Amazon keeps selling out of these 50 weird but genius products with near-perfect reviews

Shoppers love these things, and you will, too.

Written by Allison Bolt
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I love finding things on Amazon that may seem a little weird or slightly quirky, but they’re actually so helpful around the house. Probably the best part about these finds is that when you have people over. Why? They’re bound to point out how fun, on-trend, or adorable it is, and then you get to show off how useful it is.

That’s probably why Amazon keeps selling out of these 50 weird but genius products, and I’ve rounded up all of the rave reviews to let you know just how useful they are.


These cut-resistant gloves to make chopping veggies safer

It’s worth keeping these polyethylene and glass woven gloves in a kitchen drawer because they’re completely cut-resistant for when you’re chopping veggies, filleting fish, or working with tricky equipment like a mandolin. Not only do they offer level five cut resistance, but you can also avoid lingering garlic or onion smells on your hands with these comfortable gloves. After prepping everything for dinner, these food-safe gloves can go in your washing machine.

Reviewer: “Had to buy these to protect my fingers from the mandolin. I like my fingers. Kept losing the tips. Ouch! These are a finger saver! I also have a second pair I use to garden my cacti.”


This comfortable reading light that’s easy to adjust

There are zero annoying clips on this unique reading light because you wear it around your neck instead of snapping it onto your book (and weighing down the entire paperback). You get dimmable LED lights on each side, and you can even change up how warm your reading light is. Just be sure to use the flexible design to adjust this comfy light so you don’t disturb your sleeping partner.

Reviewer: “I absolutely LOVE this reading light! It works so well that I have begun to enjoy reading again. The headset is flexible, the lights on each end can be used together or individually, and each can be adjusted to the color and brightness you prefer. I highly recommend this product and am THRILLED with it. I even plan to send these as gifts.”


This easy-to-clean bacon grease container that filters out food bits

This grease container won’t take up a bunch of space in your kitchen cabinets, and it gives you a spot for extra oil after frying up bacon so you can reuse the delicious drippings for veggies, eggs, sauces, and more later. It’s topped off with a little strainer to get out any chunky bits or small pieces of bacon, and you can even put it in the dishwasher when you’re out of oil.

Reviewer: “Both mom and grandma had one of these when I was growing up so I had to have one too. Perfect for bacon fat, etc. I set it in the fridge and use contents when needed for seasoning greenbeans or making a dressing for wilted salads, etc.”


A solar-powered portable charger that has wireless capabilities

This power bank is going to become your new go-to for outdoor adventures and backyard parties because it’s wireless and can actually recharge with the compact solar panel on top. It works as a wireless and wired charger, too, giving it versatility in case you forgot your charging cables. Pack this waterproof and dust-proof devices for hikes, because it has two flashlights on the front and a little compass built right in.

Reviewer: “Used this charger at the beach to keep my phone charged to play music. Worked perfectly. Fully charged it and set the unit in the sun and had no more issues with a drained phone battery. It has become a "must bring" device for all beach excursions! Love it!”


This slim outlet add-on that lets you power up 2 devices at once

This little fast-acting charger lets you fit two of your USB chargers behind a piece of furniture without bending or breaking the cords. The square design is slim enough to work with whatever furniture is in the way, and it even leaves the top outlet free to stack another one.

Reviewer: “I didn't have any room behind my wall mount tv to plug in the firestick power cable and this worked perfectly for me! Good price and quick delivery. I would certainly purchase this unit again!”


A travel mug with a pour-over filter to avoid a bunch of dishes

This travel coffee mug stands out because it comes with a stainless steel and reusable filter that fits right on top. Simply brew your pour-over in this vacuum-insulated mug before work, so you won’t leave a dirty pour-over set in your sink. After making your morning coffee, simply drink it from the leak-proof lid.

Reviewer: “I use this instead of my coffee maker. Perfect for one person. It keeps the liquid hot as I linger over breakfast instead of getting cold when I pour out a big cup and it gets cold. This mug happily keeps my coffee or tea hot and it is a pleasure to have hot hot while lingering over my breakfast. Buy it!”


A clip-on strainer that saves a ton of cabinet space

Unlike your usual strainer, this clip-on strainer can fit in a small cabinet or even a kitchen drawer. The silicone material bends to fit on pans, pots, or even your bowls to strain extra liquid from freshly-washed fruit. If you use it for pasta, the non-stick design won’t hold onto any pasta noodles when you strain.

Reviewer: “This strainer is so easy to use, and it saves you from having to wash a full strainer, room in the sink and you can leave the pasta (or vegetables) in the pot for adding sauce, butter, etc. I'm very happy with this purchase.”


A gallon water bottle with reminders to stay hydrated

If you can’t stand refilling your water bottle all the time and completely avoid it, this gallon water bottle will be a great addition to your life. There are measurements on the side, so you can tell how much is left (and so you can remember to stay hydrated). There are also two lid options and a built-in handle, so it’s as easy to carry as your small water bottles.

Reviewer: “There is a strap AND a handle for this so it’s easy to carry around. Helps me keep track of my water and love the markers on the side.”


A sturdy car trash can that clips to the door, console, or headrest

This car trash can has a strap to hang it from the back of a seat, but it’s also sturdy enough to hold its shape on the floor of your car. It comes with a bunch of liners, so you won’t have to take out the entire trash can to empty it. There are built-in clips to hold these liners in place, and the actual trash can is waterproof — just in case.

Reviewer: “Kept our car clean during our two week road trip by having all of our trash placed into this little guy. Every snacks wrapper and what not were thrown into this bag and were emptied every time we stopped for gas. My favorite feature is the plastic bag holder clip. It kept the bag inside at all times. We were able to shove water bottles, and other bulky trash without the plastic bag coming off the trash can. No more random trash on the floor of my passenger.”


A splatter screen that has 27,000 five-star reviews

Grab this splatter screen if you can’t stand wiping oil off of the stove during dinner cleanup, because the fine mesh keeps big splashes contained but still allows steam to escape. The stainless steel design is heat-resistant, no matter how high you have the stove, and it has little feet to keep it off the counter when it’s time to stir.

Reviewer: “Very pleased with the quality of this attractive spattershield—stainless steel, very strong, handle is heat-resistant, works great against spatters on all sizes pans and is a good sieve for draining off liquids. Would buy again but so durable I probably won’t have to!”


This waterproof meat thermometer with fast, accurate readings

This digital meat thermometer is waterproof enough to take handle a little bit of rain on grilling night and to easily wash it in the sink. It’s also backlit, so you can clearly and easily see the accurate temperature of your food. It also reads your food’s temperature in just three seconds, which is just as fast as much more expensive models.

Reviewer: “I love this meat thermometer! It is magnetized so I can keep it on my refrigerator and not have to dig around in a drawer to find it. It is fast and digital, so easy to read. You simply flip out the probe, which is long enough to go into a large piece of meat, and it comes on automatically. It is also attractive. What's not to love!”


This super secure shaving apron that’s easy to clean up

Post-shave cleaning will be easier than ever before with this unique beard apron because it catches all of the stray hairs on its slick surface, so you can just sweep hair into the trashcan. It has a comfy fit that’s easy to snap on, while the bottom of it simply suction cups to your mirror. These suction cups also make it easy to remove this apron without spilling a bunch of tiny hairs.

Reviewer: “This is great! No more tiny hairs on the sink anymore! It stays well on the mirror too! My husband loves this and said he was super surprised that it works so well!”


A magnetic pickup tool that can get into hard-to-reach spots

Keep this extendable magnetic pickup tool in your cleaning closet or toolbox because it can reach everything that falls between your stove and countertop, into grates, or even behind your TV, because it can extend to 22.5 inches long. It has a super slim LED flashlight on the end, so you can check gaps or under furniture while you clean.

Reviewer: “This flashlight is great, so nice to have around for times when you need something small and compact rather than a bulky flashlight. The magnet is genius!”


These trimmable LED lights that can change colors

You’ll have to resist lining all of your TVs and cabinets with these LED light strips, because they add such a glowy moment to your home. You can easily bend and trim these lights, so they’re actually easy to add to your TV or behind uniquely-shaped furniture. Plus, they have a remote that allows you to change between 15 different colors for a total vibe.

Reviewer: “This item is great. It lights up behind the TV perfectly and creates an awesome viewing experience and is also very aesthetic.”


These quirky claws to help with prepping ingredients

These quirky meat claws are actually super handy for dinner prep because they make it easy to shred chicken, pork, or whatever barbecue or stew meat you love. The unique claw-shaped design is also perfect for holding things like eggplant or acorn squash in place while you chop up ingredients.

Reviewer: “Easy to use, dishwasher safe on top rack, and continue to find uses for them in the kitchen.”


This rectangular travel pillow that actually feels like a pillow

Swap out all of those annoying U-shaped pillows or uncomfortable inflatable travel pillows with this compact travel pillow. With a soft micro-suede cover, this pillow actually shaped like a pillow and it’s filled with memory foam to make traveling comfier. Despite its plush comfort, it still packs up into a small bag for easy portability.

Reviewer: “I took this pillow on a multi-day camping trip and it really made all the difference when it came to a good nights sleep. It was easy and compact to fold up and pack in my backpack, and was larger than I expected when unfolded and fluffed. So glad I bought this very comfortable pillow!”


A milk frother that looks sleek on your countertop

This milk frother won’t make your coffee setup look super cluttered because it’s seriously compact, and it even comes with a sleek stanless steel stand. Stick it right next to your coffee maker to froth milk for your coffee in just 15 seconds every morning.

Reviewer: “I didn't think this would amount to much because it is so small but this frother tripled the amount of almond milk in just a few seconds. We love making our own specialty coffee with this powerful and easy to clean frother.”


The reusable baking mats that work in the oven, microwave & freezer

This silicone four-pack of baking mats has two smaller mats that are perfect for microwaving ingredients and two that are the perfect size for standard sheetpans. They’re safe to use in the microwave, oven, fridge, freezer, and dishwasher, and their non-stick silicone surface is way easier to clean than trays. Plus, with these, you won’t need cooking spray or parchment paper, which can save you tons of money in the long run.

Reviewer: “Absolutely love these. Much easier than using parchment paper. Made cookies and they came out great. Would highly recommend these.”


This LED black light that will ensure every inch of your home is clean

This black light flashlight might seem like a strange thing to add to your cleaning closet, but it will help you find hidden spills and stains when you clean. It has 68 LED lights, so you can illuminate spots while you walk around with your favorite stain remover.

Reviewer: “I have a dog who's not 100% housebroken, unfortunately. I got this light to show where he's been going when we've not been looking. The good - this light did a great job of highlighting the pee stains in the carpet. The bad? I have a LOT of carpet to clean and learned that my dog is way sneakier than I thought.”


A pancake dispenser that lets you blend your mix right in the bottle

This little dishwasher-safe dispenser helps out with every single step of pancake, cupcake, and even crepe making. It has a blending ball inside, so you can simply shake it instead of mixing up batter in a bowl. Plus, the actual dispenser is made of heat-resistant silicone, so you won’t have to worry about it near your pan.

Reviewer: “My little one wants pancakes ALL the time. This not only made it so easy to toss all the ingredients in the container and mix it up, but it allowed me the ability to store it in the fridge for future use. Love the size, and the molds were good quality as well. All seems high quality. Highly recommend.”


A gentle laptop cleaner that cleans both your keyboard & screen

This compact laptop-cleaning tool has a microfiber pad for your screens built right in and a keyboard brush on the other side, allowing you to sweep off crumbs and get rid of smudges with one single tool. It also comes with a protective cover, and the gentle brush is even retractable to conveniently store it in your desk.

Reviewer: “I’m a DJ and I use this to clean both my laptop and my sound equipment. I’ve been using it so long at this point I would be lost without it. In fact I just ordered a second one cause I have two different bags I use now.”


A stainless steel meat tenderizer that has 2 handy sides

This meat tenderizer might not be something you think about for your kitchen, but it will actually make your chicken, beef, and pork so much more delicious. It has two sides: a tenderizer to break down the fiber of tougher cuts of meat and a pounder to even out thick cuts so that they cook quicker and more evenly.

Reviewer: “Perfect for tenderizing taco meat! Just what I needed, easy to handle when pounding the meats & quick to clean up once done. Solid piece that gets the job done right. I found that the 2 sides were versatile to use while prepping either chicken or steak.”


These car seat hooks that will keep your bags off the floor

These headrest hooks give you the best spot for your tote bag or that oversized water bottle that otherwise never fits in your car. You can clip them to the front of your passenger seat to hold your water bottle or the back to give you plenty of space to hang up to 13 pounds of grocery bags.

Reviewer: “Gone are the days of setting my purse on the seat or floor and having everything spill everywhere. I use these every day and I love them. They’re sturdy, stay in place well, and are not an eye sore. Love them.”


A breakfast sandwich maker that fits all of your go-to ingredients

This breakfast sandwich maker saves you from spending way too much on breakfast, and it won’t take you all morning to prep and cook. It has a three levels of griddles to fit all of your bread, eggs, and go-to add-ons like pre-cooked meats and cheese. Your sandwich will be done in five minutes, and you can go about your morning with a homemade meal.

Reviewer: “This little machine is awesome! It has cooked everything that we have tried to perfection! It is super easy to use and to clean! Wonderful investment!”


These compact clips to organize chargers next to each other

This set of cable clips comes with four different kinds of charger-holding arrangements, from one to five clips, making these suitable for desks, bedside tables, coffee tables, and TV stands. No matter which one you stick to your bedside table with the built-in adhesive on the back, these silicone clips are slim and barely noticeable.

Reviewer: “You get a ton of these for the price, and they work great. So far the adhesive has held up well for them and there are clips for cords of most sizes. Very Handy.”


These laundry bags that help protect your delicates

These mesh laundry bags are large enough to fit a bunch of delicate clothing, so you won’t have to worry about snags, tangles, or tears. The elastic band on the top keeps the zipper secure, even if you wash your favorite sneakers in these lightweight bags.

Reviewer: “This changed my whole view on washing. I put all my delicates in there and they are snags, no bundling and knots. I even wash my sneakers using these. They are really sturdy and the mesh holds great, no tears or rips so far.”


A tablet stand with a 4.8-star average rating

This tablet stand has a slot for your charger at the bottom, so you can prop up your recipe and cook without worrying about your tablet’s battery. You can sit your tablet vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference, too, which makes this a great desk tool. There are even non-slip details, so you won’t have to worry about this budget-friendly stand on your countertop.

Reviewer: “I have had several stages for my iPad and none really worked well. This one is absolutely the best. Very sturdy and flexible. Perfect all around. Highly recommend”


This insulated wine tumbler from a fan-favorite brand

This Yeti wine tumbler has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon. Why? It’s made from durable, double-walled stainless steel, so it won’t shatter if you happen to drop it. That same construction also helps to keep your drink insulated, so that white wine will stay nice and chilled. The sleek design and magentic lid also make this an outdoor wine drinker’s favorite.

Reviewer: “I wanted a stemless wine glass that I didn't have to worry about breaking. Yeti had the perfect option, and with the insulation, it is sweat-proof - an important thing in Florida! And of course, it keeps my wine cooler longer. The surface has a nice, subtle texture to help you keep a grip on it - and to keep me from dropping it! And I love the choice of colors! Basically, it does everything I wanted and I am happy with my purchase!”


These washable dishcloths that feel like durable paper towels

These quick-drying dish cloths have a durable paper towel-like feel with the cellulose and cotton material. That means they’re effective for cleaning all kinds of surfaces like glass, wood, and tile, but you can wash and reuse them over and over again. There’s plenty of texture on one side for scrubbing, which makes these especially durable for deep cleaning days.

Reviewer: “I’ve only had these for a few days and I’d already lost count of how many paper towels I must have saved. They are extremely durable, very absorbent, rinse out easily. You need these! I won’t go without them again.”


A reusable pet fur remover with an easy-to-clean chamber

This reusable pet hair remover has an easy-to-use design, so you can quickly roll it over your sofa every day or anytime you notice a bit too much pet hair on your rug. The hair goes from the nylon roller into the interior chamber, which you can empty with the simple press of a button.

Reviewer: “We love our cats, but are constantly cleaning up the hair they leave behind. In the past, we have bought the sticky rollers with the sheets that tear off. They are annoying and get expensive after a while. This roller stores the hair in a compartment until you are ready to empty it. Just push the button and dump the hair. It picks up amazingly well! Just roll back and forth a couple times and the area is clean. Works well on furniture, curtains, clothes, everything!”


A camping cooker set with insulated & easy-to-carry cups

This miniature cook set is actually perfect for brewing coffee while camping, because it holds 24 ounces and it has a built-in handle for pouring. Two insulated cups fit right inside of this stainless steel set, so it also works for boiling water or making stew, and it’s topped off with a lid to keep everything together.

Reviewer: “The Stanley Adventure Camp Cook set is very well made and perfect for coffee in the morning. The fact that the two cups are included is a great bonus.”


These lightweight packing cubes that keep their shape

Unlike classic packing cubes, these suitcase organizers have plenty of structure to keep their shape while you travel. This structured design also makes it easy to pull them out to pick out your outfit. These water-resistant cubes are also topped off with breathable mesh details on top, and they even come with a laundry bag to keep dirty laundry separated.

Reviewer: “I will never travel without packing cubes again! These made a 12 day trip to South America with only a carry on a breeze. They fit more than I expected, make it so easy to stay organized, and are flexible. I used one to keep all of my electronics / chargers together so they weren’t loose in my personal bag. Best investment for traveling!”


A Nessie-themed ladle that’s actually super functional

Obviously this dishwasher-safe ladle is worth grabbing because of the Loch Ness Monster theme that looks so fun sticking out of a pot of soup. However, this BPA-free, heat-resistant ladle is even better than your usual ladle because it has little feet that let it stand up by itself on your countertop.

Reviewer: “Besides this being a great pasta scoop it makes me smile every time I see it dipping into my pasta pot. Papa Nessie is a great addition to my kitchen. Everyone either smiles or laughs out loud when they see it. Now let's face it, every kitchen can use a few laughs!”


This quick-drying gym & beach towel set that’s so versatile

These microfiber travel towels are so versatile because they’re breathable enough for the gym, big enough for the beach, and quick-drying for any time you need them. They also come with a mesh bag to pack them in a gym bag or carry them on vacation. This three-piece set is also slip-resistant and completely odor-resistant.

Reviewer: “I loved these so much that I gave a friend some for her birthday. They are great to get sand off after the beach (or while on the beach), they even do a great job cleaning my sunglasses. They are lightweight and roll up so they are easy to travel with, and they dry quickly. Highly recommend.”


A kitchen organization set with easy-to-reuse labels

These airtight food storage containers come with reusable chalkboard labels, so you can switch up your favorite snack or the type of rice you buy and change the label to match. It comes with the chalk pen you’ll need to mark all of your groceries (and their expiration date) on these stackable, aesthetically pleasing bins.

Reviewer: “These containers are far better than I imagined. They are very thick and sturdy and super secure. The airtight lock is completely locked, and mine even stayed on when it fell on the floor.”


These grippy oven mitts that you can simply wipe off

These oven mitts might look a bit different with their silicone design, but it actually makes them super easy to wipe off if you spill sauce on them. The silicone is finished off with textured details to easily grip onto sheet trays, and they’ll protect your hands up to 450 degrees. These machine-washable mitts also have comfy quilted sections inside and at the top to protect your arms.

Reviewer: “I was looking for something that was easy to clean, but still provided enough heat resistance to not burn or hurt my hands. These are perfect. I love that they are a little longer so I don’t have to worry about burning my forearms. I would absolutely buy these again in a heartbeat.”


A wireless charger that has 126,000 five-star reviews

The green LED light on the bottom of this wireless charger doesn’t just look high-tech on your bedside table — it will also let you know that your phone is charging correctly. The light goes off after 16 seconds, so you’re not stuck with it illuminating your entire room. This charger works with cases up to 4 millimeters thick and has a non-slip circle to even keep your small AirPods case in place while they charge.

Reviewer: “Easy to set up and so useful! I love being able to just place my phone on it when I get home...I've even plugged it in and used it in my car before...It seems to be compatible with androids and I phones... It's a great little charger!”


A sturdy organizer to easily add shelf storage to your closet

This organizer hangs right on your closet rod to give you a bunch of shelf space for bulky sweaters and towels or pieces that are a bit too delicate to hang up. There are five sturdy shelves with a wire frame and mesh pockets lining each side to tuck cozy beanies, scarves, and sunglasses.

Reviewer: “I bought this because I wanted somewhere to keep my handbags and some folded jeans and sweaters as I have limited shelf space.I am in love with this product. I hang it in my closet and it is also a great divider for my work and casual clothes. I would recommend this to anyone!”


This LED bulb set to add fun colors to every lamp

This LED light bulb set lets you turn all of your lamps to a fun color for movie night or even change them all to different colors. However you set them, there are 12 colors and three brightness levels to choose from on the included remotes. When movie night is over, they have a classic white option, too.

Reviewer: “Love these lights! super easy to use and very colorful. I am looking forward to charging my light colors to match the seasons and game days.”


This airtight glass container set that even works for tiny leftovers

These freezer-safe glass containers come with nine different sizes from 12 to 35 ounces, so you’ll have ones big enough for leftover stew but still have a few that are small enough for that tiny bit of leftover salsa or lemon slices for drinks. No matter which size you’re using, all of these dishwasher-safe containers have clips on the side for an air-tight seal.

Reviewer: “These glass containers are far better than plastic ones that look terrible after using them for a while. They are dishwasher safe and leave no residue as plastic does. You can put the lids in the dishwasher if you remove the rubber that's around the lid, but rather than doing that, I just handwash the lids, easy peasy.”


An extendable phone mount that can stick wherever you need it

This extendable car phone mount is super versatile because it doesn’t have to go on your dashboard if you don’t want it to look cluttered. The suction cup base sticks onto the windshield if that’s more your style. No matter where it goes, you can add or remove your phone with just one press of a button.

Reviewer: “I've bought three different phone mounts for my phone in my car and this has been the only one that doesn't send my phone flying with every turn. Great adhesion and great hold for any size phone. Wish this would have been my first mount!”


This dishwasher-safe ice tray set with 2 useful & trendy shapes

These quirky ice cube trays will seriously elevate the glass of cold brew on your desk every morning. This set comes with oversized cubes and spheres that look aesthetic no matter what drink you pair them with, and the large ice will melt slowly, keeping your drinks from getting watery while still cooling them down. They’re also made of dishwasher-safe silicone, so you won’t dread washing them when you’ve used all of the ice.

Reviewer: “Really happy with my purchase. Use these nearly every day for my iced coffee or occasional adult beverage. They've held up really well and are easy to clean.”


This waterproof bag with versatile carrying straps

Keep this waterproof bag in your car, because it’s perfect for keeping everything dry at the beach or even if it rains on a hike. It has versatile straps, so you can hold it a bunch of different ways and even carry this extra-durable bag like a backpack. It also comes with a clear waterproof bag for your phone, so you can still see notifications.

Reviewer: “We purchased this bag for a recent trip to the beach. The small bag was the perfect size for containing the few valuables we had to take with us (car keys, license, cell phones, etc). It kept the sand & water out and it's also easy to carry when hiking. Great product for keeping valuables dry & safe.”


A smart plug that looks sleek & minimalist on your wall

This smart plug won’t be too bulky on your outlet, because it’s slim enough to take up only one space. When you plug your coffee maker into this sleek plug, you won’t ruin the look of your minimalist countertop, and you can turn it on with Amazon Alexa. It’s a simple smart home solution that works, which is why it has 439,000 five-star reviews.

Reviewer: “These plugs & my laziness go hand in hand. I use them for my floor lamps. My home has a weird layout for light switches, so it’s nice to be able to tell Alexa to turn on the light at night so I can see without having to walk across the room in the dark.”


These mesh grocery bags that also tidy your fridge

These eco-friendly mesh produce bags are helpful on grocery runs, but they’re also perfect for organizing veggies in your fridge. The three different sizes are color-coded, so you can quickly grab the ones you need. Each one has a drawstring, so fruits and veggies won’t roll all over your produce drawer.

Reviewer: “These are great and a must-have for my family now. Easy to use and wash. Much easier to open than those plastic bags at the store and better for the environment.”


This smart watch stand to make your charger look tidy

Not only does this compact stand give you a chic spot to display your smart watch, but it also keeps your charger neatly tucked inside. This minimalist, compact stand is made of gentle silicone that won’t scratch up your watch or your favorite trendy band.

Reviewer: “This is the perfect stand for your Apple Watch charger. It’s easy to set up and use. It has a small ledge that helps support the watch. It was delivered quickly. I’m thinking of getting another to keep in my suitcase. You won’t be disappointed!”


A compact rice cooker that is highly portable

Yes — this rice cooker is tiny, but it actually holds 2 cups, and I promise you’ll find so many uses for it, including making oatmeal, quinoa, pasta, and more. It won’t clutter your kitchen cabinet or take up an entire section of your countertop, and it still comes with a measuring cup and a rice paddle.

Reviewer: “I eat a lot of rice but I am the only one that eats it, so I took a chance buying this in hopes it would be precisely what I needed. It was better than I expected. It makes the perfect amount of rice for one person. I can put the rice and water in it, turn it on, and walk away. The rice comes out perfectly every time. I have no complaints.”


A wireless mouse with a quirky & comfy shape

This unique mouse might look a little quirky on your desk, but it’s only because the unique shape is actually comfortable and ergonomic. It helps out with the pressure on your wrist, and it’s even super quiet every time you click. Plus, it’s completely wireless, so it won’t add to all of the cords and chargers on your desk.

Reviewer: “Great mouse especially for all day/night computer work. I’ve had this mouse for a while now, and I still really prefer using it over any other mouse. Very comfortable and easy to use.”


These dishwasher-safe stove gap covers to make kitchen cleanup easier

These low-profile stove gap covers let you completely avoid cleaning that gross space between the stove and countertop because they catch sauce spills. If you spill a bunch of sauce, you can even put these covers in the dishwasher instead of wasting a bunch of paper towels.

Reviewer: “This product fit perfectly! Easy to install (not really install, just inserted between counter and stove). Will save me weekly clean ups on floor between cabinet and stove. Also, well made!”


This oversized bag to add storage between your car seats

This simple storage bag for your car clips right between your seats and it stops you from tossing your AirPods, phone, bag, and anything else you’re carrying in the passenger seat. If you have pups, it works as a handy barrier, and you can still see them through the mesh design.

Reviewer: “No more sticking my purse in the backseat when I have a passenger with me and no more worries that my purse will fly off the front seat onto the floor!Easy to attach to the headrests and extra space for other essentials.Great for road-trips and for those who love to be organized!”

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