44 impressive home upgrades you didn't realize are so cheap & easy

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by Christina X. Wood
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Are you in the mood to upgrade your home? Even if you don’t have the funds to remodel your kitchen or your landlord’s idea of refurbishing is to hand you new air filters, you don’t have to hate the place you live. You might be surprised by how easily you can fix everything from the counters to your storage options with a few savvy purchases on Amazon. Honestly, you don’t even have to leave the house for these renovations. Just add these 44 impressive home upgrades — they’re so cheap and easy to implement — to your cart.

Maybe you can’t afford a new bathroom vanity or kitchen counters, but you can probably handle covering them with this incredible marble-like vinyl that sticks on and looks amazing. Nor do you have to move out because you hate the shower in your place. Just replace the shower head with one that filters the water and improves the pressure. These updates are super easy. Even if all you need is more order in your closet, that’s easy to attain with the right storage baskets in the right quantity.

Keep reading for the many ways you can improve the function of your space while making it reflect your own aesthetic.

1. These Edison bulb string lights that look gorgeous

Hang these strings of 25 bulb lights anywhere to create warm mood lighting that not only illuminates your space — indoors or out — but also creates a delightful atmosphere for a party. You can daisy chain three of them together, each string comes with an extra bulb, and they look gorgeous on a porch, stretched over a banquet table, or in your office for low, ambient light.

2. The color-changing lights you can stick anywhere

Turn your furniture, cabinets, car interior or anything you can imagine into lighted décor with these stick-on lights. These six LED bulbs can easily be mounted behind art, under the desk, at the top of your kitchen cabinets, or under the counters to create subtle and beautiful lighting effects that you can change whenever you want with the included remote.

3. These chair leg socks for quieter furniture

Pull these stretchy silicone socks over the feet of all your chairs and stop the noise, floor scratching, and irritation. They are almost invisible when on, and the felt is fixed securely to the silicone so it doesn’t peel off. Your chairs will slide silently over the floor, and you don’t have to attach anything permanently to the chair.

4. The shelf dividers that bring order to messy closets

Slide these two shelf dividers onto your shelves and create order where you had only a pile of chaos before. They keep bags and boots from falling over, create ordered stacks of folded sweaters and slacks, and are super easy to install.

5. A set of storage cubes for instant organization

Slide these six storage cubes onto your shelves and toss toys, baby supplies, pantry items, or clothes into them for quick order that’s easy to access and maintain. They come in nine colors and fit beautifully on shelves or in cubbies that are up to 11 inches deep.

6. This wall-mounted tool or broom organizer

If you are currently tossing brooms, shovels, and all those long-handled and hard-to-store necessities into a closet or a corner of the garage, this wall-mounted storage system will free up so much space and make chores easier. There are five spring-loaded compartments that hold tool handles and six retractable hooks to hang dog leashes, gloves, and whatever else you have. Reviewers give it over 25,000 five-star ratings.

7. An over-the-door valet that creates a closet anywhere

Hang this clothing valet over the back of the laundry room door, in the bathroom, or anywhere you want to hang clothes from hangers. It’s easy to assemble, adjusts in width to three sizes in order to maximize the space you have, and lets you hang clothes away from the door on hangers.

8. The surge protector that replaces your outlet

Instead of putting your power strip and surge protector on the floor where it looks messy, replace a two-plug wall outlet with this beefy upgrade. Just plug it in and replace the center screw of your outlet with the one that mounts this, and you’ll have five standard outlets, four USB ports, and one USB-C port so you can power up all your electronics.

9. This sleek, lightweight laptop stand

Turning your laptop into a workstation that doesn’t cause neck pain or make your desk look like something out of The Big Bang Theory is so easy. Set it down on this aluminum alloy stand to lift the screen up and you’ll be able to sit up straight. Your laptop will be happier, too, since it allows for airflow around delicate electronics that tend to get too hot. It comes in four colors.

10. A pack of cable clips that brings order to every room

This 16-pack of peel-and-stick cable clips will take on every cable mess you have. There are small one-cord clips to tidy up the charger in the kitchen, clips that hold two or three cables for your bedside table, and two big five-cord clips that are ready to create order from the mess on your desk.

11. This desk pad that protects & enhances your workspace

Set this beautiful and colorful desk pad down and stop worrying that you are leaving marks, scratches, and stains on your desk. It gives you a pleasant tactile surface for writing with pens, works well with a mouse, and brings a pop of color to your workplace. Choose from three sizes and 15 colors.

12. These double-hook shower curtain rings

Upgrading the small things you touch often makes your home so much more livable, and these dual-hook shower curtain rings are an easy way to improve both the look and the experience of your shower. They slide on balls that move easily on the rod and allow you to easily hang both a liner and a decorative curtain on the same hooks.

13. A shower head that filters the water & boosts pressure

Improving your daily shower is so easy. Just screw in this filtering shower head and bathe in clear, filtered water that has been softened on its way to you and had the impurities removed. This shower head also saves water while increasing water pressure by forcing the water to flow through small, dense nozzles, which creates a fine spray that feels amazing.

14. These stick-on hair catchers for the shower

Keep your drains clear of clogs without getting involved in any installations or serious drain upgrades by sticking one of these stick-on, mesh hair catchers over the drain. They hold on for weeks, catching hair while letting water through. When one is full, peel it off, throw it away, and replace it.

15. The toilet paper holder that stores the backup rolls

If you have no wall to hang a toilet paper roll on, consider that a gift. Because that means you can use this stand-alone toilet paper dispenser that not only looks cute and lets you put the roll in the most convenient spot but also holds three spare rolls.

16. An arc lighter so you can light all the candles fast

This rechargeable lighter will never be out of butane because it doesn’t need it. Just plug it into a USB port to charge it up, and it will light easily whenever you need it. The built-in loop on one end lets you hang it in a convenient spot, the flexible neck gets into hard-to-reach places, and four blue lights on the side tell you when it needs a charge.

17. These shields so your doors don’t smash the walls

This four-pack of wall protectors is a quick preventative measure that protects your drywall and paint job from damage caused by doorknobs slamming into the walls when people open the doors. Just stick them right on the wall where the door hits and they cover up damage that’s there and prevent further destruction.

18. This task light with a phone holder & desk organizer

This task light is exactly what your desk needs to create spot lighting and organize your sundries. A phone stand in the front keeps the screen glanceable while two pen holders keep your pens within reach. Touch the lamp anywhere to dim or brighten the light or to switch among the three lighting colors.

19. A compact tiered shelf for easy storage anywhere

Put this small shelf in the bathroom to organize supplies, next to your bed as a functional bedside table, in the closet, or anywhere you need practical storage. It’s easy to assemble and lets you add more pieces later if you need it and your budget allows.

20. These storage bins for an organized kitchen or pantry

These clear organizer bins let you quickly organize the items in your fridge, pantry, or closet so they are easy to find, pull out, and put away again. They are clear so you can see what’s in them, have handles on both ends, and are large enough to whip your whole kitchen into shape fast.

21. A set of stackable tea organizer bins

Get rid of those half-full tea boxes and get your teas in order so you can find the brew you want when you want it. Each of these two stacking organizers has eight interior cubbies for tea bags so they stand up in an orderly fashion and you can see what you have and when you need to order more.

22. The wall-mounted dispenser for your grocery bags

Mount this clever grocery bag dispenser to the wall and putting away the groceries is so much easier. Just shove the empty bags in the top. When you need a bag for a trash liner or to carry something, they dispense neatly from the front. It transforms a mess into a useful feature and stops you from throwing away grocery bags.

23. A shelf to organize your water bottle collection

Where do you store that excellent collection of water bottles you have amassed? This shelf is designed precisely for that purpose. Two shelves with slots let you store your collection lying down without rolling. This saves space, lets you store your bottles with their lids on them, and makes it easy to find the one you want.

24. A bamboo holder for perfectly ripe bananas

Turn your bananas into a display on the counter and they will ripen beautifully. Bananas love to hang — its their natural state — and they don’t turn brown so fast when they get to do it. They will look beautiful on the counter hanging from this sturdy bamboo hanger.

25. This set of fancy bag clips for fresh snacks

These eight bag clips will look terrific doing whatever practical job you give them, but they are also excellent at holding chip bags, cereal bags, and even those bags in the freezer that are so hard to close. They hold tight, look practically elegant, and are also helpful in the office or closet.

26. The sponge holder that keeps counters dry & clean

This silicone sponge holder is the perfect spot for your soap dispenser, sponges, and other dishwashing tools because it’s impervious to water and super easy to clean. It keeps all that water and soap scum off your counters to protect them and save you a chore.

27. A cold-brew maker so you can have excellent coffee on tap

Making cold-brewed coffee is so easy with this cold brew coffee maker that you will always have a pitcher in the fridge to get you started. A fine mesh sleeve in the center of the BPA-free Tritan carafe keeps grounds out of your brew while it steeps. Then, it’s easily removed when your coffee is ready to drink. A tight-sealing lid keeps the brew fresh in the fridge.

28. This set of super soft sheets that comes in so many colors

Buying deliciously soft sheets does not have to be prohibitively expensive. This microfiber sheet set is as super soft — because the fabric is woven with a thread that is as small as silk — and completely affordable. They come in 15 gorgeous colors, have a sweet ruffled accent, and wash and dry beautifully.

29. These sateen cotton pillows for a hotel-like experience

Filled with a fluffy gel-infused down alternative and covered with 100% cotton fabric, these pillows are designed for back slippers and side slippers alike and create a soft and comfortable sleep at a super affordable price. You can even put them in the washer and dryer so your pillows are always clean.

30. A set of cotton towels that looks amazing in the bathroom

Tired of your mismatched towels? This set of super soft, 100% cotton towels comes in 13 colors so you can style your bathroom to match your current mood without breaking the bank. And they will only get softer with time and use. This set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two wash cloths.

31. The super plush rug that’s machine-washable

Don’t fret when the dog walks across your white rug with muddy feet or you spill red wine. This plush rug is not only soft enough to lay down on, it’s conveniently machine-washable. Plus, it comes in six colors.

32. These felt board tiles for a decorative memo board

Create a bit of artistic wall art in minutes by peeling and sticking these felt boards into a pleasing pattern. They are thick enough to stick push pins into so that your art piece is a functional memo board. They come in five color combinations or you can mix and match for a bigger display.

33. This bamboo coat rack that’s simple & functional

This bamboo coat rack is so clever. It adjusts in height so you can use it in a child’s room or the entryway. And it assembles quickly, supports up to 120 pounds of coats and hats, and looks great with a compact footprint.

34. A complete set of edgy, modern flatware

This simple flatware set is not only affordable, it’s delightfully stylish and modern. The black finish on the stainless steel pieces is slick and you get five knives, forks, salad forks, soup spoons and dessert spoons so all your utensils match and setting the table is a pleasure.

35. This 24-pack of stemless champagne flutes

You never know when a celebration will call for champagne, and when it happens (because it will), you will be ready with these 24 stemless champagne flutes made of clear, shatterproof plastic.

36. This complete dinnerware set in classic white

Get everything you need for every meal of the day with this classic white dinnerware set that’s so affordable you don’t need to hesitate. There are 12 pieces, including four deep bowls, salad plates, and dinner plates. They look amazing and are dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

37. This skillet that’s so affordable & will be your go-to pan

Don’t let the sub-$20 price on this gorgeous cast-iron pan fool you. Once you bring it into your kitchen, you will wonder how you lived without it. It distributes and retains heat beautifully, and if you maintain its finish, its nonstick quality will get even better with time. It’s no surprise it’s earned nearly 70,000 five-star reviews.

38. These apothecary jars that bring beautiful order

Turn your bathroom necessities — cotton swabs and balls, bath salts, hair ties, toothpicks, and whatever else you have — into easy-to-access displays so that your vanity looks like a high-end boutique. Your supplies will stay clean and dust-free in these lidded, 10-ounce apothecary jars while remaining within easy reach.

39. These clever magnetic curtain tiebacks

There is no need to drill into the window frame to install a curtain tieback. Pull the curtain to the center for an artistic look and secure them with these magnetic ties that wrap around and snap together, decoratively, in the front. They come in 11 colors so you can match or contrast your fabric for a quick and easy upgrade.

40. This peel-and-stick paper for marble countertops

This marble-looking stick-on PVC is the solution to counters or furniture that needs to be refinished. Just cover the counters (or any surface) with it, and it looks like you upgraded with expensive stone. It cleans easily and is waterproof, so it is a functional and aesthetic improvement.

41. These knobs that are a quick fix for a drab dresser

It is surprising how much impact replacing the knobs on a dresser can make. And it’s so easy to do. Just unscrew the old ones and screw in these retro crystal knobs, and in minutes you’ll have a completely new look. There are 12, and they come with three sizes of screws to fit most furniture.

42. An swiveling sink attachment that’s so cool

Simply screw this swiveling faucet attachment onto the faucet you have and you can point the water stream in any direction you want — including up so you can sip from it or wash your face in it. It makes cleaning the sink, filling containers, or brushing teeth so much easier.

43. These geometric decals that create a mirror anywhere

Create an artistic decoration on a blank wall, the surface of an old table, or anywhere you like simply by peeling and sticking these mirror decals in geometric or freeform arrangement. There are 32 of them, and each one is about 10 by 8 inches, so you can make quite a large mirror.

44. This wall mount for your TV or monitor

Skip the expensive TV stand and mount the TV to the wall for an upgraded living space. This wall mount articulates so that the TV can come outward into the room and points in any direction or retract flush against the wall. It’s perfect for modern lightweight TVs or even a computer monitor.

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