Amazon keeps selling out of these genius things that you've probably never heard of

And they’ll make your life so much easier.

by Christina X. Wood
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The internet is a wonderful invention. Aside from work and socialization, it’s also a great way to learn how to get through life easier. Apparently, everyone on the internet has discovered a better way to de-fur the couch, a brilliant way to take notes, and so much more.

In fact, Amazon is full of so many genius products that achieve tasks like those, and you might not have ever heard of them. Take, for instance, the blanket that’s designed to cool you down — and even the mini vacuum for your desk. And did I mention the alarm clock that projects the time on your wall? Because that’s out there, too. Genius.

So when I tell you that Amazon keeps selling out of these products, I am also telling you that these are those solutions. Hurry while they are still in stock.


An easy phone mount that holds your phone still

This clever air-vent phone mount is designed to be super easy to get your phone in and out of. It clips firmly to your car’s air vent, gives your phone a ledge to rest on, and grabs it from the sides to hold it still. The grippy silicone surface adds to the security and the mechanism that holds your phone is easy to operate one-handed.


A 6-pack of soaps to target every skin-care concern

Think soap is just soap? Think again. This six-pack of bar soap includes formulations that’ll target specific areas of concern. For example, the black coffee soap exfoliates rough skin, the charcoal soap detoxifies pores, and the African black soap infuses skin with moisture. Made from organic ingredients, each bar is triple-milled for long-lasting power.


This strip light that turns your TV into a theater

It’s so simple to turn your TV experience into one that’s much closer to that of a movie theater with these LED TV backlights that have amassed over 8,000 five-star reviews on Amazon because people absolutely love the results. It turns your TV into ambient lighting, which lessens the contrast your eyes have to handle when viewing and that makes your movies look so much better. “This is an amazing piece of technology,” said one reviewer. “I recommend this no matter what TV you have no matter how far you sit from it.”


The waterproof mattress protector that doesn’t feel like plastic

This mattress protector keeps your mattress safe from everything that could possibly destroy it: bugs, liquids, and bacteria. And it does it without making you feel like you are sleeping on plastic wrap because the top layer is a breathable, cotton terry while the underlayer is a membrane that keeps anything trapped in that absorbent cotton layer from getting to the mattress.


A vacuum cleaner you can keep in the car

Instead of dragging the big house vacuum cleaner to the car on car-cleaning day, keep this car vacuum cleaner in there and clean up accidents right when they happen. (That way you never have to schedule another car-cleaning day.) It’s powered by the lighter port, has attachments designed to clean all the small and strange spaces in a car, and packs neatly away into a zip-up case you can toss in the trunk.


This 2-pack of tactical flashlights for camping or emergencies

Stock up on high-quality, high-powered, and versatile flashlights with this two-pack of tactical flashlights that go easily from a wide beam to a narrow one, have an easy-to-push-on button, and are waterproof. These are nearly indestructible. They come with a wrist strap and belt holster, too.


The forensic response to unwanted pet odors

When the dog makes a naughty mistake on your rugs or furniture, it’s essential that you locate ground zero for that odor in order to clean it up fully and get rid of the smell. This pet odor eliminator kit is the trick to doing that quickly and efficiently. The black light targets the urine with forensic accuracy so that the odor-eliminating solution can work its advanced magic to eliminate that bad smell and replace it with a nice one.


The little brush that gets fur off your furniture fast

When the cat decides that the corner of the couch or that comfy armchair is the perfect place for a nap, it usually leaves a coating of fur on that spot, making it unfriendly to black-trousered human use. This pet-hair removing brush can fix that. Just run it back and forth over the fur-laden area and it sweeps it into a chamber above the handle. Just empty it and keep going — no tape or other hassles involved.


A wireless doorbell that’s fun & easy

Installing a doorbell is super easy if you choose this doorbell by SadoTech. The doorbell kit includes a transmitter button that simultaneously triggers 2 chime units, both of which can be set to different rings. Speaking of sound, this doorbell has over 50 to choose from. It’s also waterproof and weatherproof.


The floating shelves that upgrade any wall

Add visual interest to any blank wall with these floating shelves that can be mounted with the included hardware. Featuring a unique criss-cross design, they’re great for displaying framed photos, vases, or mementos. Choose from finishes like gray, white, and light natural wood.


This case that solves all your battery storage problems

Keeping batteries on hand can be an irritating challenge if you use traditional methods. But this clear battery storage case turns that chore into a science. It holds 78 batteries of various sizes and you can see at a glance what you have and what you need. Not sure if that battery is too old? Touch it to the tester to get a power supply report.


The bug trap that solves your fruit fly problem

Get the upper hand on those fruit flies that are harassing you in your own kitchen by plugging in this clever indoor insect trap that looks like a lamp. First, those flies are lured close by that tempting (for a bug) UV light. Once close, a wind current too strong for them to fight pulls them into the chamber. Once inside, they finally get to rest — on a sticky pad they cannot escape. And then? It’s curtains. You just change that pad once in a while.


This slim, RFID blocking wallet with easy-access features

Whip out your cash and cards in style with this slim, faux leather wallet that’s earned over 101,000 ratings on Amazon. It features an easy-access pocket on the outside for your most used cards, a convenient money clip on the inside, and RFID protection. The bi-fold design has 11 pockets for cards and comes in 14 colors and styles to choose from.


A collection of silicone straws you can use again and again

You don’t have to accept that disposable plastic straws are inevitable. You care about turtles (and everyone in the ocean) so you pull out one of your reusable silicone straws when a cold, iced beverage lands in front of you. They are greener than plastic and a much better experience than the paper ones that melt in your mouth. These 10 silicone bendy straws come in a carry case with a cleaning brush.


An electric skillet that lets you cook without a stove

Want to make breakfast on the patio? Or want to keep food hot in the dining room during a holiday dinner? You can do it with this electric ceramic skillet that plugs into any wall outlet, allowing you to roast, fry, sauté, steam, and keep food warm no matter where you are. The copper surface provides even heat retention and the nonstick coating makes cleanup a breeze.


A grease container so you can reuse bacon fat

If you like to save the bacon grease for making popcorn, frying an egg, or in other dishes, toss the old tin can you inherited from your grandfather and upgrade to this purpose-built bacon grease container with a strainer. The strainer gets the small pieces of bacon out of the fat to avoid burning and other problems and the lid keeps it safe while you store it.


This ear and nose hair trimmer that makes grooming so quick and easy

Banish pesky hairs from your ears, nose, and more with this handy trimmer. The waterproof design is easy to clean and features dual-edge blades that safely trim hairs without pulling. Many reviewers love the powerful and quiet design, with one reviewer writing, “I have purchased quite a few nose hair trimmers in the past & so far this one has been the best.”


This big luggage tag with your initial on it

When all those identical bags come rolling off the baggage carousel, yours will be so easy to spot because it will have your initial in a huge, neon letter on this flexible rubber luggage tag. You can hide your actual name and address inside in case your bag gets lost. Attaching the tag to any bag is easy using the screw-on steel loop.


A simple trick for managing the dishwasher

End the confusion around whether the dishes in your dishwasher are clean or dirty with this simple magnetic clean/dirty sign. Just stick it to the front of the dishwasher. When you put dirty dishes in there, flip it to dirty. When you run it, flip it to clean. Everyone will be on the same page. It comes with a stick-on metal plate so you can use it even if your dishwasher doesn’t attract magnets.


A scratch-off map of the world to keep track of your travels

Just back from a trip? Scratch that destination and its flag off this scratch-off world map and create a visual record of how much of the world you have set foot in. Next time you travel, your colorful map will expand and the plain brown one will get a bit smaller. You can see the patterns of your travel and use the big, glossy map as an inspiring piece of wall art.


These faux candles with a realistic flicker and a remote

Set the mood with these faux candles that feature a realistic flickering flame and come with a convenient remote that lets you control the brightness, flickering, and timers from afar. There’s even a 24-hour cycling timer that’ll turn them on and off at the same time each day — perfect for evening relaxation. Each candle uses three AAA batteries.


A handheld vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning up small messes a breeze

Dust and other debris are no match for this mini vacuum cleaner that picks up dirt from desks, countertops, tables, and more. It boasts a cordless design that’s roughly 3 inches wide, turns on with the push of a button, and stores dust and dirt in a compartment under the lid. One reviewer even wrote, “This is my absolute favorite office item.”


A pack of warm and fuzzy socks

Add some soft and cozy wool socks to your collection and keep your feet nice and warm throughout the cooler months. The thick yet breathable wool fabric has plenty of stretch and uses fine wool fibers for extra softness. Choose from seven color and style options, including some cool striped and checkered designs.


These Apple AirTags that keep track of everything

Attach an Apple AirTag to your keys, headphones, wallet, or anything else you don’t want to lose and it will locate that thing for you wherever it is in the world. It will show you where the AirTag is on a map on your phone — with amazing precision if you have the right phone and your lost item is nearby — and lead you to it. If that item is too far away to track, the Find My network will still alert you if someone finds it.


This projection alarm clock so you can see the time without getting up

Instead of sitting up in bed to look at the bright letters of your alarm clock, let this projection alarm clock do all the work. Set the projector to display the time on the wall or ceiling — in three brightness levels — so you can stay prone, cracking your bleary eyes only enough to know if you have to get up. It has a built-in phone charger, too, to help tidy up the bedside table.


These cleaning tabs that remove odors and build-up from your washer

If you’ve noticed a not-so-fresh odor coming from your washing machine (or simply want to give it a good cleaning), grab a box of these cleaning tabs that have earned over 140,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. The citrus-scented formula works to remove grime and residue from both front and top-loading machines and can be used monthly to keep your machine fresh.


This lightweight blanket that keeps you cool

Mostly we are accustomed to pulling a blanket over us because we are cold but when it’s hot out, the desire to be covered doesn’t go away, even if the need for heat does. Pull this cooling blanket over you and it will provide the coverage and comfort you want while offering two sides of cooling texture so you don’t overheat. Mica nylon is infused with Japanese cold fiber to accomplish this wonder. Summer will no longer impede your need to sleep.


A glow-in-the-dark cover for your Firestick remote

Hunting around in the dark looking for a remote you can’t see is a thing of the past. This two-pack of glow-in-the-dark covers for your Firestick remote solves it by being easy to find in the dark. They also protect your remote from popcorn-butter-covered fingers and unscheduled floor drops while leaving all the important controls exposed for easy use. There are lots of color choices.


This reusable notebook that uses an app to upload your notes

This notebook might just be the last one you’ll ever need. The reusable design features 36 dotted pages and comes with an erasable pen and microfiber cleaning towel so you can use each page many times over. Want to save your notes? The free Rocketbook app uploads your pages to the cloud so you can keep them forever.


The storage solution for loaves of bread

This clever bread dispenser and storage container is brilliant at keeping a loaf of bread fresh — not smashed — and ready to eat. Just put the bagged loaf into the container and it seals it in while protecting it. As you eat the bread, you pull the bag over the edges so that it always has an airtight seal and you always have a ready slice.


A quick egg cooker that cuts down on clean-up

Reduce your clean-up and make quick and easy eggs of all styles with this Dash egg cooker. With a six-egg capacity, this quick-heating unit comes with accessories to make hard-boiled, poached, and scrambled eggs faster than ever, and it even converts to a flat-top for omelets.


The antiperspirant wipes that provide 7 days of clinical protection

If you’re looking to block excessive sweat, these antiperspirant wipes provide clinical protection for up to seven days. (Seriously, you only need to swipe them under your arms once every seven days.) The doctor-created wipes are individually packaged, so they’re easy to take on the go. One reviewer wrote, “This stuff was a MIRACLE FOR ME. No other way to say it. Dry for 7+ days. Wow. Just wow.”


This nifty tool that helps you make the bed easily

Struggling to get sheets onto a heavy mattress is a thing of the past. All you need is the right tool — this mattress lifter — to make it easy. Slide the angled mattress lifter under the mattress to lift and hold it while you wrap the sheets around that corner. Then move to the next corner and do the same. No more broken nails or swearing.


A memory foam neck pillow that helps relieve tension

Help release tension in your upper back and neck with this cervical neck pillow. The dip in the middle helps cradle your head while gently stretching and elongating your neck to relieve stiffness and pain. The firm memory foam pillow has a soft and breathable cotton case, and one reviewer wrote, “Game changer [...] My neck pain and shoulder tightness are drastically reduced!!”


This body shaver that can be used on wet or dry skin

According to reviewers, the baKblade body shaver is a “must-have” — not only because it can be used on wet or dry skin, but because it also helps reach places (such as your back) that can be difficult to shave with a standard razor. The ergonomic handle and patented Dryglide blades help you get a smooth shave every time. Two blade cartridges are included.


This lap desk with a built-in mouse pad & phone slot

When the couch is your home office, you need this lap desk to stay efficient. The two cushions on the bottom make it stable and easy on your lap. The built-in mouse pad means you don’t have to struggle with your mouse. A perfectly placed lip keeps your computer from sliding around. And a slot holds your phone at the perfect viewing angle. It’s no surprise the WFH crew gives this pick over 32,000 five-star ratings.


The jar opener that can open them all — big or small

Install this genius jar opener to the underside of a cabinet and you will never have to beg someone to help you open a jar again. Just push the jar lid into the grippy triangle until it stops and turn the jar. You can use both hands for doing the turning while the gripper holds the lid so you don’t hurt your hands or struggle. It’s super easy to open even the largest jars.


This tool that helps you clean your Bluetooth earbuds

Every day you stick your earbuds into your ears. But how often do you clean them? This earphone cleaning pen makes it easy to do. There is a soft nub for getting into the battery charger crevices, a tiny cleaning point for reaching into the earbud cavity, and a brush for all the other small areas. Almost 6,000 people say, “Five stars!”


An exfoliating shower towel for smoother skin

For soft and smooth skin, use this convenient exfoliating shower towel in place of your loofah or washcloth for gentle daily exfoliation. Simply add your favorite soap or body wash to create a lather, and let the exfoliating nylon threads do their work as you wash. Then, hang dry and it will be ready for the next day.


A neck shaving guide for straight lines every time

To create barbershop-worthy styles of your own, consider this neckline shaving guide that helps you create straight lines in the back. The nonslip silicone material and sturdy strap help keep the template in place, and one reviewer wrote, “This is a must-buy product if you cut your hair at home. [...] Relative to how much most haircuts cost, it’s a steal.”


A beard-shaping tool for professional results

Shape up and line your beard using this beard-shaping tool. Precisely and accurately achieve different styles using the curved cut or step cut guides and master your technique with the included instructions, free e-book, comb, and lining pencil. Plus, the transparent design makes it easier to find the perfect placement.


This leak-proof travel mug for hot and cold drinks

For the ultimate in leak-proof, spill-proof, and life-proof drinkware, consider this durable travel mug that’s great for both hot and cold beverages. The BPA-free construction is dishwasher-safe, has a 16-ounce capacity, and fits all standard cup holders. Choose from six colors, including black, white, and pink.


These double-sided shower curtain hooks so you can hang a liner, too

When you want to hang both a decorative shower curtain and a shower curtain liner, these double-sided shower curtain rings make that so much easier. There is a hook for each so you can remove one without needing to remove the other, and the balls on the hook that goes over the rod makes it all slide smoothly.


A continuous spray bottle with a plethora of uses

Reviewers write that this continuous spray bottle is the “best sprayer out there” and use it for everything from hairstyling to cleaning and even dog grooming. The plastic bottle holds 10.1 ounces of fluid and sprays a fine, continuous mist for up to two seconds with a single squeeze of the trigger. Plus, at just $7, it’s a steal.


A targeted pickle grabber for reaching into jars

Reaching into a jar of pickles and pulling out a crunchy snack is a lot easier with this pickle pincher in hand. It goes into the wet, vinegary jar and pinches one pickle, bringing it out dripping and ready to eat. It works well on olives, too — and tons of customers wrote that it “works great.”


A water flosser you may actually enjoy using

Make flossing fun (or as fun as it can be) with this cordless water flosser with four flossing heads and power modes to clean deep between teeth. Simply fill the reservoir with water, choose your flossing head, and go to town. The unit is waterproof, lasts 30 days between charges, and has a compact design that’s easy to travel with.


These granite whiskey cubes to keep your glass of liquor cold

These whiskey stones from Mixology & Craft make for the perfect gift— even if it’s for yourself. Made from natural and machine-polished granite, drop one of these six stones into your glass for a chilled beverage that won’t get water-downed. Conveniently store these reusable cocktail ice cubs in your freezer using the included wooden tray.

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