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Decorating your home can be tricky. On one hand, you want to make sure it looks nice — but you also want to make sure you don’t blow through too much money when sprucing it up. Luckily, there are tons of cheap things on Amazon that can make any home look so much cooler.

From sleek wine decanters to silky pillowcases, I’ve made sure to include a variety of affordable items that’ll look good in your home regardless of how you like to decorate. But if you want to see more? You’ll just have to keep scrolling.


The motion-activated light that turns on when you get out of bed

Instead of stumbling around in the dark when you get out of bed at night, let this motion-activated light gently guide the way. It’ll only turn on when you get up — and since it installs underneath your bed, the likelihood of it blinding you when it turns on is incredibly small. Plus, the LED bulbs even have a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours.


A gorgeous wine decanter that works just as good as it looks

With a curved shape that works to aerate vino as you pour it, this decanter doesn’t just look good — it can also help improve the flavor of your red and white wine. It’s made from 100% lead-free crystal glass, bringing a touch of chic to shelves, bars, or even table centerpieces. And if you aren’t into wine? You can still use it to serve water, orange juice, or any other drink.


This precise food scale with more than 4,000 positive reviews

With its ultra-precise sensor, this food scale can measure ingredients in precise graduations of .04 ounces, making it perfect for portioning out your meals. You also have the option of weighing your ingredients in pounds, ounces, grams, as well as milliliters — and each order comes with batteries included.


A chic diffuser that stands out from the crowd

Whereas many diffusers have a clunky plastic exterior, this one features a faux wood grain that makes it look way more expensive than $40. The water tank can produce up to 13 hours of mist, making it great for overnight use — especially since it runs at an ultra-silent level. Plus, there’s even a color-changing LED light around the middle you can use to set a relaxing vibe.


The thermal blanket made from 100% cotton

Not only does this throw blanket have a classic waffle weave, but it’s also made from 100% breathable cotton. The result? You shouldn’t have any trouble snuggling underneath it on cool summer nights as well as on cold winter mornings. Choose from seven colors, ranging from blush pink to deep marigold.


This wireless doorbell that’s *so* easy to install

If your home didn’t come with a doorbell, this wireless one is an affordable option that’s also really easy to install. Simply attach the button to your front door using the included adhesive, then plug the two receivers into regular wall outlets inside your home — that’s all it takes. And since it has a range of up to 1,000 feet, you shouldn’t have any trouble placing the receiver nearly anywhere on your main floor.


A pitcher that lets you make cold brew at home

Buying pre-made cold brew from the store quickly becomes expensive, making this pitcher a cost-effective alternative. Its reusable filter is ultra-fine, ensuring that no loose grounds make their way into your mug — and the tough borosilicate glass won’t crack when exposed to high temperatures. Each order also includes a coffee scoop and funnel.


The floating shelves that fit into corners

Shaped to fit into any 90-degree corner, these floating shelves are the perfect place to store books, display decorations, or even keep your spice collection. They’re made from sturdy MDF, and can hold up to 11 pounds when properly mounted. But if that isn’t enough? You also have the choice of eight finishes, ranging from espresso to rustic blue.


A stainless steel utensil holder that spins 360 degrees

Since this utensil holder can rotate 360 degrees, you shouldn’t have any trouble pulling out stirrers located in the back — just give it a spin so that they’re easier to reach. There are dividers in the middle to help keep utensils from getting tangled together, and the exterior is even made from rust-resistant stainless steel. Choose from five colors.


This sleek faucet with a handy pull-down sprayer

Still using the kitchen faucet that came with your home? Now’s your chance to upgrade, as this sleek one is currently available for less than $55. It’s made from rust-resistant stainless steel, with a pull-down head to help you clean dishes from every angle. And with nine different finishes to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that suits your kitchen.


The glass dispensers that help keep your oils fresh

Not only do the airtight pour spouts that come with these dispensers help keep your oils fresh, but they’re also leakproof — so there’s no need to worry about spills if they get knocked over. The dark glass also helps preserve your oils against UV light degradation, and each order comes with a funnel to help you fill them up.


These sleek dispensers to create an at-home coffee bar

Level up your at-home coffee setup with this set of two chic gold syrup dispensers that come with blank labels. You can transfer store-bought pumpkin spice or vanilla syrup into them — or use them for your own homemade lavender syrup. They also look equally cool in the bathroom for holding hand soap or in the kitchen for dish soap. Aside from gold, you can choose from silver or black.


A cutting board made from gorgeous acacia wood

Whether you’re slicing fruit or preparing charcuterie for happy hour, this acacia wood cutting board is an affordable way to dress up your countertop. With a 12-inch width and an outer groove that catches juice, it’s a good size for chopping veggies and fruit. Because it’s made from acacia wood, the board is designed to hold up against thousands of knife cuts — and the compact size makes it great for kitchens with minimal storage space.


The LED light bars that won’t run up your energy bills

With an ultra-thin design that allows them to fit into tight spaces, these LED light bars are perfect for mounting underneath cabinets, inside of closets, or in nearly any other dark spot in your home. They only need three AA batteries (which are not included) to provide hours’ worth of light, so there’s no need to worry about them running up your energy bills — and each order comes with double-sided tape included.


A bartending kit that comes with all the essentials

Margaritas, martinis, Manhattans — this bartending kit comes with all the tools you’ll need to make hundreds of classic cocktails. Each tool is made from heavy-duty stainless steel, with a matte black finish that’s sure to look good sitting out on your bar. And if you aren’t sure how to make drinks? You also get a set of recipe cards to help get you started.


This bathroom hook that comes in 3 sleek finishes

Need somewhere to hang your scrubbers? Then you’ll definitely want to take a look at this bathroom hook. Two prongs give you room for twice the number of scrubbers or towels — and its chip-resistant finish is made to last in humid environments. Choose from three colors: matte black, gold, or chrome.


The insulated cups that help keep your tea warm

You won’t be stuck having to constantly reheat your tea when sipping from these cups, as their insulated walls help keep your drinks at their ideal temperature. They’re made from thick borosilicate glass, making them exceptionally durable as well as temperature-resistant — and there’s no need to worry about them cracking when exposed to high temperatures.


A dog poop bag dispenser that’s undeniably stylish

There’s no denying that this dog poop bag dispenser looks way nicer than leaving the bag rolls sitting out on a shelf. It mounts to a wall for easy access — and if you install it right next to your front door, it’s way less likely that you’ll forget to grab a few before heading out.


The sleek organizer that can hold up to 50 vinyl records

Instead of hiding your vinyl records away on a shelf, why not put them on display inside of this organizer? The sides are made from shatterproof acrylic, while a solid wood base works to keep all your records safe from tipping over. There’s enough space to store up to 50 vinyls — and assembly only takes a few quick seconds.


An LED backlight that can help reduce eye strain

Watching television in the dark can put strain on your eyes, making this LED backlight a smart buy. It plugs into the USB port on the back of your television, so there’s no need to waste an outlet powering them up. The best part? Each order includes a remote that lets you adjust their color and brightness.


The silky pillowcases that can help reduce bedhead

Cotton pillowcases may feel soft, but these polyester-satin ones create less friction against your hair, helping smooth frizz as well as reduce morning bedhead. The hidden zipper is unlikely to snag on hair — and with dozens of colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble matching them to your current sheets.


These waterproof pathway lights that are powered by the sun

There’s no complicated wiring required when pushing these pathway lights into the ground, as each one features a solar panel built right into the top. They’re able to hold enough power to stay lit for up to 12 hours at night — and since they’re also waterproof, there’s no need to worry about how they’ll fare in wet weather.


The unique flower vases that stand out from the crowd

Not only are these flower vases incredibly unique, but they’re also made from high-quality ceramic for an extra touch of chic. They’re large enough to hold about six flower stems — regardless of whether they’re fresh or faux — and many reviewers wrote about how the ombre color is “gorgeous.”


A stylish table lamp with a built-in dimmer switch

With its sleek curved shape and brushed metal finish, there’s no denying that this table lamp is just as fashionable as it is functional. Three light temperatures let you switch between relaxing and working: white, warm white, or warm yellow. And if it’s ever too bright? Simply use the built-in dimmer switch to adjust it.


This toothbrush holder with tons of space for extras

From skincare bottles to combs, this toothbrush holder has tons of storage space where you can keep all your must-have toiletries. It also features a dispenser that squeezes out the ideal amount of toothpaste, helping prevent waste — and the included mounting adhesive is so strong that it can support up to 11 pounds.


An LED clock with a modern twist

Looking for fun ways to decorate your home or office? This LED clock is right up your alley, as its modern design is sure to turn heads. The large numbers make it easy to read from across the room, while its thin power cable is hardly noticeable — especially if you hide it inside a cable concealer.


These small terrariums that are oh-so adorable

From air plants to succulents, these terrariums are perfect for all sorts of small, low-maintenance greenery. They’re made from real glass, with a gold finish on the metal frames to make them look more expensive than they are. And if you aren’t into plants? You can also use them to store Bobby pins, loose change, or nearly any other small item.


The abstract prints that won’t break the bank

At less than $15. for all six of these prints, you can easily grab multiple sets without breaking the bank. The abstract designs make them unique, while the neutral colors are sure to blend easily with nearly any style — and the high-quality ink used to print them is even fade-resistant.


A knot cushion that’s surprisingly versatile

Whether you’re taking a nap or need some extra lumbar support, this knot cushion has got you covered. The exterior is made from a soft acrylic blend, while the inside is stuffed with soft cotton to help keep you from growing too hot when lying on it. You also have the choice of two sizes, as well as more than 15 colors.


This splashproof speaker that keeps the party going

With a powerful rechargeable battery that can last for up to 10 hours, this Bluetooth speaker won’t tap out until you’re ready to turn it off. The splashproof design makes it perfect for sunny days at the beach, or even simply for jamming out while you’re in the shower. And with a wireless range of up to 100 feet, there’s no need to stick close by its side when streaming music.


A wireless charger made from aviation-grade aluminum

Slim, powerful, and sturdy — this wireless charger hits all the right notes. It’s made from durable aviation-grade aluminum, with built-in protection against electrical spikes to help keep your phone safe from damage. There’s also no need to take your phone out of its case in order for it to work, and the LED indicator light will let you know when it’s properly connected.


The touchless soap dispenser that can help reduce waste

Squeezing an unnecessary amount of soap into your hands can be wasteful — that’s where this dispenser comes into play. The amount of soap it squirts out is adjustable, helping keep waste to a minimum so that you end up saving money over time. And since it’s completely touchless, there’s no need to press down on a grimy pump in order to wash your hands.


A tabletop mirror that can help brighten dark rooms

If your home doesn’t have a ton of natural sunlight, try placing this small mirror across from a window. It’ll help bounce around light, making dark rooms appear brighter without needing to flip a switch — and the irregular frame brings a unique touch wherever you place it. Choose from nine colors, including two LED options.


These bathroom accessory set that looks more expensive than it is

Not only does this bathroom accessory set come in four different colors (marble black/gold, marble white/gold, plain marble white, as well as jet black), but the tough resin material has also been printed to look just like marble — even when you’re looking at it up close. Many reviewers also appreciated how it “looks great” and was “worth the money.”


A toilet paper holder with space for extras

Don’t get caught on the toilet without any paper — just keep a few spare rolls in the bottom of this holder. The weighted base helps keep it from tipping over, while four small feet keep your spare rolls lifted away from any water that might pool underneath post-shower. Plus, there’s even a small shelf on the top where you can stash your phone, wet wipes, and more.


A wall-mounted ball holder that can help organize your garage

Whether you play soccer, volleyball, or basketball, this holder can help open up space in your garage by allowing you to store the balls on a wall instead of in a bin on your floor. It’s made from high-quality metal, making it unlikely that it’ll ever warp — and you even have the choice of two finishes: black or white.


This stand that helps protect your headphones from damage

Leaving your headphones sitting out on your desk can lead to them being accidentally swiped onto the floor, making this stand a smart purchase. Not only can it help protect them from damage, but it also features 10 different lighting modes to help you set the mood when gaming. The best part? There’s even a USB port in the back you can use to charge your headset.


The floating numbers that can help boost your curb appeal

The first impression anyone has of your home is its exterior — so why not install these floating numbers? They’re made from rust-resistant stainless steel, in a large, easy-to-read font that guests shouldn’t have any problem seeing from afar. Many reviewers also raved about how they’re “good quality” and “look great on our house.”


These Himalayan salt lamps that cast a warm, inviting glow

The cozy glow emitted by these salt lamps is perfect for relaxing after a long day, so why not put them in your living and bedroom? They’re made from real salt mined from the Himalayas, and the bases are even made from real wood — not plastic. Plus, their extra-long power cables make them easy to use with distant outlets.

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