If you're lazy but want your home to look good, you'll love these 45 things under $35 on Amazon

These upgrades are sneakily smart — and easy.

by Christina X. Wood
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The very last thing I ever want to do is organize my closet. Or maybe it’s clean the kitchen? No, wait! It’s live through the chaos and expense of a bathroom or kitchen remodel. On the other hand, I do love to curl up on the couch in a home that looks clean and gorgeous. And that’s why I have spent so much time discovering hacks to make cleaning, organizing, and even redecorating super fast, cheap, and easy. If you are lazy like me but want your home to look good, you’ll love these 45 things under $35 on Amazon.

One terrific hack for creating a space that’s both organized and looking good is to use your everyday items as decor. These wall racks, for example, display towels or wine bottles so they are within easy reach while also decorating the walls. Another trick I like is to find functional items that are beautiful enough to serve from, even at a party, so I don’t have to get out anything special when people come over. These elegant yet practical pitchers are a perfect example. And updating a tired kitchen or bathroom does not have to involve sawdust and demolition. Sometimes a simple thing like updating the cabinet hardware will change the look of a place and takes only a few minutes to do.

Check out the rest of these tips, hacks, and solutions for a home that looks great and functions well.

1. This hack to keep the bathroom floor dry

That trail of water that drips off the shower door and onto the floor every time you take a shower is such a pain to clean up every day. This shower seal will stop that and is super easy to install. Just cut the width to size, place the seal below the door, and push up for a snug fit. The hard PVC material will adhere to the glass door securely and the soft PVC creates a water-tight barrier, preventing any drips or leaks.

2. A set of decorative candle holders for a romantic look

For less than $20, these decorative candle holders instantly give any room in your house a more romantic flair. Each holder in this pack of three has a different height for added visual interest and they are all sized to fit either 2, 3, or 4-inch pillar or sphere candles. The material is constructed of black metal and comes in a matte finish for a sleek look.

3. These grippers so you can stop fixing the rugs

If the pets are scrambling your carpets or curling rugs are a tripping hazard, stick these rug grippers to the four corners of the rug and and press them to the floor. They’ll now stay put. A moveable, reusable gripper on the floor side lets you move the rugs to clean but won’t let them slide when the cats are doing their daily parkour.

4. The easy-to-install blinds for quick room darkening

Just cut these paper blinds to size and peel and stick them to your windows to create a quick fix for too much sun or not enough privacy. They darken the room thoroughly without drilling into the window frame or requiring the help of a professional installer.

5. These floating shelves that turn storage into art

Install these floating shelves next to your bed, in your office, or in your living room, and use them to store any number of items that could use a practical home. Even hang them in the kitchen to store your collection of spices in an aesthetically pleasing way. Turning your everyday items into art is a great way to simultaneously store things and decorate your walls.

6. A set of stackable & airtight food containers

Move all your dry goods into these stackable containers for a tidy kitchen or pantry. The set includes seven clear containers in a variety of sizes to hold items like cookies, rice, or spaghetti, and will fill the space in your cupboards efficiently while keeping everything fresh and dry because the lids seal tightly. The wide openings makes them easy to fill, and they come with reusable labels.

7. This bidet for a luxury bathroom on the cheap

A bidet takes your bathroom from standard to deluxe quickly, and if you choose this bidet attachment, getting there is inexpensive and quick. It’s an attachment that uses your current toilet’s water supply to create a delightful derrière shower whenever you want it. You’ll also save on toilet paper, too.

8. A set of spice bowls made from sleek bamboo

Whether you need somewhere to stash red pepper flakes or salt, these containers are a stylish choice that you an use for all sorts of spices. Each one is made from sleek bamboo — not plastic — and the swiveling lids are attached, so there’s no need to worry about accidentally misplacing one.

9. A chrome paper towel holder for a touch of elegance

Set this paper towel holder on the counter to give your kitchen a little elegance that’s both practical and affordable at less than $10. It’s constructed of metal with a shiny chrome finish and can handle all sizes of paper towel rolls from single to double to jumbo. As a bonus, metal balls on the bottom of the holder keep the roll elevated and dry.

10. These lights that turn any mirror into a lighted vanity

You don’t have to drop a small fortune to get a lighted vanity that shows you how you’ll look in daylight. Just peel and stick this strip of vanity bulbs to the mirror you have. The 14 bulbs are big, bathe you in 6000K light — the kind make-up artists like — and dim down to 10 percent so you can use the mirror for ambient lighting, too.

11. A set of unbreakable wine glasses made of stainless steel

These wine glasses are the perfect solution to alleviate worries about shattered glass come party time. They are made of stainless steel and come in tons of different finishes from rustic grained sienna (pictured above) to a dreamy pink-green to a blue marble. As a perk, the stainless steel excels at maintaining temperature, making these glasses wonderful for keeping that rosé crisp come outdoor summer music festival season.

12. These tumblers that mimic a beer can

Pour your favorite beverage into these glasses that are shaped like beer cans and you will probably like that drink much more because it will look so cute. These high-quality drinking glasses are shaped like a classic soda or beer can and hold 16 ounces — or a pint of beer.

13. This toilet brush that dispenses cleanser as you scrub

Fill this toilet brush up with cleanser, and it’ll be easier than ever to give your toilet an extra-deep clean. Nonslip silicone on the handle helps you keep a firm grip when maneuvering around tight nooks and crannies, while soft bristles won’t leave behind scratches inside of your toilet bowl. Plus, the caddy has a removable drawer that makes it easy to clean.

14. A complete flatware set that comes with an organizer

If your flatware could use an upgrade or you’re missing pieces, this complete set is classically designed, has everything you need, and comes ready to drop in the drawer in its own organizer. The stainless steel pieces are dishwasher-safe, and you get four each of dinner forks, salad forks, dinner knives, dinner spoons, and teaspoons.

15. These carafes for everything from water to milk to tea

These two carafes are so easy to keep in the fridge with fruit-infused water, iced tea, milk, or whatever else you like to drink, and the tight-sealing plastic lids keep them from spilling. When you are setting a table or having a party, though, they come right out of the fridge and look beautiful on a buffet. Just take the lids off.

16. The soft-as-silk sheets that keep you cool

Silk seems like it would be the ultimate luxury in sheets but it can actually feel pretty hot. These microfiber sheets, though, are as silky as silk yet keep you cool. They are also so affordable you could own 10 colors for what silk costs. In fact, there are so many colors, and they are all so beautiful, that you might have trouble choosing.

17. These genius motion-activated puck lights

Peel-and-stick or screw in these three clever puck lights in a spot that needs light. You have just converted your hall, garage, attic, bathroom, or laundry room into an illuminated area thanks to the motion-sensors in these lights, that sense movement up to 10 feet away. They’re wireless, with long-lasting LEDs running on batteries, so there’s no tricky installation required — just cable-free convenience.

18. The LED light strip that can help reduce eye strain

Stick this LED light strip to the back of your TV, and they can help reduce eye strain whenever you’re watching television in the dark. They are easy to install — just peel and stick them to the TV and plug them into a USB port — and they will turn on whenever the television turns on. You get 78 inches of lights, which is enough for lighting a 29-inch TV.

19. These chair leg covers that stop the noise

Slide these covers over the feet of your chairs and silence that awful scrape that happens when you move them on hardwood floors. You don’t have to fuss with adhesives that eventually fail because these stretchy, silicone covers fit snugly, and the felt is securely attached to them. There are 32 in this set, which is probably enough to cover every chair in the house.

20. A simple solution to that snarl of plugs & cables

Wires, power strips, and power bricks are not a pretty sight, and they can be dangerous for pets and small children. This simple cable box hides them in a tidy box and stops anyone from chewing or playing with them. There are big entry points in the back for wires to get in and out, plenty of ventilation, and a secure lid that’s easy for an adult to remove to plug or unplug.

21. This set of furniture repair markers & crayons

You might think your furniture or floors need to be repaired by a pro because of that scratch, water spot, or ding, but you’d be shocked at how effective this solution that’s easier and much cheaper. Just fill the deep scratch with one of these crayons in a color that matches or color over scuffs and discolorations with the markers. You can mix the colors for a perfect match.

22. The burner covers that save you from scrubbing the stovetop

There is really no reason to waste your free time scrubbing your stovetop when prevention is so easy. Just cut these heat-resistant burner covers to fit and put them under your burner grates. When spills happen, these reusable covers are conveniently dishwasher-safe. They are nice and thick, and they come in a stylish silver material that’s safe around temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

23. These fridge handle covers so you never have to wipe off fingerprints

Does anyone enjoy repeatedly cleaning the handles of the fridge? Of course not. That’s why you might want two sets of these door handle covers so you never have to do that again. Just toss one pair in the wash when you decide the covers need to be cleaned. They attach easily with hook-and-loop closure and look spotless for weeks. Problem solved.

24. This mesh fabric tape that keeps rugs in place

If you’re tired of rugs constantly shifting underfoot, simply use this mesh rug tape as a genius and affordable hack for your home. The double-sided tape features a fierce adhesive with a thick texture, yet won’t leave any residue behind on floors. Use it on all types of surfaces from concrete to vinyl to hardwood for a tidy and put-together look.

25. The organizer drawers that create quick order anywhere

Tuck this two-tier organizer under the sink, in the fridge, or in a corner of the counter to keep everything from beauty products to potatoes organized and within reach. The bins slide out completely, assemble easily, and its perforations let products dry or aerate.

26. These satin pillowcases that are gentle to hair & skin

These satin pillowcases look gorgeous on your bed, elevating the room to something deluxe and decadent. But the reason to dress your bed in them is how they treat your skin and hair. They are silky-smooth so they don’t tug or break hair or wick moisture away from your skin or hair. Plus, they come in 23 vibrant colors to choose from.

27. These reusable storage bags that are freezer-safe

Store everything you once put into single-use plastic freezer bags in these reusable silicone bags instead. You’ll save a lot of money in the long-run and help keep plastic out of landfills and oceans. These bags are leakproof thanks to airtight seals, and they’re safe to use for storing food in the freezer.

28. These stainless steel shower shelves that are easy to install

Wherever you need storage — in the shower, bathroom, or kitchen — these three shelves are an easy solution. Peel and stick the strip of hooks that come with them to the wall and snap the shelves in. The two roomy shelves and soap holder are waterproof and rustproof. When you move or change your mind, run a hairdryer over those stick-on hook strips and they will pull right off.

29. This lighting kit that creates elegant lighting anywhere

Light the underside of your kitchen cabinets, the interior of shelves, around your desk or bed or whatever solution your space and imagination concoct with this under-cabinet lighting kit. They stick on easily, plug in, and turn on with a switch. You’ll get four 20-inch light strips that can be connected together however you like.

30. A lazy Susan for organizing small kitchen items

This 14-inch bamboo Lazy Susan makes serving tea or coffee or storing spices so much easier and convenient. Just set it down, set your tea service, spices, or anything you want to be able to easily access from all sides on it, and you can turn to reach what you want.

31. This organizer that puts all your teas on display

Instead of keeping your tea bags in the cardboard boxes they came in, why not transfer them into this stylish organizer instead? It’s made from real bamboo, with a transparent lid that makes it easy to see which bag is where without having to unpack anything. And if you aren’t a fan of drinking tea? You can also use it for all sorts of packets, including sugar, condiments, and more.

32. The mug hooks that make room in your cupboards

Screw these mug hooks to the underside of your cabinet shelves and hang mugs instead of stacking them inside for more storage that’s easier to access. These three racks give you a total of 12 hooks that also work anywhere in the kitchen to hang sponges, gloves, aprons, or utensils. They come in four colors and the hanging hardware is included.

33. A soft fleece blanket for a cozy spot anywhere

This waffle-fleece blanket is deliciously soft, according to almost 11,000 people who give it five stars, probably while curled up under it on the couch. It comes in 23 colors and six sizes so there is sure to be one you can’t resist. And it goes right into the washer and dryer without losing any of its brushed microfiber coziness.

34. This comfy bath mat made of memory foam

A simple way to make your bathroom that much cozier and stylish comes in the form of this bath mat. It’s made with memory foam for an extra-cushy feel on the feet and comes in a variety of colors with an elegant velvet texture. It won’t slip or slide around due to its nonslip base and can be conveniently machine washed and dried for easy cleanup.

35. This area rug that won’t obstruct doors from opening

Unlike some area rugs that can block doors from swinging open, this one has a super-low pile that easily fits into any space. The Turkish style is incredibly in demand at the moment, making it a stylish addition to any home — and you even have the choice of seven sizes as well as three different colors: black, blue, or grey.

36. A stainless sponge caddy that looks great in the kitchen

Match your appliances while organizing the sink area with this stainless steel sink caddy that boasts storage space for your sponges, dish brush, and dish soap all in one tidy space that collects water to keep it off your counters.

37. These containers that help keep dry ingredients fresh

Cereal, pasta, lentils, crackers — these food storage containers can help keep all sorts of dry ingredients fresh. The lids are airtight as well as stackable, helping you make the most of cramped pantries. And since each order includes a set of stylish chalkboard labels, you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping them organized.

38. The deflectors that help you direct your air conditioning & heat

Whether your vents are on your floors or ceiling, these deflectors can help direct the air so that you get the most out of your HVAC system. Magnetic clips help keep them in place — and they’re designed to fit nearly any vent, as each one can be expanded from 10 out to 14 inches wide. Plus, the plastic frame won’t shatter if accidentally dropped.

39. The bumpers that silence your noisy cupboard doors

The sound of cupboard doors slamming closed is not only jarring, it makes the kitchen seem less finished than it is. But the solution is so simple: Stick these rubber bumpers where the cabinet hits the frame and it’ll soften that loud noise. You’ll get a pack of 100, which should be enough to do all your cupboards and drawers.

40. This spray that powers through tough stains

Stained fabrics are no match for this spray, as its commercial-grade formula quickly eliminates stains from upholstery, clothes, and more. Despite its potency, it’s still suitable for use on baby clothes — and it’s just as effective on blood as it is on ketchup. “The spray was very easy to use, I just sprayed my spots and let it sit then wash,” raved one reviewer. “I was amazed when I pulled my shirts out of the dryer and NO STAINS!”

41. This grout pen so you don’t have to clean the grout

Cleaning grout is a thankless job that often gets you nowhere because it just doesn’t want to come clean. But this grout pen will restore your grout to white, and it’s more like coloring than cleaning. Just draw over the grayed grout with this marker and wipe off any that gets on the tile.

42. These pillows with thousands of positive reviews

Your bed is the heart of your bedroom — and these pillows can help make sure that it looks and feels incredibly comfortable. They’re filled with 100% memory foam, allowing them to contour to the shape of your body for added support. And unlike some pillows, these ones are designed so that the filling won’t bunch up on the inside, instead staying evenly distributed throughout.

43. A set of shoe storage organizers that slip under your bed

A quick and easy hack to tidy up your shoe collection slash obsession is to get these shoe storage organizers that can fit up to 24 pairs of shoes and simply slide under your bed for a clean look. They’re made from durable, breathable canvas and have a transparent window on top so you can instantly see where you put those red stilettos. Handles on either side assist in easily getting these in and out from their clever storage area.

44. This organizer that can hold up to 93 batteries

Got a drawer in your home that’s filled with loose batteries? Then this organizer might just be a total game-changer. There’s space for up to 93 batteries inside, ranging from small AAAs to chunky Ds — and each order even includes a tester so that you can throw away any batteries that have lost their juice.

45. A dispenser for all your loose grocery bags

Instead of cluttering up a drawer or cabinet with loose grocery bags, why not save some space and put them inside this dispenser instead? It’s large enough to hold dozens of bags, and can even be mounted to the inside of a cabinet using the included hardware. Plus, the stainless steel exterior is even resistant to fingerprints.

46. This bath mat brings a touch of the spa to you

Not only does this bath mat just plain look good, but it’s also made from sleek bamboo, making it look like it came straight from the spa. Nonslip gaskets on the bottom work to keep it from shifting out of place, while a water-resistant finish ensures that it stays looking good through hundreds of showers. The best part? Its aerated base helps it dry quickly when wet.

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