If you like clever sh*t, you'll love these 50 things on Amazon

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Is there anything as fun as discovering a clever thing you didn’t realize existed? Well, maybe — but it’s still really exciting. Perhaps you’ll find an insulated stainless steel ice bucket that’ll keep ice cool for hours at your next party, or maybe you’ll store your music in alphabetical order by genre in a new record case. The products on this list can make both of those scenarios a possibility, and there are so many more items like that to sort through.

Sure, you can keep all of this to yourself — if you have the self-restraint — and quietly enjoy your own cool discoveries. Or, you can shout it to anyone who will listen. Either way, if you like discovering clever sh*t, you’ll love these 50 things on Amazon.


A back-seat dog den that keeps your car cleaner

Create a safe place for your pet to ride in the car with this pet seat cover that not only keeps your pup contained but also keeps whatever mess your canine thought was fun to splash through, roll in, or swim in from turning your car into a fur-laden dog lair. It attaches securely with six anchors, fits lots of vehicles, and is waterproof and easy to clean.


The inflatable lanterns that never need batteries

These solar-powered inflatable lanterns will light your patio or hang from a tree to illuminate an outdoor game. And when you hit the road to do some camping, you can deflate them and take them along. They grab a charge from the sun so you never have to worry they will fail. And they are waterproof, shatterproof, and float. You can charge them via USB if you are in a hurry.


This locking money bag to help protect your valuables

Keep your phone, medications, cash, or other expensive items in this locking money bag so they are safe wherever you go. Your gear will be safe from sticky fingers in your suitcase, backpack, locker, or desk drawer in this nylon bag with a lock you can set yourself. It’s an ideal option for travel, parties, beach outings, or to keep your valuables safe at work.


This phone case that turns your phone into a mini wall-mounted TV

When you want to watch cooking shows while you cook, relax with a movie in the tub, or view how-to videos while you do things, secure your phone in this wall-mounted phone case and close it safely inside. You can use the touch screen through the sensitive, clear cover but your phone will be safe from water or humidity. The case won’t fog up either.


A big digital alarm clock with 2 alarms & a USB port

If you share a bed with someone and you get up at at different times, this dual digital alarm clock can handle that. You can set two different alarms to go off each morning and each one gets its own 9-minute snooze. There is also a USB port so you can charge your phone right from the clock to cut down on clutter.


A clever trifold wallet with two exterior card pockets

This handy slim wallet has an exterior slide pocket on both the front and back so you can keep two cards at the ready for quick payments. Inside there are three compartments that hold lots of cards, a billfold pocket, and a clear ID slot so you can flash your ID without pulling it out. Even with all that storage, it manages to stay slender enough to not bulge your pocket.


The water-filtering straw that could save your life

If you get lost in the wilderness — or the apocalypse — it’s the lack of clean water that can prove troublesome. This LifeStraw could be the thing that saves you. Just dip it into any water — no matter how filthy — and it will deliver clean water to your mouth while removing bacteria, parasites, microplastics, and anything else that’s larger than 0.2 microns so you can swallow it safely. “I drank from the most disgusting looking crevice filled with brown scum,” said one of the nearly 80,000 five-star reviewers. “I thought, this is going to be safe but taste horrid. It tasted like the freshest spring water!”


This portable fan so you can carry cool breezes wherever you go

Don’t let power outages, the lack of AC in your tent while camping, or the oppressive atmosphere at work leave you sweating. This clip-on portable fan lets you carry a light breeze — or a stiff wind if that’s your jam — along wherever you go. It’s rechargeable, clips to your belt or hangs around your neck, and has three levels of air volume.


A smart storage solution for your water bottle collection

Keep all your water bottle stacked and ready to deploy in this water bottle organizer that holds three bottles on their sides so they don’t roll around. Keep them filled in the fridge or stored in a cupboard. This is a two-pack and you can stack them or lie them side by side.


The unique slippers that clean the floors while you walk

When the floors could use a dusting and cleaning but you just can’t even, pull on a pair of these colorful microfiber cleaning slippers and shuffle around the place or get a small crowd of friends to wear them for a dance party. The floor will get dusted and, if you spill a little floor cleaner while you are at it, cleaned while you just go about being you. There are five pairs and they fit on the end of a mop, too.


The weird shoe cleaner & deodorizer that refresh the dirtiest kicks

This combo of shoe cleaning solutions takes those trainers you put through the worst and cleans them right up with very little effort from you. Just spray the interior with the forest-scented deodorizer and give the exterior a scrub with the Pink Miracle shoe cleaner and the included brush. Your kicks will be as good as new.


This bucket of giant yard games for outside fun

When you tell the kids, “Go play outside!” be prepared — even if those kids are your adult friends — to hand them this huge dice set in a giant collapsible bucket so they have something to do out there. The six jumbo dice are made for games of chance and are crafted from New Zealand pine with burned-on numbers so they are also fun to stack. The set comes with some games and score cards to get you started.


This bacon grease system for less waste & tastier foods

Every time you fry bacon, the grease presents a problem. What to do with it? This bacon grease container is the answer. Pour the leftover grease through the filter to clean it up, then store it. You can use that grease for frying an egg, popping corn, and many other delicious use cases.


The electric fly swatter that zaps bugs fast

Turn your bug problem into an opportunity for fun by bringing home this rechargeable bug zapper racket. Soon, you will be stalking those pests, tennis racket in hand, ready to take them down in your 4,000-volt trap. You only need to make contact once, and they are done for. It recharges in any USB plug so you can keep your home, campsite, or picnic free of flying insects.


This suction tool that gets rid of the poison left by biting bugs

When you get stung by a bee, mosquito, or another bug, you would probably never notice except that those pests leave behind a bit of poison or an irritant, and your body has to respond by attacking the invader. This clever bug bite suction tool easily pulls that venom out — just position it over the bite and pull the plunger — so your body can calm right down.


An aluminum-free deodorant that works

If you’re looking to swap out the aluminum for skin-friendlier options, this activated charcoal deodorant is unscented, rubs in clear, and won’t stain clothes. It uses probiotics to promote the good bacteria that keep you smelling sweet yet still like you. “Compared to other natural deodorants I’ve used, this one is fantastic,” said one reviewer. “I find most other deodorants to be grainy due to their ingredients but this one is super smooth and lasts a long time.”


A handy pad for your laptop with cooling fans

When your laptop — sitting in your lap — gets hot, you get hot. This laptop cooling pad is here to fix that. There are two fans to channel that heat away from those sensitive electronics (and your sensitive skin) so that your laptop functions better and you don’t have to toil over a hot processor just to earn a buck. The height is adjustable, there’s a lip to keep your machine from sliding off, and it has two USB ports so you can plug in more peripherals.


A plant-based hand soap system with zero waste

Tired of tossing empty hand-soap containers into the trash? This hand soap system solves this problem, once and for all. The refillable, lightweight aluminum bottle looks clean and sleek on the basin. Just dissolve the soap pods in water, right in the dispenser, to fill it. The soap is plant-derived, gentle, non-drying, and available in citrus-ginger or lemongrass.


The in-car phone mount that gives you great visibility

When you are following the navigation on your phone, it’s important that you be able to glance at it without looking away from the road — and this phone car mount that sticks to your dash delivers that experience. It holds your phone in whatever position you want, firmly, and you can raise or lower it, or turn it 360 degrees, whenever you want. It installs easily with a strong-hold suction cup.


This 8-pack of vacuum storage bags that saves so much space

When your blankets, coats, and off-season clothing exceed your storage capacity for same, these eight vacuum storage bags will take it all, reduce its volume by 80 percent, and turn it into a stack of handy packages you can easily stick on a shelf. The trick? You remove the air by filling the bag and hooking up the included pump or your vacuum cleaner. They are great for fitting more in your suitcase, too.


This clever rechargeable headlamp for hands-free illumination

When you are out there doing night work or camping, you want to be able to see what you are doing, right? Slip this rechargeable headlamp on and throw light wherever you look. The removable light is easy to attach to your head, a hard hat (with the included clamps), or to snap off and carry. It comes in a handy zippered case so you can easily keep it in a toolbox or camping rig and throws light in two different directions to accommodate your situation.


These bamboo drawer dividers that create custom storage

You can stop looking for drawer bins that create exactly the organization you want because these bamboo drawer dividers are even better than that. They fit into your drawer using a spring action and stay put wherever you want them so you can create exactly the compartment size you are looking for. You can even stack them for deep drawers.


A DEET-free insect repellent that works on all the biting bugs

This insect repellent lotion uses picaridin, which repels all sorts of biting flies, chiggers, ticks, flies, and gnats. It’s not greasy, feels good on your skin, and comes in packets that are easy to take along when you’re camping or hiking. It gets over 16,000 five-star reviews. “This is the first non-DEET product that succeeded in keeping away these pests,” said one of them. “I've worn it multiple times, with zero bites. The lotion works just as well as the spray, but goes on easy and smooth, without leaving my skin greasy.”


The reusable floor mop with a built-in, refillable spray bottle

Clean your hard floors quickly and easily with this microfiber floor mop that has its own integrated spray bottle. Just remove the reservoir, fill it with whatever cleaner and water combo you prefer, and load it back into the mop handle. When you are cleaning, pull the trigger on the handle and it will lay down a spray of that cleaner right in the path of your mop. The microfiber cleaning cloths can be tossed in the laundry to clean.


A complete set of knives with a cutting board & storage solution

Set up a new kitchen fast with this knife set that comes with five slick, stainless-steel knives — everything from a paring knife to an 8-inch chef’s knife — two utensil caddies that hold each knife, as well as the included scissors and knife sharpener. There is even a minimalist and modern black cutting board with a built-in knife sharpener.


These food-storage labels that dissolve when you’re done with them

Labeling your food is not only safe but it’s helpful. It’s easy to forget what’s in that freezer container from last week. Or when you cooked that fish. If you write it down, right on the container, you will save yourself from eating spoiled food or throwing away good food out of an abundance of caution. These food labels have fields to fill in so you’ll know what to write. And when you wash the container, they disappear completely because they dissolve in water. This is a pack of 500.


This set of airtight storage containers for a complete pantry makeover

Ready to get the mess in your cupboards under control completely and finally? This set of six airtight storage containers will get it done. They fit everything from flour to granola to candy and have airtight locking lids to keep it all fresh. The rectangular shape and flat lids make them stackable. And they come with a set of reusable chalkboard labels and a marker so you know what’s in every container.


A bamboo bath mat for spa-like minimalism in the bathroom

Set this clean and minimalist bamboo bath mat down in your bathroom instead of the fabric one you have now and it will change the feel of the room, giving it a spa-like vibe. It also makes your life easier because this one never has to go in the laundry. It has a grippy bottom so it won’t slip and a water-resistant, nonslip finish.


This 5-piece whiskey glass & decanter set that’s “well made”

Upgrade your whiskey-drinking ritual to Mad Men-style STAT with this five-piece whiskey-drinking set that includes four slick glasses and a matching, twisted-glass decanter. You can set them all on your coffee table, stare into space with a glass of good bourbon in hand, and everyone will leave you alone because that’s where all the good ideas come from. It even comes in a gorgeous gift box so you can share this experience with others. So many customers wrote that it’s “well made,” too.


A big water bottle that keeps your beverage cold for hours

Stay hydrated without wasting plastic containers or your own cash by filling this triple-insulated water bottle with your favorite beverage and keeping it with you. It holds 64 ounces of liquid and keeps it cold for up to 24 hours. It also comes with three lids so you can sip the way that suits you and is available in lots of colors.


The security camera you can pan & tilt from your phone

This tiny security camera is much smarter than its small size and puny price tag would lead you to believe. It will let you keep an eye on your home, all on its own, because you can pan and tilt the lens from your smartphone so it can look all around the place. It will even turn on the lights or trigger other actions in the house when it detects motion (or whatever you tell it) if you have other Kasa smart devices installed.


An orderly storage solution for your vinyl collection

If you want to put your hands on the exact record you feel like playing, yet your collection has achieved enough mass to make that a challenge, it’s time to come up with a storage solution that is as orderly as it is accessible. This record storage box is a great way to start. You can add more as your collection grows or divvy up your collection by genre. With a label on the side, handles so you can grab the crate you need, and alphabetical guides, this will get your collection in order.


A collection of cable clips to bring order from cable chaos

The cord that charges your phone at night is always slipping under the bed. The cable from your laptop to the outlet is never where you put it. The charger in the kitchen threatens to slip into an open flame. Lock that stuff down! These cable clips stick to most surfaces and hold any cable securely, right where you want it until you decide to move it. There are 16 pieces in clip in groupings of one to five.


This big cheese board that turns cheese & meat into a fancy spread

Sometimes you don’t feel like cooking. And you don’t have to. Just fill this large bamboo board with fruit, cheese, meat, nuts, and whatever you have on hand and call it charcuterie night. It’s fancy, delicious, healthy, and super easy. This board has lots of room so you can feed a crew. There are even raised side trays on both ends that are perfect for crackers and nuts.


The utensil organizer that expands to fit your drawers

Instead of measuring and hunting for a utensil organizer that fits a specific drawer, use this expandable bamboo drawer organizer and it will accommodate itself to the drawers you have. The side compartment gets smaller as the drawer gets smaller, and goes larger in wider drawers. It looks neat and offers excellent organization in every size, too.


A set of 8 solar-powered LEDs that light up the yard

These solar ground lights are an easy and efficient way to light up your yard, pool, or potted plants. Just stick them in the ground where they will soak up sunlight all day. They will turn on when the sun sets and throw a bright glow so you can see your way around outside. They light for up to eight hours after a sunny day, shut off when they run out of power, and do the whole thing again the next day.


These blue light-blocking glasses for less eye strain during screen time

Zhuzh up your work style while protecting your eyes and brain from blue light by donning these classic-looking blue-light blocking glasses when you work at the computer, stare at your phone, or play video games. They come in a wide range of colors to match whatever your current vibe happens to be.


A cooling blanket so you can sleep through hot spells

When the weather is too warm for blankets — or you sleep too hot for comfort — this cooling blanket will help you snooze through it. Mica nylon is fused with Japanese cold fiber to create a sensation of cold when you pull it over you. It comes in five sizes and eight colors so you can keep a throw on the couch or a blanket on the bed.


A full-motion wall mount for your TV that’s only $20

Get your computer up off a desk, free up space in the office, and raise your viewing area up to a more ergonomic height. Or mount a TV on the wall in the kitchen or over the tub so you can enjoy a cooking show while you work or a movie while you relax. This full-motion wall mount bracket holds up to 44 pounds, moves in all directions, and holds either a computer monitor or TV.


This simple solution that strengthens Wi-Fi

Plug this Wi-Fi range extender into any outlet — preferably where you have a strong signal but near where the signal starts to get spotty — and it will take your existing Wi-Fi and throw it further, solving your connection problems so you can surf from the basement, yard, or attic. It’s super simple to set up and makes a big difference.


These wireless earbuds that are waterproof & just $26

This pair of Bluetooth earbuds are super handy for listening to music or books without disturbing everyone around you. They connect to your phone wirelessly, to each other wirelessly, and charge simply by dropping them in the included charging case. They are lightweight, small, and get 30 hours from a charge. They come in five colors.


The lipstick-sized phone cleaner spray & wipe

This tiny spray bottle of screen cleaner is wrapped in a soft cloth making it a tiny and portable, but complete, solution for keeping your phone screen clean. Just spray the screen from the bottle and wipe the screen with the sides of the same bottle. It’s so small you can keep it in a pocket and you can wash the exterior to refresh it whenever you like.


A slick set of wall shelves for the shower

This set of adhesive wall shelves is ideal for organizing all your in-shower personal care items and it’s easy to install. A water-resistant adhesive strip holds it firmly to the smooth wall of your shower and will hold up to 30 pounds. There are two shelves and hooks for all your sponges and razors. And the shelves drain and dry easily.


This magnetic wristband that holds all your nuts & bolts

When you are working on your car, installing anything, or even building prefab furniture, this magnetic wristband will help save your sanity. The 10 powerful magnets in it will hold all your drill bits, screws, nails, parts, and bolts right on your wrist so you don’t have to develop deep patience skills just to get a simple job done.


This car wash foam-blast system that helps get your ride super clean

Connect this foam blasting hose nozzle to your hose, aim it at your car, and shoot. It will douse your car quickly with a cleaning foam to lift away dirt and grime. There are five spray settings to get your car cleaner quickly with no scrubbing, wearing of car-cleaning mitts, or brushes. Just spray the foam. Then rinse your car clean.


The ice bucket that keeps ice frozen for hours

Fill this insulated ice bucket with ice and bring it to your next pool or patio party. The ice will stay frozen for hours because the stainless steel bucket is double-wall insulated so the interior stays cold long enough to keep ice on hand for the entire party. It also comes with ice tongs that fit into the handle of the bamboo lid.


A set of glass mixing bowls with lids to match

You will reach for this set of glass mixing bowls so often that you will quickly wonder how you survived without them. There are four, ranging in size from small enough to serve olives to large enough to mix pancake batter, and each one has a clear plastic lid that fits it perfectly. They nest into each other for storage and — when you use them for storing food in the fridge — you can see what’s in them.


These simple little hooks that hold everything from razors to cables

Stick these neat little suction hook grabbers anywhere. They use suction to hold onto your shower wall, a mirror, the fridge, or any smooth surface, and come with adhesive pads you can stick to rougher surfaces. They will hold your pen, toothbrush, razor, cables, keys, or any small object right where you want it. This is a pack of four and they come in several colors.


A set of 20 wooden suit hangers for a stylish closet

Hang all your shirts and pants on these hangers so they are always easy to find and wrinkle-free when you put them on. This 20-pack of wooden hangers has a bar to hang pants, notches so your slippery shirts don’t slide off, and a hook that swivels 360 degrees to make hanging everything easy. They come in four colors.


A science-based solution for improved pet stain cleanup

When your furry friend has an accident on your rug, you can now take a scientific approach to cleaning that up. If you leave even a hint of scent behind, it’s probably going to happen again. This powerful Angry Orange stain remover with a UV flashlight is the solution. Use the flashlight to locate the actual source of the smell — urine — then spray the mess accurately with the odor and stain remover to completely eliminate it.

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