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Welcome to the 2022 INVERSE Awards

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Dear Readers,

Since 2015, Inverse has explored the science of anything, the technologies that influence our lives today and shape our tomorrow, and the ideas, games, and entertainment that stretch our minds. We like to think of ourselves as enthusiasts: We’re not blind to the flaws and issues in the areas we cover, but we are insatiably curious about how innovation, science, gaming, and entertainment continue to evolve and change how we think of ourselves and the worlds we inhabit — whether real or imagined.

It is in that same spirit that we bring you the 2022 edition of the Inverse Awards. These prizes are awarded based on our deep knowledge of the subjects we write about and our boundless enthusiasm for the artistry, inventiveness, utility, and awe-inspiring nature of our awardees.

Throughout December, we present our picks of the best of the best TV, movies, games, gear, and scientific breakthroughs — as well as a few more notable honors, exclusive interviews, deeply reported features, and jaw-dropping images.

You might not agree with all of our choices, and that’s ok! But one thing we hope to share with you is a sense of why each of our awardees deserves your attention — and what they tell us about the future of entertainment, gaming, science, and technology.

Check out our hub and subscribe to our newsletter and social media to keep up with the latest throughout December. And if you think we missed something, don’t hesitate to tell us about it — just email We can’t promise to respond to everyone, but we love to hear your ideas as much as we enjoy sharing our own.

Thank you for reading Inverse in 2022. We look forward to exploring the universe with you in 2023 — and beyond.

The Editors

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