45 Creative Ways To Fix Annoying Problems Around Your House

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by Madison Barber

Everyone seems to have certain pesky problems in their homes that they’ve been avoiding getting fixed up — things like annoying drafts that they’re too lazy to get sealed, crowded countertops that they just can’t seem to keep organized, and frequently-clogged drains as a result of too many long-haired people in their homes.

If you’re one of these people, you’re not alone. Sometimes, life just feels too busy to get these things done, and often, you might feel like these seemingly quick fixes might cost too much more than what you’re willing to shell out, or that they require picking up the phone and calling someone to fix it for you.

We’re here to tell you that you actually don’t have to dedicate a ton of time and money to fix annoying little problems around your house. With Amazon (which we all know has everything), you can seamlessly find ways to fix any small problem in your home, all without breaking the bank. From draft stoppers, to easy-to-assemble shelves, to hair catchers for your shower drain, we found 45 products from Amazon that will solve all of your problems in no time (well, your home improvement problems, that is).

1. These chair leg covers that will protect your floors

Your favorite dining room chairs may look nice, but there’s a chance they’re totally ruining your hardwood floors. These silicone chair stoppers with felt bottoms fit around the bottom of your chair’s feet and allow your chairs to slide around on your floors without scratching them up.

2. A draft stopper to help you save money on your energy bill

If you have a pesky draft coming from a door in your home, this draft stopper will stop the cold, outside air from coming in. This device adheres to the bottom of your doors with velcro, covering gaps that span up to 1.3 inches. You’ll be saving money on your energy bill in no time.

3. These drawer liners that will make your produce last longer

If you’re tired of your produce spoiling sooner than you want it to, these foam liners will help keep your fruits and veggies fresh for longer. These liners go in the plastic produce bins in your fridge and protect everything in sign from excess moisture and bruising, so you can enjoy your favorite healthy snacks for way longer.

4. A set of cabinet door bumpers to keep banging to a minimum

Cabinet doors slamming shut too fast and causing an unnecessary ruckus? These cabinet door bumpers will eliminate that annoying banging in no time. Just stick them onto the corners of your cabinet doors and enjoy the silence as you rummage through your cabinets at midnight for a quick snack.

5. A wireless charging station for all of your devices

Abandon your mess of cords and charging cables and get this convenient (and sleek) charging station instead. This wireless charging station can charge not just your smartphone, but your AirPods and Apple Watch, as well. It’s a must-have for your home or office.

6. A handheld steamer to get those wrinkles out in a flash

This handheld steamer is ideal for keeping at home or for travel — it heats up in under two minutes, can remove annoying wrinkles and creases on all sorts of fabrics, and won’t rust. It’s super lightweight, too, with a weight of less than one-and-a-half pounds.

7. A set of charcoal bags that leave your sneakers and gym bag smelling fresh

No one likes to tote around a smelly gym bag or slip-on stinky running sneakers, which is why these charcoal deodorizing pouches are a necessity for your notoriously sweaty belongings. These fragrance-free pouches soak up bad odors and can be used again and again for up to two years.

8. A tool to get those pesky clogs out of your sink drain

If you’ve noticed a clog in your bathroom sink drain, don’t rush to call a plumber just yet. This clog-removing device can venture deep into your sink pipes and grab onto whatever mess is making your drain clog up. It’s also extremely bendy, so you know it’ll get into all of those nooks and crannies.

9. A utensil rest that will keep your counters mess-free while cooking

Keep your countertops tomato sauce-free with this cooking utensil rest. This silicone utensil holder, which comes in a variety of different colors, has four storage compartments to keep whichever spoons or ladles you’re using to cook up dinner that night close by and off of your countertops. Just place it in the dishwasher for an easy clean when you’re done.

10. A handy hook you can attach anywhere

This attachable hook can work anywhere and everywhere — whether you need a place to hang your purse at the office or game controllers in your child’s playroom. This plastic hook clamps onto any tabletop and can hold up to two pounds — it even swivels 360 degrees for easy access.

11. A set of blackout curtains for a better night’s sleep

If you struggle to sleep in past the sunrise due to bad window coverings, you need these blackout curtains. These come in various different sizes and colors (although the darker hues are better at keeping out light), and can block 85 - 99% of outside light from peeking through your windows — a must-have for a more restful snooze.

12. This device that strips your herb’s leaves from their stems

Food prep just got a whole lot easier with this stainless steel herb stripper. This little device has nine different-sized holes that you can safely slip herbs through to strip their leaves from their stems, or you can use the blade side to manually slice up your herbs.

13. This fruit fly trap that keeps pests out of your kitchen

Fruit flies are some of nature’s most unwelcome kitchen guests. Prevent them from buzzing around your favorite fruits with this discrete fruit fly trap. Just add any sort of sweet bait for your flies (apple cider vinegar, fruit, or soapy water) and eliminate them once and for all.

14. These balls that will make your garbage disposal smell fresh again

If your garbage disposal is starting to emit a pretty rank smell, you need these mini cleaning balls, like, yesterday. Just run your disposal with water for a minute, turn off the disposal but keep water on, and throw a ball down the drain with the disposal on again for 15 seconds — it’ll smell lemony-fresh in no time.

15. These sophisticated candles with faux flames

You won’t have to worry about remembering to blow out the flames of these candles — these pretty flameless candles are remote-controlled and are a great decor item for any space in your home. They look super legit, so guests won’t even notice that the glowing flames are faux.

16. This shoe rack that will look great in any entryway

Whether you’ve got roommates, kids, or just love buying shoes for yourself, this shoe rack is a great way to keep your everyday boots and sneakers organized. This bamboo rack has three shelves and can be quickly assembled in just minutes. Plus, it’s easy to clean off any dirt or grime from the outside that your shoes can bring in.

17. These protectors that keep your pots and pans safe when they’re stacked

You won’t have to worry about your pots and pans banging together when you’re trying to store them once you have these cookware protectors. Place each of these woven mats between the pots and pans in your cabinet and you won’t see any more scratches from storage.

18. These convenient coffee mug holders for safely stacking your mugs

If you’ve got an unbeatable mug collection in your kitchen, these stacking devices will ensure you can store them without risk of them falling or breaking. These holders go on top of your coffee mugs, providing a flat surface for another mug to rest (upside down) atop it. The arms are adjustable, too, so they can accommodate any size mug.

19. These chilling sticks for your glass beer bottles

No one likes a watered-down beer from a Red Solo cup, and these chilling sticks can easily prevent that situation. Freeze these sticks for 45 minutes and slip them into your glass beer bottle to keep your drink icy without actually using ice cubes.

20. A device that catches all the hair in your shower drain

People with long hair know the struggle of having constantly clogged shower drains after a wash day. This drain hair catcher is the answer to this frequent problem — this gadget fits perfectly into your drain, catching any strands of human or pet hair that get washed down. Just pull it out of the drain and easily remove the clumps of hair when you’re done.

21. A storage hanger that lets you easily wash & dry your socks

Losing your socks in the dryer is nothing short of frustrating, which is why this sock hanger is perfect for those who can’t stand wearing mismatched pairs. This device keeps all of your dirty socks clipped onto it while they’re being washed, and keeps you from having to find matching pairs once they’re done drying.

22. This storage shelf that keeps your items in a neat corner

This chic storage shelf will look amazing in any kitchen, and can easily hold all of your cooking essentials. It’s easy to install in just a few steps, and comes with three tiers of shelf space (and four hooks on the side) for seamless storage in any corner of your kitchen.

23. These mats for your oven that keep it spill and splatter-free

While baking and cooking can be a blast, spills in your oven sure are not. These nonstick oven liners keep your oven mess-free while using it, and they’re easy to clean with just a run through the dishwasher. Place these in your gas/electric oven, or cut them down to fit in smaller areas like your toaster oven.

24. An organizer for your endless amount of Tupperware lids

If you’re anything like me, your Tupperware drawer is an unorganized disaster. This container lid organizer prevents any container-related clutter from surfacing in your cabinet and makes it easy to find just the right Tupperware top that you need to store all of your leftovers.

25. A convenient tray that attaches to your sofa arm

Whether you have limited space for furniture in your living room or just want your morning coffee as close as possible, this sofa arm tray is for you. This tray rests over any size sofa arm and offers a slender, yet durable, platform for a glass of wine, magazine, or whatever else you need by your side while you’re relaxing. It comes in a variety of colors to best complement your couch.

26. These airtight food containers that make your dry foods last

Keep your pantry organized and increase the life of your dry foods with these airtight storage containers. This pack comes with seven different-size, BPA-free, plastic containers that store dry foods like cereal and pasta, all with corresponding lids that keep moisture out and your foods extra-fresh.

27. These super long charging cables that you’ll want in every room

If you’ve got an outlet that’s too far from your bed, couch, or desk, you may want these extra long USB charging cables. This pack of three cables works for Samsung smartphones and some gaming controllers (like Xbox and Playstation), and are all ten feet in length, so you can charge your device and use it from any area of your home.

28. These color-changing smart bulbs to replace your old lightbulbs

Replace your old lightbulbs and give any room a fun, unique touch with these color-changing smart bulbs. You can change the colors of these four bulbs and make them brighter or dimmer by using your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or the Sengled Home app on your smartphone.

29. An outlet extender that accommodates up to six plug-ins

If your home has fewer outlets than you desire, add this outlet extender to any room for four extras. This outlet does it all, with six traditional plug ports, two USB ports, and a nightlight that automatically turns on when it gets dark, you can (safely) plug in and charge all of your electronics in one room.

30. A stained-glass window film for extra privacy when you need it

This stained glass window film is ideal for offices, bathrooms, or any other rooms that you want to keep private from the rest of your home. The film comes in six different sizes and easily clings to any window (no sticky adhesives required), providing a decorative and functional touch to any space.

31. A tiny vacuum cleaner for quick desk clean-ups at the office

Keep your desktop dust, crumb, and pencil shaving-free with this adorable vacuum cleaner. This mini but quick-cleaning and powerful cordless vacuum cleaner will ensure your workspace is mess-free (especially after your lunch break), therefore preventing any harm to your productivity. It also comes in pink, blue, and green.

32. This Bluetooth tracking tile that you can add to your keychain

Never lose your keys or luggage again with this Bluetooth Tile tracking device. This tracker attaches onto your key chain or bag and can be tracked wherever, whenever using the Tile app on your phone, and can even determine the last known location of your lost item when your phone’s out of Bluetooth range.

33. A discrete coffee pod holder for all your favorite K-cups

If your favorite coffee pods are cluttering up your cabinets or drawers, you need this organizer that attaches to the side of your Keurig. This adheres to the side of your coffee maker and can hold up to ten K-cups at a time for easy access when you need to brew your morning pick-me-up.

34. These reusable towels that will have you reducing paper waste in no time

Reduce your paper waste (and save money on paper towels) with these reusable towels. Each towel in this 10-pack is made from organic cotton, making them super absorbent and durable. Just throw them in the wash when they get dirty, and they’ll work better and better after each clean.

35. A slender storage cabinet that’s ideal for cramped bathrooms

Those with tiny bathrooms need this slender cabinet with tons of space to hold essentials like toilet paper and cleaning supplies. This cabinet has two deep shelves, a tissue dispenser, and a surface on top that can be used for storage or decor, and it’s only six inches long.

36. These hangers-within-a-hanger that double your closet storage space

Completely maximize your closet space with this pack of ten unique hangers. These hangers have space within them to keep all of your clothes neatly hung in a vertical fashion (instead of horizontal, although you can use them that way, too), making it easy to properly store your favorite pieces without sacrificing your space.

37. This window sealing tape to keep cold air out

Keep those cold winter drafts from escaping from your window with this window sealing tape. This heavy-duty tape will keep cold air out without ruining your window panes with residue or by taking off the paint, making it easy to peel off once warm weather returns in the spring.

38. A cool mist humidifier that rotates 360 degrees

With cold, dry winter air becoming the norm again, it’s important to keep the indoor air you’re breathing in mind. This humidifier comes equipped with a two-point-two-liter water tank and mists cool vapor all around your room to provide moisture for the air (and help you breathe better).

39. This mug warming device to keep your beverage hot all day

If your morning cup of coffee is your pride and joy, this mug warmer is for you. Rest your mug of coffee, tea, or cocoa on the surface of this device, switch it on, and feel your drink warm up in less than two minutes. It even comes with a light that turns on when your coffee is hot again.

40. A drying rack that unrolls right over your kitchen sink

Normal dish drying racks can take up a ton of counter space, but this roll-up rack fits right over your sink instead. This is perfect for kitchens with minimal counter space (and no dishwasher), providing a space-saving, but wide, surface for drying dishes and preparing foods.

41. This secret under-desk storage to hold all of your office essentials

This hidden, under-desk storage is the perfect way to keep your office or WFH space organized and your desktop clean. These drawers stick to the underside of your desk and can hold writing utensils, documents and files (size A4), and other office supplies for easy access.

42. A wall-mounted toothbrush holder with space for other toiletries

This toothbrush holder is a bathroom necessity for roommates or siblings that share. This device can hold up to nine regular toothbrushes in its dust-free and waterproof holders, and even has compartments on top to accommodate toothpaste, razors, and other toiletries.

43. An organizer that keeps your mess of spare batteries all in one place

If your extra batteries are taking up space in your junk drawer, keep them organized with this clear battery case. This storage case can hold up to 93 batteries of different voltage, with different-sized compartments for each type. It even comes with a battery tester, so you won’t waste your time trying to figure out which ones still work.

44. These spice jars that give “easy access” a whole new meaning

Keep your most-used spices right at arm’s reach with these magnetic spice containers that you can stick right onto your fridge. These three-point-four-ounce tins have clear lids that you can stick spice labels on, making it quick and easy to find whatever spice you need while cooking.

45. A dusting kit that helps you get clean the nooks and crannies you can’t reach

This Swiffer dusting extender set is perfect for those deep-cleaning days in your home, giving you the ability to dust in those hard-to-reach places. This kit comes with 12 fluffy dusters and an extending pole that grows up to three feet, making it easy to clean off ceiling fans and bookcases.

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