Here are the best new products on Amazon & they're selling out fast

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A TOSY Rechargeable LED Frisbee and an Ajxn Interior Dust Brush for Cars

When products are new on Amazon, you can usually find cool, undiscovered bargains. The trick is to find those fresh products before everyone else does — because once the masses discover them and they become mega-popular, they can easily sell out. Finding this sweet spot where the bargain is ripe is the sort of thing you might want to leave to the professionals. That’s me — and here are the best new products on Amazon and they’re selling out fast.

Some of these items are uber-practical and will make dinner, road trips, and staying fit easier. Others are perfect for gifting or brightening up your kitchen or home. Others will quickly become your everyday wear — after you buy them in multiples. It doesn’t matter what’s on your shopping list, you will find something you need here.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


This set of 3 elegant bamboo cutting boards

A beautiful cutting board is worth its weight in gold in the kitchen. Use it to chop ingredients for a meal or to serve a snack of cheese, fruit, and sliced meats. This set of three bamboo cutting boards is the perfect combination of handsome and functional, with a juice channel around the edge of each one, a raised base to make carrying easy, and a finish that’s easy on your knives and easy to clean.


A knee brace that’s light & comfortable

Strap on this patella knee brace the next time you go for a run and help prevent that unpleasant knee pain. The shock-absorbing cushion supports your joint, helping to alleviate stress to the patella tendon during any workout — or even a walk. It’s lightweight to make wearing it for long periods easy and the straps are adjustable for a perfect fit.

“Easy to wear and does the trick for my patellar tendonitis when running,” said one reviewer.


A complete set of 6 mixing bowls for just $20

You will reach for one of these stainless steel mixing bowls every time you whip up a salad, sauce, or marinade. You can use them to serve dips, popcorn, and mashed potatoes. And when you aren’t using them, they will stack neatly in a cupboard, taking up very little room. With a flat bottom and a lip at the top to make holding them easy, they are easy to work with. And they come in four colors so you can match them to the vibe in your space.


An iPhone case with a mini airbag on the camera lenses

With a raised, shock-absorbing airbag around the cameras, drop protection for the body of your phone, and a matte velvet finish that resists fingerprints and gives terrific grip to prevent drops, this hard-back iPhone case is the jacket your expensive iPhone wants to wear out in the world so it will survive the drops and tumbles of life.

“Feels very durable without being bulky and the texture is nice,” said one of the nearly 4,000 five-star reviewers.


This handy brush for quickly cleaning the interior of your car

If cleaning your car is always on your to-do list but never gets ticked off, make it something you can do while stuck in traffic. Keep this dust brush within reach so you can clean up crumbs, dust the dash, and keep the console litter free with a quick whisk. This strategy works well for your desk and keyboard, too. The brush is small, has an easy-to-grip handle, and the soft brushes sweep away even small debris while being gentle on your car’s finish.


An organizer for plastic baggies that creates order in your drawers

Ditch the messy collection of boxes that currently houses your plastic bag collection and move them, instead, to this bag organizer and storage box that is neat, has dispenser openings, and doesn’t catch on the drawers when you open and close them. The lid slides on easily and it comes with preprinted labels.

“Everything is nice and organized now,” said one happy reviewer.


A set of unique glasses in the shape of cans

Beer and soda cans just may be the perfect shape — or maybe we’re just accustomed to them. Either way, these glasses slot neatly into that feel in the hand but in a heavy-duty, clear glass. The shape is familiar and fun and you can see the contents of your drink, all at the same time. And the temperature-resistant glass can handle anything from ice-cold beer to hot coffee. This set of four can-shaped glasses comes with four reusable glass straws and two straw brushes to clean them with.


A microwavable pizza storage container that comes with serving trays

Leftover pizza is a fact of modern life, so why not have a way to store it that keeps it fresh and doesn’t take up an entire shelf of the fridge? This collapsible pizza storage container holds five pieces. You can heat them all in the microwave inside it at the same time. Just use the five divider trays that double as slice serving trays to stack them so they heat up perfectly. You could even bring it with you when you go out for pizza — it collapses into an easy-to-pack flat shape — and skip the take-out box altogether.


A set of 5 resistance bands for a home gym that fits in a drawer

Skip the commute to the gym by using this set of five natural rubber resistance bands and you can fit your workout into a fraction of the time. They are color-coded by their weight equivalents — from five to 25 pounds — so you can move through them as you get stronger. And they come with a carry bag so you can take them with you when you travel. They are great for physical therapy and to use as yoga props as well.


This handy outlet extender with a shelf & night light

If you have a room — the bedroom or kitchen maybe — where the outlets are wholly inadequate to your needs, plug in this outlet extender. It transforms a single outlet into a power station complete with five standard outlets, three USB plugs, one USB-C port, a nightlight, and a shelf to set your phone on. The soft light turns on automatically when the room is dark and off again when the lights are on so it’s ideal for a kitchen or bathroom. You can also set it to turn on manually if you are using it in the bedroom.


These cushy wool socks that are soft, stretchy & so affordable

There is nothing like wool to keep you warm, but it can be expensive to keep your sock drawer stocked with wool options. So this set of five, thick pairs of merino wool socks is an amazing find at $22. They have enough merino wool to warm you but not so much that your feet will itch. And since they also have nylon and spandex, they stretch to fit and survive nicely in the washer.


These parchment liners that help keep your air fryer clean

There’s almost nothing easier than an air fryer dinner — add to that not having to clean the air fryer afterward, and it’s a double-win. These parchment paper air fryer liners catch the debris, excess oil, and sauce so your fryer stays clean. But the food comes out just as crispy and delicious. Just drop one in under your food and toss it when the food is done. This is 100 pieces and they come in three sizes.


A set of 4 pickleball rackets with balls & cooling towels

Ready to play some pickleball? Find a net, and this pickleball set is everything else you need. The four wide, colorful rackets are durable with grippy handles. And they come in two colors so it’s easy to see your teams. The yellow balls are made for the game and easy to see. You also get four cooling towels so players stay comfy as the competition heats up. And it all stashes away in the handy included carry bag.


A pair of adorable water bottles made for kids

Help the youngsters stay hydrated by giving them a water bottle that speaks to them. These two kid-print water bottles are adorned with unicorns, space icons, dinosaurs, and other kid-friendly imagery so the young ones will love them. And they hold 15 ounces of water, have a straw for easy sipping, and close tight so they don’t leak.


This rotating phone mount you can attach to the dash or windshield

Suction this in-car phone holder to your dash or windshield and put your phone screen exactly where you want it. The arm extends and rotates 360 degrees. The base rotates. And it lets you lock everything into place once you have it set just right. Snapping your phone into it is super easy, as is getting out again — just press a button to release the clamps, and squeeze them to close up. This solution will put your navigation and communication systems in sight so you can get where you are going with ease.


The affordable security camera that can also monitor pets & babies

If you’re worried about the dog when you are away or want to keep an eye on sleeping kids while you work from home, set up this security camera and you can look in on them from anywhere. With two-way audio, you can calm the dog or tell the kids to get back in bed. It has an intruder alarm that goes off when it detects motion for when you leave it guarding an empty house, and it records continuously to an SD card. You can view your home from your phone or connect it to your Alexa or Google Home.


This pair of comfy joggers with pockets for your everyday carry

Stretchy, breathable, and sporting enough pockets to handle everything you carry every day, this pair of cargo joggers will become your go-to for everything from work from home to walking the dog to working out. The drawstring customizes the fit and there are 16 colors to choose from.

“So comfy yet they don’t have that baggy disheveled nonsense about the legs like some joggers do,” said one reviewer. “The color is also vivid. I order[ed] three more pairs in different colors and will be working from home in these exclusively.”


The dish towels with puns & other ways to make you laugh

Why not hang a bit of a laugh when you hang a dishtowel in the kitchen? With a kitchen-adjacent take on the classic Eurythmics song, a hangry hippo joke, or a pun about bread — there are eight options — these high-quality cotton, funny dish towels are made for drying the dishes or wiping the counters but they will also make you laugh.


A set of 3 sturdy charging cables for your iPhone for $7

You don’t have to protectively clutch your iPhone charger cord like it’s The One Ring. You can have a charging cable for every spot you like to charge your phone. These three iPhone cables are each 10 feet long, which is convenient for reaching distant outlets. And the cables are made of nylon braided wire, which makes them super durable. They are also certified as iPhone compatible so you don’t have to worry about overcharging or warning messages from your phone.


These candles made to complement your astrology sign

If you live with a Sagittarius, you know what losing an argument feels like. If you are an Aquarius, you know that sarcasm is your superpower. Or you know these things if you have these soy candles that spell out the dates and traits of the zodiac signs. The scents are also customized by sign, too. And both the descriptions and scent profiles are not only perfectly matched but delicious. The candles are poured into amber jars that look smart on the coffee table or mantle.


A set of 6 snazzy coasters that are heat resistant

If you want a simple solution for preventing furniture damage caused by condensing and hot drinks, here it is. These silicone drink coasters have a textured surface so dripping water from cold drinks doesn’t pool under the glass and a rim so liquids stay in the coaster. The heat-resistant silicone provides a barrier between hot mugs and your delicate furniture. Six of them stack in a matching holder and they come in 13 colors and holder styles.


This in-car charging kit with 2 ports & cables for your iPhone

Set your car up so you never run out of phone power on the road. That phone is your navigation device, has all your contacts, and is keeping track of all your travel reservations, after all. This dual-port car charger turns your lighter into a useful charger for two devices. Keep the two included iPhone charging cables in your car, too, and you will never find yourself without the necessary tools to stay powered up.


This Frisbee with 36 bright LEDs so you can play in the dark

Turn the night into a Frisbee playground with this rechargeable glow-in-the-dark Frisbee. It flies true and fast like the real deal but it also lights up so your game looks like an alien invasion — and you can see the flying disks coming at you no matter how dark it is. You can set the brightness level and timer and it will light your game for a solid 90 minutes on a single charge. There are eight colors.


A set of 18 acrylic paint pens that will write on almost anything

When you want to paint rocks, clothing, shoes, or craft projects with your own colorful designs, these acrylic paint pens are the easy way to do it. The tips are sharp and accurate and there are so many colors — including some metallics — that your piece will be just as you imagine. Just give them a shake and get painting with no setup or after-paint brush cleaning involved.


This splatter cover that clings magnetically to the ceiling of your microwave

If you drop a splatter cover over a dish of food before you microwave it, it prevents a big mess inside the oven. But it could be stashed anywhere in the kitchen. This magnetic splatter cover is easy to find because it’s clinging to the top of the microwave, ready and waiting. That is so smart! And, unlike your microwave’s interior, it goes into the dishwasher for cleanup.


This immersion blender with 4 extra attachments

A powerful immersion blender is an essential piece of kitchen equipment that lets you turn flavorful creations into creamy soups, right in the pan, and blend smoothies right in the glass you plan to drink from. This 800-watt, 12-speed immersion blender comes with attachments that make it even more useful. Use the small whisk to whip milk into a froth for your coffee. Use the large one to blend batters. And attach the chopper to turn onions and tomatoes into a quick salsa. You will use this bad boy constantly.


These beautiful cutting boards with your name on them

For a unique and custom item, just type your name — or that of your gift recipient — into a menu and you will receive a live-edge personalized cutting board. It’s made from a beautiful piece of walnut wood with your customizations carved right into it. If it’s a gift commemorating a date like a graduation or wedding, you can also enter that date to immortalize it. You can even add a custom message to be carved into the back of the board. There are several size options and matching accessories to choose from, too. Gift giving, covered.


This clever tool that sniffs out a gas leak

If you smell something weird, or maybe you just installed a new appliance, pull out this gas leak detector to make sure your air is all clear. It detects methane, propane, butane, natural gas, coal gas, gas fuel, and more. Just turn it on and point it at the suspect area. It will alarm if there is anything leaking.

“I suspected a natural [gas] leak,” said one reviewer. “Indeed this found ... four different places my gas line was leaking. Scary stuff but so glad for this detector.”


These futuristic soccer balls that hover above the ground

Have some indoor (or outdoor) soccer fun with these two hover soccer balls that glide above the ground on a cushion of air. Just kick them gently to send them on their way. The foam bumpers are gentle on furniture and feet and the glowing lights make it all seem like a game you might play on a spaceship.

“These are really fun on our hardwood floors,” said one reviewer.


A 3-pack of quality scissors so there is always a pair nearby

Life goes more smoothly when there is a pair of scissors within easy reach. This three-pack of comfort grip scissors lets you keep a pair in the kitchen, on your desk, and in the craft area or in your toolbox. They are sharp, light, easy to hold, and brightly colored so you can find them in a drawer.

“Razor sharp, keeps an edge, sturdy, and comfortable to hold,” said one reviewer. “It can cut through cardboard like butter with minimal resistance or rubbing on your fingers.”


This quick paint sealant that spruces up your car

This ceramic paint sealant kit is like a forcefield for your vehicle. Spray it on and buff it up a bit and your car will shine like it’s ready for a close-up. And when you drive, it will help repel road grime and mud and cause rainwater to rapidly shed. If you drive through something very messy, dirt will come right off when you hose your car down.

“The gloss and slipperiness of this product [are] amazing,” said one reviewer. “I live on a gravel road with lots of dust and it seems to let the dust slide right off,” offered another.


A bedside water carafe with a drinking glass for a top

If you detest trekking to the kitchen to quench a midnight thirst, this bedside carafe is here to change the game. There’s a nonslip silicone coaster on the bottom for grippiness and to protect surfaces, and the top is a flipped-over glass that’s so convenient. One reviewer mentioned how ideal it’s been for keeping a clean sip by her bed even with lots of dogs (and dog fur) milling about.


This striking metal sign custom made with your name

It is so easy to create this custom metal sign — and it’s so affordable — that you could have one on the house, on your bedroom door, in the garden, or anywhere you feel like it. Just type the name and background letter you want into the customization menu and choose a metal color and size.

“The craftsmanship is outstanding!” gushed one reviewer. “Absolutely thick quality metal cut with precision. We love our signs and will be back for more!”


A complete set of Allen wrench drill bits to help your assembly project fly together

Toss that flimsy Allen wrench that came with your assembly project and pull out your power drill and this set of Allen wrench drill bits. They come in a case and fit neatly into the clearly labeled stands so it’s easy to find the size you want. They are strong and magnetic so you can use them to pick up those little metal parts and screw them in tight. Every size you are likely to need is here and your project will almost assemble itself when you are using them.


This vacuum cleaner that lives happily in your car

Keep this compact and powerful car vacuum cleaner in your whip so you can clean up accidents when they happen, or give your car a quick clean whenever you have time without hauling out the house vacuum. It plugs into the lighter port and comes with four car-specific attachments that reach into crevices and under the seats easily. A filter keeps fine particles from dusting the air.

“Amazing!” said one reviewer. “The suction power, [its] ability to reach in all nooks ... I love seeing all the dirt get sucked up into the vacuum. I also enjoy that you can clean the filter and reuse it!” It comes with a storage case and an extra filter.


A hot glue tool that needs no wires

Take your crafts cordless with this rechargeable hot glue tool. It sits in a stand that is its charger so you can always keep it ready to use. It gets as much as three hours of use from a charge, is lightweight, heats up quickly, and lets you glue things without being tied to an outlet.

Reviewers say it “gets hot super fast,” is “easy to control,” and “stands up and doesn't leak glue all over the place!!”


This jump-start kit that can help revive your car battery

Take your own safety seriously by keeping this jump-starter kit in the car at all times. If your battery dies, you won’t be waiting by the side of the road for help. On a single charge, it can jump a car up to 20 times. Just pull it out, jump-start your dead battery, and drive yourself to a mechanic. It can also charge your phone in an emergency and has a built-in flashlight (with a strobe mode) so it’s your all-in-one roadside survival kit.


A huge collection of decorative gold foil washi tape

Washi tape is the decorative, removable masking tape that makes everything from wrapping presents to journaling fun and easy. This collection of 30 rolls of gold foil washi tape is a washi fan’s dream. Featuring everything from donuts to terrariums to birds on a wire — and lots of abstracts along the way — you will be plastering everything with beauty when you have this in hand.

“I love washi tape... This washi tape I found to be wonderful!” said one reviewer.


This kit that creates a plaster cast of 2 holding hands

That love you feel right now? Immortalize it. This hand-casting kit lets you create a plaster statue of two hands holding each other. It comes with a practice kit so you get it right and a wooden stand for your end result. Designed for couples, use it how you please — parent and child, mom and great-grandma — two loving hands are all you need.

According to one reviewer: “I feel like an artist but this was super easy!”


A gentle yet effective dog paw cleaner for neater outdoor adventures

Comprised of a sturdy plastic cup and an inner liner of soft silicone bristles, this dog paw cleaner makes quick work of a muddy-pawed pup — just place a foot inside and twist the cup a couple of times. There are three sizes ranging from Yorkie-sized to German Shepard, and each comes with three soft, absorbent towels to help finish the cleaning job.

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