle on tongues, yet effective. It comes with a little bamboo bag so you can take it when you travel. Reviewers say using this simple tool actually improves the flavor of foods and is “life-changing.”

19. This face cream that helps clear up redness

If your complexion skews too rosy for your taste, this moisturizer can help. It’s a highly hydrating night creme with Licochalcone, an extract of licorice root, that helps reduce redness while you sleep. Reviewers say it really works, and does so quickly for conditions like rosacea. “Within a week, I saw a significant improvement in redness and blood vessel appearance,” says one reviewer. “This works as well, if not better, than the $150 prescription I was using.”

20. The cream that conditions hair as it holds styles in place

The addition of oils and botanicals to this medium-hold fiber hair cream results in hair that not only stays where you want it — whatever style you’re workin’ — but also makes hair stronger, hydrated, and thicker-looking the more you use it. The matte finish creates the look without adding shine, too, for a more natural finish. Almost 5,000 people give it five stars.

21. A tiny trimmer for those strange, stray hairs

This little hair trimmer is a fast way to groom away nose, ear, eyebrow, and beard hairs that are messing up your look. It runs on a single AA battery so is always ready for quick touch-ups. It’s waterproof so you don’t have to fret about using it in the bathroom. And the spinning blades remove hairs without pulling or causing pain, and it’s very quiet to boot.

22. The scalp massager with 2 brush heads

Giving yourself a scalp massage when you take a shower feels terrific, and turns everyday ablutions into an experience. And this scalp massager lets you vary the depth and intensity of that massage with a simple switch of the brush heads. One set is long and pointy to reach through hair and invigorate the scalp. The other is short and nubby for a relaxing head rub. Both stimulate circulation, exfoliate the scalp, help mitigate dandruff, and encourage hair growth.

23. A large heating pad to relax & soothe muscles

When your back hurts, your muscles are sore, or cramps are ruining the day, plug in this extra-large heating pad and wrap it around your pain. It’s comforting, helps relax muscles, and overall feels terrific. The soft, thick microfiber cover is nice against skin. You can spray it with water to get moist heat. There are three heat settings so you can get the temperature you need. And it’s washable.

24. This pair of silky pillowcases that pampers hair & skin

Pull these silky, satin pillowcases over your pillows and rest your head on the softest, gentlest fabric there is — at least at this price. The satin is easy on hair and skin. It’s not absorbent so doesn’t wick your own moisture away while you sleep. It also doesn’t have hard fibers to catch and pull or break hair, so you don’t wake up with bedhead or pillow wrinkles. These come in 14 luscious colors and four sizes.

25. This warm knit beanie you can throw in the wash

At this price, you might want to stock up on these classic Carhartt beanies the way you do on wool socks. It comes in 10 colors, has the Carhartt logo on the front, and is woven from a stretchy acrylic knit fabric that’s warm, washable, and not scratchy. Reviewers love it and give it nearly 93,000 five-star reviews. “I live in New England,” says one. “So I need a good hat. I love this hat. It's wicked comfortable to wear in the cold and makes life easier.”

26. These socks that let you indulge your obsessions

When you’re obsessed with aliens, Big Foot, goats, chickens, or llamas, it can be difficult to find an outlet that doesn’t pigeonhole you or invite mockery. But socks are safe. And you can wear them daily, celebrating your passion on the sly. This collection of patterned socks plays host to a wide range of interests from beer pong to octopuses. In fact, there are 276 options to choose from! You’re sure to find your favorite guilty pleasure.

27. These warm pajama pants for a cozy WFH wardrobe

When there’s a chill in the home office or you’re trying not to crank the heat for movie night, pull on a pair of these warm microfleece pajama pants and stop the shiver. They come in eight patterns and six sizes, are super soft and comfortable, and get 28,000 five-star ratings from people who love the way they look, feel, and wash. They have two handy side pockets and a drawstring waist.

28. A slim, minimalist wallet that holds your essentials

This slender wallet blocks RFID technology, and has slots for eight cards with a cash envelope in the center. The ID compartment has a finger slot to make removing your license fast and easy. And there’s a handy D-Ring on the end so you can hang it from a lanyard or clip it to your belt. It comes in 32 color, fabric, and style options, and 24,000 people give it five stars.

29. This key fob that will help you find your keys

If losing your keys is an annoyance you’d like to leave behind, the Tile tracker makes a handy solution. Attach it to your keychain, connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and you’ll always know where your keys are (as long as you have your phone). Just use the Tile app. If you can’t find them, tap to start the fob’s alarm so you can track by sound. If you have your keys and can’t find your phone, you can touch the button to ring your phone.

30. This beanie with a rechargeable light built in

If you have dogs to walk at night, like to run after dark, or go to work when it’s cold and dark, you’ll love this beanie with a rechargeable headlight built in. According to one of the 14,000 five-star reviews, “not only is the hat comfortable and warm but the light has four levels of brightness! The light easily comes out so you can wash it, too.” It comes in 19 colors, holds a charge for eight hours, and the light is waterproof.

31. A compact backpack for hiking, travel, or shopping

This ultra-lightweight backpack folds down to sandwich-bag size, slipping easily in a tote or suitcase. So if you’re traveling and want a backpack for hikes, here it is. Or if you’re shopping and find a must-buy, you can unfurl this little number and tote the goods without giving up a hand. It comes in five colors, has two external water bottle pockets, a zippered pocket, and a roomy main pocket. It’s also water-resistant and tear-proof, and folds up into its own, attached pouch.

32. This handy first-aid kit so you’re ready for what happens

This little first aid kit is easy to pack in your car, backpack, baby bag, camping kit, or the like, but holds 100 essential tools to help manage injuries and emergencies. There are bandages, sterile wipes, a CPR mask, medical scissors, tweezers, eyewash, and more inside, all chosen for its long shelf life. “It’s the size of my hand and literally has everything you could possibly need in an emergency,” says one reviewer. “For the price,” says another, “this little kit was extremely well put together and jam-packed full of various medical necessities.”

33. The ball for dogs that’s loved by hordes of humans

Reviewers love these two high-bouncing, super durable balls for playing fetch with their dogs. The balls have a textured surface and hard rubber center, so even dogs who can destroy anything keep them for ages. They come in five sizes. They float, wash easily, and get 73,000 five-star reviews. “This is the only toy our dog loves,” says one reviewer. “She has them strategically hidden around the house. She follows us around with one. She sometimes even brings one to bed.”

34. This stain & odor remover for when pets make mistakes

Nobody’s perfect. Not even your precious pup or kitty. When they make a mistake on your new rug, this is the miracle spray. It’s made of bacteria that produce enzymes that eat up proteins in vomit, urine, and feces, and helps get rid of stains and smell. “I consider this a must-have for puppy parents,” says one reviewer. “Having this on hand reduces my stress about my home smelling bad when guests come over and makes me feel better about sitting on the carpet to play with my furbaby.”

35. This pet fur roller that thousands swear actually works

Maybe you’ve tried everything for getting fur off rugs and furniture. But the reviews of this ChomChom roller are so enthusiastic, you might want to take a look. Just roll it over the couch cushions or rug. It grabs fur with textured fabric and deposits it in a compartment in the handle. “I'm obsessed,” says one of the 74,000 reviewers. “I feel like this thing should win an award for being so awesome. I feel like it should be in raffle baskets and giveaways and silent auctions for every event that highlights ‘things cat people need.’”

36. This set of cube storage bins to organize your stuff

These six cube organizers are not only an exceptional deal, they are a stylish and efficient way to organize your closet, the kid’s room, or whatever area needs order. They fit neatly into cube shelves or on closet shelves, have a handle in front to make retrieval easy, and come in 11 colors so you can create the look you want. Almost 35,000 people give them five stars.

37. This handy slender storage cart that fits anywhere

This four-tiered rolling shelf is so narrow — just over five inches wide — that you can slide it in almost anywhere and bring lots of storage to what was underutilized space. Put one between the washer and dryer, between toilet and sink, under your desk, or in a corner of the kitchen. The shelves drain so you can keep shower items on them, casters make it easy to move, and snap-on hooks let you hang sponges, mitts, or other tools. It comes in three colors.

38. These dishcloths that are a cross between fabric & sponge

These cellulose dishcloths are super absorbent like a sponge, but flexible like a cloth. They also have a slightly abrasive surface to get traction on messy spills. Reviewers love them because they clean well, don’t leave streaks, quickly soak up liquids, and go right into the washer so you can keep using them. There are eight color options.

39. This strainer that snaps right onto the pot

Colanders are big, hard to store, and require a clean sink to use. You can work this snap-on strainer, though, with one hand, because all you do is snap it onto the pot and pour out the water, leaving your potatoes, pasta, or beans inside. It’s flexible, fits in a drawer, and comes in five colors.

40. This cooker that takes the mystery out of making perfect eggs

If you like a hard, soft, or medium-boiled egg but struggle with getting the yolks just right, pop eggs into this cooker, measure some water in, and hit a button. The machine takes it from there, quickly turning out eggs that are just the way you want them. It does omelets and poached eggs with the same easy consistency. It’s cute, easy to store, and comes in eight colors, which may be why over 36,000 people give it five stars.

41. These covers so debris stops falling into the stove/counter gap

These silicone gap covers are so easy to install. Just cut them to size and place them over the gap between your stove and fridge, stove and counters, or washer and dryer. They blend right in but nothing will fall into that impossible-to-access space again. They come in white, clear, and black and in two sizes. This is a two-pack and reviewers love them, giving them 25,000 five-star reviews.

42. The cord channels that disappear ugly cables

Want to make the ugly trail of cords leading from your computer or TV go bye-bye? Hide them inside these cable concealers. Peel and stick them to the wall or underside of your desk or table, and insert wires into them to be concealed and corraled. This is a nine-pack of 17-inch long sections that are cuttable and paintable.

43. These night lights that turn the toilet into a lamp

Clip one of these two motion-activated lights over the rim of your toilet bowl and, when night falls, that sucker will light up like a fishbowl in Vegas, a glowing destination for nighttime bathroom trips. Choose a color to match your decor or let it cycle through its 16 hues for a nightly surprise. It has five brightness levels and only comes on when the room is dark and it senses motion. They’re flexible enough to be placed outside toilets, too.

44. The efficient hair-catcher that looks like a mushroom

Drop this hair-catching mushroom into the drain of your shower or bath and it hides all the gross hair it catches from sight. The strainer is tubular and stops hair from flowing into drains while letting shower water through. And it does it all under the concealing dome lid. Pull it out occasionally to easily swipe off the trapped hair to prevent gnarly clogs before they start. Enthusiasts give it over 70,000 five-star reviews.

45. This wall mount for your Amazon Alexa

Snap your Echo Dot into this clever wall mount and plug it into an outlet so that this little device is where you want it, but not taking up space on the counter. A cable management system in the base keeps the wire contained so you can’t see it. And, if you want to move the Echo Dot, just unplug the whole thing and move it to another outlet. The wires stay contained and the unit is super compact and tidy.

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