50 clever products that have impressed the hell out of thousands of reviewers

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by Christina X. Wood
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Some products are so much better than they should be. When you’re shopping, you can’t believe that this thing you need so badly can cost so little — and not disappoint. And that’s when a boatload of reviews can help you decide. If reviewers say no, it’s easy to move one. But when something seems too good to be true and gets thousands of rave reviews, you almost have to order it just to find out if any of the hype can be true. And that’s what’s in this list: 50 clever products that have impressed the hell out of thousands of reviewers and yet, still, are somehow completely affordable.

This little knife sharpener is a good example. I couldn’t believe that a product so cute and so inexpensive would ever be able to solve a problem as irritating as my eternally dull knives. But it’s less than $10? What did I really have to lose. I clicked buy and my knives have been razor-sharp ever since. Incredible. The same thing happened with these strange, monster-looking drain snakes. I saw. I wondered what I could possibly lose. I ordered. My drains have not slowed down since. Again, when I saw this milk frother, my eyes got squinty and I wondered, “Can that really work?” But, again, what did I have to lose? It was the price of a couple coffees and would let me make my favorite foamy cold-brew at home. It worked like a dream, and I discovered the joy of adding foamed oat milk to my tea. I’m now living my best life.

There’s more like that. There are 50 like that. Which one will impress the hell out of you?

1. This simple, portable coffee press that even connoisseurs love

If you want a single cup of excellent coffee, this is the simple, fast, and portable way to get there. The AeroPress cuts back the bitterness of your brew by keeping brew time short and the water temperature not too hot. The 350 fine microfilters that come with this keep grounds, grit, and sludge out of your cup, and it comes with everything you need to start brewing — except the coffee — and even has a holder for the filters.

2. A bar of steel that removes pungent scents from hands

Some smells are difficult to wash away with soap because their scent molecules cling, stubbornly, to your flesh. This bar of stainless steel is science to the rescue. Those scent molecules bond to stainless steel. So when you rub this bar of it in your hands, the same way you would a bar of soap, it removes those stinky molecules from your skin. Over 12,000 people say it really works — for all kinds of bad smells — and give it five stars.

3. The jump rope with no rope to trip on

Jumping rope is an excellent, take-anywhere and do anytime aerobic workout, but not all of us can master jumping without tripping over the rope. Enter this ropeless jump rope, which lets you jump without breaking the overhead lights, whipping yourself in the shins, or rope-slapping your own face. The memory foam handles are connected to a short length of flexible rope with lightly weighted balls on the end to simulate skipping rope. It’s so easy you might actually do it.

4. This stone on a stick that gets toilets super clean

If your toilet or tub is so stained you’re thinking about replacing it or moving, try this inexpensive and effective cure first. It’s a pumice stone mounted to a handle that you can use to rub away scale build-up, rust, and other stains. It’s gentle on ceramic and tile, yet it quickly removes calcium deposits, limescale, hard water rings, iron deposits, rust stains, and other seemingly impossible-to-clean ugliness. All you do is wet it and scrub the affected area.

5. This weird cleaning gel that gets the crud out of crevices

Instead of burning through a box of cotton swabs (and too much time) trying to clean the tiny crevices in your car’s dash or your computer keyboard, try this cleaning gel. Just press it gently into the crevices or between the keys and pull it out again. It traps and removes all the dirt. You can keep on using it until it turns dark and then throw it away. Almost 15,000 people find this method so superior they rate it five stars.

6. An exfoliating body scrubber long enough to reach everywhere

One side of this exfoliating back scrubber is a soft microfiber that comfortably cleans delicate parts of your body, while the rougher side is perfect for scrubbing your back or feet. It’s long enough to reach your entire body and has handles on either end that make back-scrubbing super easy. It dries between uses to avoid mildew, and goes right into the washer and dryer for cleanup.

7. These blue apples that keep produce fresh longer

Put one of these two weird blue apples in your produce drawer with your lettuce, fruit, and vegetables, and be amazed at how long your fresh produce lasts. Again, this is science in action. Ethylene gas is emitted by many fruits and vegetables, and is what causes produce to ripen and, ultimately, spoil. These blue apples contain a replaceable packet that absorbs ethylene gas so that process gets slowed down. “I'm probably saving hundreds of dollars a year,” says one reviewer, “by not having to throw away my produce before I even get to use it.”

8. The pen that gets teeth whiter overnight

Instead of spending a small fortune at the dentist or sitting around with plastic trays in your mouth, just paint your teeth with this overnight whitening pen, go to bed, and brush in the morning. It’s easy and your teeth will be whiter, according to the over 14,000 five-star reviews. It uses hydrogen peroxide in a paintable gel to remove stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, and other foods, so your teeth look pearly white.

9. This memory foam pillow for your legs

This comfy memory foam pillow is a funky shape because it’s designed to go between your knees, not under your head. Side-sleeping with a pillow that supports the upper leg helps keep your spine in alignment and prevents all sorts of back pain. The contours in the pillow give your legs space and help keep the pillow in place even if you toss and turn. It’s also useful for elevating a foot or leg, and (well-rested) reviewers give it almost 17,000 five-star reviews.

10. A work light that adapts to every situation

This rechargeable LED work light can illuminate every task you take on. The light arm rotates and folds, so you can direct the beam right where you want it. It stands on a flat surface, sticks magnetically to metal, and has a hook to hang it from above, so you can position it perfectly. It also has five brightnesses so you can douse your workspace in blaring light or just shed a beam on what you’re doing. It even has a flash mode so it doubles an emergency alert light (or party trick).

11. This blanket that helps you sleep when you tend to overheat

The bamboo fibers of this lightweight blanket feel cool to the touch, so it’s perfect for helping you cozily sleep when the room is too warm. You can use it alone on hot nights, or in combination with other blankets in cooler weather to create the insulation that suits. The fabric weave is so breathable it lets your body heat escape, and bamboo fabric is legendary for its cooling qualities. This combo makes for the perfect covering for anyone who often wakes up feeling too hot to sleep.

12. A set of adjustable weights that fits ankles & wrists

If you want to add weight training to your everyday activities, these strap-on ankle and wrist weights are an easy way to do so. You can remove the weight bags in one-pound increments to start slow and — as you get stronger — add them back. Choose from a 3- or 5-pound maximum in your choice of five colors. Reviewers give them nearly 8,000 five-star reviews, saying that they’re comfortable, easy to put on, and durable.

13. These copper grill mats for crispy food & cleaner grill

When grilling something that’s been marinated, or is in danger of falling through the grates, lay down one of these copper grill mats first. They’re thin so those crucial grill marks still sear your food right through them, but your marinade or meat juices won’t drip through. This means your food doesn’t dry out and the grill stays clean. They work as cookie-sheet liners, too.

14. A coffee warmer so your beverage is always warm when you sip

This coffee warmer has three heat settings, and the highest one is a balmy 149 degrees, so this is one that can keep your hot beverage just the temperature you like. An easy-touch button turns it on and off, and it looks great on a desk. Set your coffee down upon it and sip as slowly as you like. You’ll find your beverage always hot when it touches your lips. It comes in eight styles, and reviewers give it over 7,000 five-star ratings.

15. This car gap hack so you don’t lose your phone under the seat

If you’ve ever lost your phone or keys under the seat while hurtling down the interstate, you know that something like this clever gap filler can save a lot of pain. This thing is so easy to install and solves the problem permanently. Just insert the seatbelt through the hole, and push it into the gap. It fits so well you’ll forget it’s there. But, when your keys or phone slide out of your pocket, they won’t disappear into the black hole under the seat.

16. A powder supplement that feeds skin & bones

When we’re young, collagen in the body lubricates joints, makes skin more elastic, and creates strong hair. As we age, though, that collagen starts to break down and the body isn’t as good at making more. Adding this collagen supplement in a powder that’s sourced from grass-fed and pasture-raised bovine helps replace it, and that can reduce joint pain and improve skin, nails, and hair. Reviewers love it, and say it works small miracles.

17. These drops that stop wine headaches before they happen

If a glass of wine leaves you with a headache or flushed face, you might be sensitive to the sulfites and tannins within it. These drops neutralize both, so you can drink wine without the side effects. Squeeze a few drops of this (flavorless) solution made from hydrogen peroxide, egg white protein, and sunflower lecithin into your glass and wait 20 seconds. The bottle is small enough to carry with you and has enough to make 55 glasses of wine better to drink.

18. The brain food that helps you stay focused

Ready to unlock some higher-level thinking? This brain-boosting formula contains supplements —sourced from plants and other non-synthetics — like Phosphatidylserine, Acetyl L Carnitine HCL, and L-Tyrosine to juice your brain. There’s also caffeine for energy. The combination is said to unleash higher-level thought processes, release dopamine, and support the nervous system. Reviewers say this stuff works, eliminating brain fog, helping with focus, and bringing motivation to tasks at hand. Over 12,000 people give it five stars.

19. A customizable reading light worn around your neck

When it’s dark but you want to read — or do some plumbing, knitting, or any task that requires light — don this neck light and illuminate just what you need to see. There are three light colors — yellow, warm white, and cool white — so you can choose the one that suits. The gooseneck arms let you aim the two LED bulbs directly where you need. Each has its own brightness controls. It’s so functional and handy that almost 44,000 people rate it five stars.

20. The affordable hand cream that heals & moisturizes

People are gushing about how effective this inexpensive cream is for recovering hands that are washed too often, or are dry, cracked, and painful. The three-ounce size is easy to keep in a pocket or bag, the scent is light, and it doesn’t leave hands greasy and useless after applying. The protection and moisturizing even survive through a few hand washings. This is a two pack so you can keep one handy and apply it often for hands that feel better.

21. An oil made from milk & honey that transforms cuticles

Let a few drops of this rich, cold-pressed honey and milk cuticle oil cure the cracks, tears, and brittleness of skin around your nails. It’s an easy way to improve the look of hands and to strengthen nails and the skin that supports them. “This stuff smells like heaven and is a HUGE bottle for the price,” says one of the nearly 80,000 five-star reviews. “My cuticles were still smooth the next day.”

22. The weird green monsters that keep drains flowing

If you don’t already have these handy hair grabber snakes on hand, you need to get this pack of five STAT. Keep them near the sink and whenever the water starts to slow, insert one into the drain, wiggle around, and pull it out. The barbs grab the hair it encounters, and remove it so you can toss it in the trash. Removing it clears the pipes so water can move quickly again. They’re so simple, affordable, and useful that nearly 11,000 people give them five stars.

23. This simple air sanitizer to get rid of bad smells

Whether it’s cooking smells, the litter box, a laundry area, or another odor that’s annoying, this simple air sanitizer is a helpful solution. Plug it in near the source of the smell, and it does the rest. It pulls air into the chamber and bathes it in UV-C light, which eliminates airborne viruses and germs and reduces volatile organic compounds that cause odors. One reviewer reports, “There is far less kitchen smoke threatening to set off the smoke alarm and grease odor.”

24. A body wash that can heal skin & moisturize skin

When you use this body wash body wash that’s infused with botanical tea tree oil, aloe, eucalyptus and peppermint oils, your skin will benefit — not only from being clean, but also from its healing and deodorizing properties. Tea Tree oil is a fungicide, aloe heals, and eucalyptus refreshes, disinfects, and fights inflammation. Meanwhile, jojoba, coconut, and olive oils moisturize skin to stop itchiness. The result, according to 18,000 five-star reviews, is that it works. People say they smell better, rashes and fungi clear up, and red skin calms down.

25. The comfy pillows that sleep cool & are machine washable

If you sleep hot, tuck these two cooling gel pillows under your head to chill that heated brow. They’re filled with a down-alternative along with a cooling gel, and wrapped in a 250-thread-count, 100% cotton cover. It’s a combination that can go right into the washer and dryer and come out clean and like new. “Hotel quality!” raves one reviewer. “The cool feeling when laying on this pillow is great and I do not sweat and overheat.”

26. These pain-relieving compression bands people love

Reviewers are gushing with praise for these copper-infused foot braces that relieve the pain of fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and other common foot ailments. “I put them on and immediately felt a difference,” says one reviewer. “And that’s from a person who has had foot pain every day for 18 years!” They’re woven from 85% copper-infused nylon, can be worn under shoes and socks, and provide substantial arch support.

27. This gel that removes foot calluses in a few minutes

This callus removing gel is the easiest self-pedicure ever and reviewers love it. Just soak your feet in hot water till they get pruney. Then dry them off, apply this extra strength gel, and wait a few minutes. Wash off the gel, use a pumice if you like, and your new daisy-fresh feet will emerge ready for sandals. Nearly 26,000 people give these five stars, and many of them posted pics of their baby-soft feet.

28. An easy-to-install solution to your draft (or noise) problem

If your power bill is too high, check out the bottom of your entry door. Is there a big gap above the floor? This problem is easy to solve, then. Peel and stick this insulated draft stopper to the bottom of the door and it stops AC or heat from escaping, without affecting door function. It also dampens sound so you don’t have to listen to outside goings-on. It comes in four colors, cuts to fit, and gets 24,000 five-star ratings.

29. These patches that heal blemishes overnight

If there’s a blemish marring your lovely visage, these hydrocolloid patches are an overnight solution. Put one of these whisper-thin bandages over the blemish when you go to bed. While you sleep, their fluid-absorbing gel pulls the gunk out of the blemish, allowing it to heal quickly and gently. The patches have a translucent matte finish and are barely noticeable, so you can also wear them during the day. Almost 58,000 fresh-faced fans rate the little miracle workers five stars.

30. This scalp massager that’s the spa treatment you need

Reviewers are thrilled with the way this scalp massager transforms a shower from daily necessity to pleasurable indulgence. The thick silicone bristles get through even the thickest hair to massage the head, which feels amazing and also exfoliates scalp and increases circulation. Human hair loves this treatment, and people say it reduces flaking and dandruff and makes hair softer and less tangled. This simple product gets five stars in over 60,000 reviews.

31. The liquid hand soap that doesn’t dry out skin

Washing your hands many times a day can lead to painfully dry skin. This lightly scented liquid soap gets hands clean while moisturizing, for cleanliness without chapping. And at this price — for a six-pack of seven-ounce bottles — reviewers sing its praises. “This is a great price for a boatload of hand soap,” says one reviewer, “that is gentle enough to save my hands in dry winter months. If this was the only soap I ever used I wouldn't need a moisturizer.”

32. These smart plugs so your house does your bidding

Instead of getting out of bed to turn on the lights and brew coffee, just call out, “Alexa! Let’s get ready for work!” If you’ve plugged your necessaries into these two smart plugs and created a routine, your AI will happily turn on the lights, start the coffee, and get your day started while you shower. They also work with their own smartphone app, Google Home, and IFTTT so you can make your home smart with the AI you prefer.

33. This handy spray so glasses don’t fog up

When you wear glasses with a mask — or when you wear glasses and the temperature changes drastically — fogged lenses quickly make seeing anything a challenge. Spray glasses with this non-toxic and gentle formula that prevents fogging of polarized, photo-chromatic, polycarbonate, and many of the other materials that reading glasses, sunglasses, and other lenses are made from. It’s great for your swimming goggles and snorkeling mask, too.

34. These flower-shaped hair catchers for your drain

These five flat rubber flowers are pretty, even though their purpose isn’t: They catch all the hair that would otherwise go down the drain and clog it. Just set them over the drain and let the weight of water hold them in place. They’re easy to pick up and clean thanks to a small side tab. They’re a simple, aesthetic, and inexpensive solution to an annoying and potentially costly problem, which is probably why over 14,000 people give them five stars.

35. A vacuum attachment that cleans dryer vents

Sure, you clean the trap when you dry, but that alone doesn’t keep dryers operating at their peak. The long hose of this vacuum cleaner attachment sucks out the accumulation of eons in the space beyond the trap. After clearing, your clothes will dry faster, your dryer will work more efficiently, you’ll save power, and you’ll reduce a potential fire hazard. Use it regularly to keep dryers in tip-top shape for years. Reviewers give it over 11,000 five star ratings.

36. These lights that transform the TV into decorative lighting

The TV is a big element in your room, and it could look better. Peel and stick this strip lighting to the back and make movie night feel almost like a trip to the theater. You can choose from 32 colors and six brightness levels, or set a pulsing light to sync to the soundtrack of what you’re watching. It throws the light scene behind the TV to reduce contrast and improve the viewing experience, and well over 15,000 people love it.

37. The hands-free toilet cleaning method

If the idea of a filthy brush serving as low-key bathroom decor gives you the heeby-jeebies, this disposal system might be for you. (You’re not alone. Nearly 30,000 people are fans of this concept.) The handle and a stack of disposable, cleanser-infused sponges live in a rack, ready for use. Just snap a sponge to the wand, clean the bowl, and press a release button to toss the used sponge. You never have to touch — or coexist with — a dirty toilet brush again.

38. This extra long charger cord for your iPhone

When you need to charge up but still want to use your phone, you’ll be glad to have these two 10-foot long Lightning cables so you don’t have to squat next to the outlet. The cables are reinforced at the connector point so they last longer without fraying, are made from braided nylon wrapped around copper wire, and come in nine color options. They work with all Apple phones and tablets, come in four other lengths, and are more affordable than the ones Apple sells.

39. The knife sharpener that punches well above its price

This little knife sharpener shouldn’t be so awesome for this much money. It takes knives from can’t-cut-a-tomato dull to watch-me-slice-this-with-no-effort sharp with just a few trips through it’s sharpening channels. Use the coarse slot to get a very dull knife into the zone. Then put a crazy edge on that blade with a few swipes in the fine slot. Your knives will always be sharp because it’s so easy to do and always on hand. It comes in four colors.

40. This sinus spray that can help ease congestion

It only takes a few spritzes of this sinus spray to help ease congestion — and since it’s made from a blend of therapeutic essential oils, there’s no need to worry about ingesting any harsh chemicals. Rosemary, eucalyptus, clove, and juniper work together to help you breathe easier. And unlike some congestion aids, this one is completely non-GMO.

41. The fabric bags filled with charcoal that de-stink everything

Hang a few of these charcoal-filled linen bags in your closet, or stash with dirty laundry, inside shoes, above the litter box, in the fridge, and in the car. The micro-porous activated bamboo pulls odors out of the air to make everything smell clean without adding any scent. When they stop working, put them in the sun for a few hours and bring them back to life. Use them for two years. When they’re spent, compost the charcoal.

42. An anti-dandruff shampoo that’s safe for color-treated hair

This anti-dandruff shampoo is effective — with a 1% solution of ketoconazole to stop itching and prevent scalp from flaking — and gentle enough to use on hair that’s been color treated, chemically processed, gone grey, or is otherwise delicate. “After about two to three uses, my dandruff was literally gone!!” says one of the 45,000 five-star reviews. “I wish I’d bought this sooner.”

43. This hand warmer that’s also a high-capacity phone charger

This aircraft-aluminum hand warmer is worth finding room for in your everyday carry. It keep hands warm with three levels of heat that go from 95 degrees up to a toasty 131 at the tap of a button. It heats from both sides so you can warm the interior of your coat by dropping it in a pocket. It’s also a high-capacity battery that will charge any phone and it comes in eight patterns.

44. A weird pink paste that gets things super clean

This weird pink paste is strange to use. Smear it all over your appliances, stove, sink, shower walls, patio furniture, or even the grill. It feels like you’re making an even bigger mess. But when you wipe it off, grime, stains, and filth come right off with it. Your items, once dirty, shine with like-new cleanliness. This stuff is touted by all sorts of cleaning influencers and 78,000 Amazon’s reviewers give it five stars.

45. This bowl spray so your poo smells like lemons

When you know you’re about to... foul the air, and would like to keep nearby humans safe from the experience, spray this citrus-scented toilet spray into the bowl first. It creates a layer on the water’s surface water that traps foul odors beneath, and allows only the smell of lemons to emerge into the room. Almost 121,000 people give it five stars because it works, and saves everyone in the house from the experience of a smelly bathroom.

46. The outlet extender that brings old wiring into the digital age

Bring your power situation into modern times with this outlet extender. It turns that old-school, two-plug outlet into six standard plugs, two USB ports, and a nightlight that comes on when the room is dark and it detects movement. The angled sides let you use all the outlets simultaneously, and reviewers love it. “My 140 year old house has a shortage of outlets in the kitchen,” says one. “This product exceeded my expectations and made my electronic life much simpler.”

47. A headband with built-in speakers so you can listen while you rest (or jog)

Pull on this wireless headphones band while you run or sleep. Two built in headphones connect wirelessly to your phone so you can listen to music, white noise, audiobooks, or meditation audio without cramming earbuds into your ears. The fabric is breathable and it comes in nine colors so you’ll stay cool and look good. The controls are easy to reach and use and over 13,000 people give it five stars.

48. These magic cleaning pads that tidy everything

When a pen mark on the wall or crud caked all over the stove seems impossible to remove, pull out one of these magic cleaning sponges and give it a rub. The mess will come right off like some sort of miracle. That’s why they call these magic. (Though they’re actually melamine foam.) This pack of 20 will last for ages, even as you discover new things to clean with them because they work on everything from leather to chrome.

49. This wine saver that vacuums air out of the bottle

Oxygen and wine have a troubled relationship. After extended time together, the taste of wine takes a tumble. This pump and wine stopper combination helps you keep the rest of that bottle of wine — without the flavor degrading — for up to a week. Just put one in the bottle, pump the top to remove air, then remove the pump. The stopper keeps wine in the bottle, and air out of it. There are four stoppers so you can make it a party.

50. The frother that makes a cafe-worthy morning brew

You don’t have to save foamy, café-cappuccino days for visits to your local barista. Easily add that indulgence to your morning ritual — using whatever milk you prefer, whether dairy, nut, or oat — with this one-button frother. Just submerge the business end into milk, cold, or as it heats on the stove, and hit the button. The tiny whisk spins rapidly, creating a foamy froth. Add coffee. It works quickly, comes with its own stand, and is battery operated.

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