Amazon Keeps Selling Out of These 50 Cool, Cheap Things

Your daily routine’s about to get an exciting upgrade.

Written by Allison Bolt
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Whether they help organize up your home, make your skin look better than ever, or simply solve problems you didn’t even know you had, all of these cool things on Amazon are worth grabbing. They’re all intriguing enough to show up on your feed and cheap enough that Amazon keeps selling out of them, and that’s always a good combo.

Every single one of these cool, cheap things is actually functional around your home, in your car, or as a part of your daily routines. Just make sure to grab them quickly, because these listings won’t last long.


A Minimalist Desk Lamp That Folds Into a Tiny Disk

This bendable desk lamp looks super aesthetic on your desk whether you’re using it or it’s folded up neatly next to your laptop. This USB-rechargeable lamp has a touch design to change the brightness, so there are zero buttons to ruin the sleek look. When it’s time to log off of work, the minimalist white design collapses into a compact disk, which makes it portable enough for nighttime reading.


A Functional Cube-Shaped Power Strip That You’ll Want to Display

This glossy white power strip looks so cool with its compact square design that you won’t even try to hide it on your desk or bedside table. There are outlets on each upward-facing side, and you even get three USB ports and a USB-C port on top to power up your laptop and phone.


A Window & Glass Cleaning Cloth That Only Needs Water to Work

This microfiber cleaning cloth saves you from spending a bunch on glass cleaner or pricey screen-cleaning sprays because it only needs a bit of water to work effectively. It has two unique layers that clean and polish up smudged mirrors, dusty screens, or to dirty windows without streaks.


These Easy-to-Use Foot Peel Masks That Are Way Cheaper Than a Pedicure

These foot peel masks are way cheaper and easier than getting a pedicure or working a pumice stone, because you simply wear these masks around like socks for an hour. After you use these masks with fruit acid extracts, they’ll peel away dead and dry skin for up to two weeks, leaving you with soft, smooth feet.


A Compact Car Vacuum Kit That’s Super Easy to Use

This vacuum cleaner that plugs into your car has over 142,000 five-star reviews on Amazon — and for good reason. It comes with a compact bag for easy storage in your trunk, a brush attachment, a nozzle to fit between seats, a washable filter, and other handy add-ons that allow you to clean every nook and cranny in your vehicle.


A Set of 4 Insulated Wine Glasses With a Sleek Stainless Steel Design

These wine glasses are made of insulated stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking (or your wine getting warm) at your backyard parties. The stemless design is easy to hold and makes this set look even sleeker on your patio table. They’re also easy to clean up after a chilled glass because you can stick them in the dishwasher.


This Sleek LED Meat Thermometer With a Flip-Open Design

This fold-up meat thermometer honestly looks so expensive in your kitchen or with your grilling supplies because it automatically turns on when you flip it open. The waterproof LED screen adds to how sleek this quick-read thermometer looks, and you even get a mini temperature chart built right in so you don’t constantly have to Google “internal temperature of chicken.”


A Waterproof Car Organizer That’s Adjustable for All of Your Clutter

This clip-in trunk trunk organizer takes care of clutter without actually you having to actually sort through all of those scattered reusable bags or clean out spare napkins you’ve collected. It comes with adjustable dividers, so you can fit all of your tools, groceries, and other gear. Best of all, it’s waterproof, which comes in handy for camping stuff or sports equipment.


A Set of Durable Headrest Hooks That Hold Onto Bags & Groceries

You’ll barely notice these compact headrest hooks in your car when you’re not using them, but they’ll come in handy every time you have a ton of grocery bags or a purse you want to keep off the floor. Each one holds up to 44 pounds, so you know these can handle your oversized travel bag, and the clip-on design makes it easy to change up the placement of these durable hooks.


These No-Budge Acne Patches That Are Totally Invisible

These acne patches are so cool because they require barely any effort. Simply pop one on and wear it around for the hydrocolloid formula to take care of all of the annoying redness; they work in about six hours (or overnight). They’ll shrink all of those painful spots without drying out your skin, and they’re clear enough to wear out of the house.


These Reusable, Washable Dishcloths With 2 Scrubby Textures

These reusable and washable dishcloths come as a 10-pack, and trust me, you’ll want to stick these versatile cleaners in every cabinet and next to every sink. The cellulose and cotton design is reversible. One side has scrubbing ridges and the other a diamond texture to clean dirt. When dry, these all-surface cloths are great for scouring; when wet, they’re soft enough for cleaning glass without scratching.


A Glass Plant Mister That Will Make Your Plant Supplies Feel Chic

This plant mister is made of glass, which looks so chic as a decor piece next to all of your plants. The textured glass is super thick, so you can carry it around to all of your humidity-loving plants without worrying about breaking it. The sleek metal-looking top is also made of plastic to avoid any rusting issues.


This Incense That Chases Away Mosquitos

Even if you never light incense to fill your space with groovy scents, you will want to light these mosquito repellent sticks. Just pull one out, stick it into a flower pot or some soil, light it, and let the scent of citronella lemongrass, and rosemary work its magic. You probably enjoy those smells but mosquitos can’t stand them so they will stay away and leave your ankles unstung.


A Brightening Facial Roller That Feels Luxurious

This brightening facial roller is a seriously luxurious skincare tool that will make your skincare routine look like it was done by a professional. It has 540 microneedles and an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to use before all of your favorite serums. No matter what serum you reach for, this roller will help them to soak in and brighten your skin.


These Magnetic Grilling Lights That Are Easy to Set Up

These battery-operated grill lights are easy to set up before you start cooking because they have built-in magnets to stick them on the grill. They also have a bendable gooseneck, and each one is completely weatherproof if you don’t feel like taking these LEDs off of the grill after cooking.


This Gel That Easily Removes Calluses From Your Feet

Get your feet ready for barefoot beach days and summer’s foot-baring sandals with a bit of easy pre-game prep. This callus remover gel works fast to soften hard calluses and corns so that when you take your foot scrubber to them they don’t fight back. In just a few minutes, your feet will be smooth and presentable.


This Mini Emergency Tool That Attaches Onto Your Keychain

This emergency tool is just tk inches long, which makes it so easy to add it to your keychain or tuck it in an easy-to-reach spot in your car. Wherever you put it, it comes with a built-in seatbelt cutter and a window breaker that’s compact but still super strong and a must-have in case of a jammed seatbelt in an emergency.


The Long-Handled Duster For Your Ceiling Fan

Your ceiling fans spend their days spinning through space, collecting dust. When was the last time you climbed up there and wiped that dust off, though? This ceiling fan duster makes that chore so much easier by removing the “climbing up there” part. Just extend the handle to 47 inches and slide the duster over a blade. The fluffy fibers trap the dust top and bottom so none of it rains on your head. The duster works well on flat surfaces, too.


A Vibrant & Trendy Water Bottle That’s Still Practical

This stainless steel water bottle is actually aesthetic enough to pair with all of your trendy workout pieces because it has a minimalist, colorblock design. Of course, this vibrant, 32-ounce bottle is also practical with a leak-proof design with a removable straw, and it keeps your drink ice cold for up to 24 hours.


An Easy-To-Apply Hair Stick That Tames Flyaways

If you deal with unwanted flyaways and baby hairs, this hair wax stick will be your savior. Made with a natural beeswax base and infused with softening, nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, avocado oil, and castor oil, this compact stick leaves your hair soft and shiny, all while taming rogue hairs and giving you a sleek appearance.


This Aesthetic Cube-Shaped Timer For Your Desk or Kitchen

This aesthetic little timer will honestly look like a decor piece in your home, but it will also help you out with productivity. Simply turn on this battery-operated cube and flip it to the number of minutes you want to focus on a task. (Each color has different increments.) Whichever side is facing up on your desk is how long your timer is — which is way easier than pulling out a boring timer on your phone.


These Easy-to-Tilt Headlamps for Nighttime Walks & Garage Work

These headlamps are perfect for nighttime walks with your dog, camping, or working on your car, because you can tilt the LED lights down to focus them and alternate between white and red light. They’re also weather-resistant in case it’s raining, and you can even change up the brightness and strobe settings.


This Clear Stick-On Window Bird Feeder With 2 Different Food Slots

This transparent bird feeder sticks right to your window and comes with two 2-cup slots, so you can fill each one with different food to attract different birds. There are suction cups on the back to stick it to whatever window gives you the best bird-watching spot in your home.


A Quick-Drying Shower Towel for the Easiest Exfoliation

This unique towel is the only washcloth you’ll need in your shower or tub because it lathers up with your favorite soap, and the gentle woven texture exfoliates at the same time. It has an oversized and easy-to-use design — even for those awkward spots on your back — and it dries quickly when you get out of the shower, which keeps it clean and mold-free.


These Super Warm Emergency Ponchos to Keep in Your Car

Stick these emergency ponchos in your car because they’ll give you some serious protection when it unexpectedly rains during your errands. With their tear-resistant design, wearability, and how warm they keep you (saving up to 90% of your body heat), these mylar ponchos also come in handy for camping or if your car unexpectedly breaks down.

  • Available colors: 4


The Versatile Memory Foam Wedge Pillow With 14,000 Five-Star Reviews

This memory foam pillow with a washable cover is perfect for hanging out or even working from home on your couch because it helps out with circulation while you scroll or work. You can rest your legs on the unique shape to make back, knee, and leg pain feel better when you’re lounging. If your legs aren’t the issue, you can also lean on this pillow for comfier reading. Plus, the cover is easy to refresh in the wash, so it always looks nice on your sofa or bed.


A Pen That Cleans Your Grout Fast

Never waste another minute scrubbing your grout and failing to get it clean. Use this grout pen to paint right over that dirty, dingy grout instead. It not only works but it also makes the project feel more like coloring in a big coloring book than a household chore. “It was not only easy, but fun to use,” said one reviewer. “[It] transformed the look of my tile!”


These Drain Covers That Are Easy to Pull Off When They’re Grimy

These drain covers have a unique design that works just like a sticker, so you can completely avoid cleaning up gross hair from your drain. Instead, pull off this durable mesh sticker anytime it gets a little grimy, and swap it with a new one of these waterproof covers.


An Easy-to-Use & Adorable Cheese Grater That’s a Best-Seller on Amazon

Not only does this cheese cheese grater look nice on your countertop with its bright, slightly retro design, but it’s also way easier to use than a classic box grater. Suction it to the counter, pop your go-to block of cheese on top, and choose from three grater inserts. It’s basically zero effort after that with the spinning handle design, which also works to slice and shred veggies.


These Soft Satin Pillowcases That Are Easy to Secure on Your Pillows

These satin pillowcases are obviously a super glossy and aesthetic bedding add-on, but they’ll also be gentle on your skin and hair. These luxurious pillowcases even come with a functional envelope closure, so you can wrap, tuck, and secure the slippery satin fabric around your pillows for a seamless look.


These Under-Bed Storage Bags For Easy Storage

Clean out your closet without paying for storage by tapping all that unused space under your bed with these two underbed storage bags. They can hold your entire shoe collection, all your extra blankets, the holiday decorations, or whatever you want to clear out. The big handles on the side and clear tops make it easy to see and access your stuff.


These Silicone Oven Mitts & Pot Holders That Stay Stain-Free

Swap out all of your stained pot holders, cracked trivets, and thin oven mitts with this matching mitt and pot holder set. Their heat-resistant silicone design works up to 450 degrees, and the oven mitts have a long design that keeps your forearms protected as well. These non-slip, flexible mitts are an Amazon shopper favorite with a 4.8-star rating after over 17,000 reviews.


These Moisturizing Heel Socks That Keep Your Feet Comfy & Cool

These wearable, moisturizing heel socks fit like comfy ankle socks with stretchy cotton fabric, but they’re more breathable because they don’t cover your toes. They have a built-in moisturizing gel that works in conjunction with your favorite cream to help soften painful, cracked heels and look in hydration.


A Pack of Stickers That Help Heal Zits Overnight

These pimple patches are an excellent way to both protect your skin from picking and and germs while also healing a zit. Simply place the hydrocolloid sticker over your blemish and let it sit for several hours. It helps to dry out the zit and you’ll know it’s ready to remove when it turns white.


These Washable Liners That Make Cleaning Your Oven a Breeze

These oven liners are washable and reusable, and their glossy black finish honestly looks more professional in your kitchen than tinfoil. You can even trim these nonstick sheets to use them in smaller appliances like your air fryer, which makes cleanup a breeze compared to all of the elbow grease you’d need to otherwise clean your appliances.


A Double Grow Light That You Simply Clip on the Table

If your houseplant is a little dramatic about lighting, this red and white LED grow light supplies noon-like lighting for ideal indoor conditions. Clip it on, and you’ll instantly have two bendable lights, so you can group a few grumpy plants together underneath. They also have a timer option and even dimmer buttons built in, in case these grow lights are making your space a bit too bright.


A Set of Rug Grippers That Help Things Lay Flat

Why settle for curled up, messy looking carpets and runners when you can use these rug corner grippers instead? Each pack contains four grippers which adhere to the under side of your rug, ensuring they won’t slide around thanks to the grippy traction. They’re easy to lift when you need to clean underneath, too.


This Set of Stick-On Bulbs That Adds Custom Lighting to Any Space

Get sophisticated backlighting nearly anywhere you want it with this pack of stick-on lights. The set comes with three LED bulbs plus the mounting tape and screws needed to install them. It even includes a helpful remote that allows you to power them on, set them on a timer, and even adjust the brightness level.


A Fur-Removing Lint Roller That’s Easy to Clean & Reuse

This fur remover is such a win for that never-ending chore of vacuuming up all of the pet fur on your sofa or their favorite chair. It’s wrapped in fur-grabbing nylon fabric to pull hair right up and into a secure container. After you’ve rolled every fur-covered spot in your home and your clothes, it’s easy to pop the container open and toss the fur.


These 24-Karat Gold Eye Masks That Help With Dark Circles & Puffiness

You won’t forget your under-eye brightening step because these eye masks are so fun to wear with their glittery 24-karat gold-infused design. They come in individual packs, so you can carry these shimmery masks with you or even stick a few in the fridge for a soothing and de-puffing moment that makes you look wide awake — even when you’re super tired.


These Roll-Up Compression Bags That Save More Space Than Packing Cubes

These transparent compression bags will be so compact in your suitcase that classic packing cubes will be a thing of the past. You won’t need a vacuum or one of those tiny pumps either, because you simply add your clothes and roll up these bags to press all of the air out, saving you up to 80% of the space.


This Net Organizer to Keep the Front of Your Car Tidy

Stretch this clip-on car net right between your two front seats, and you won’t have to stuff everything in your cluttered middle console or stick your phone in the cupholder. It’s large enough to hang onto your phone, your bag, or even a bag of snacks when you’re running a bunch of errands. A bonus of this easy-to-adjust car net — it also keeps your pup in the backseat.


The Hands-Free Strainer That Attaches to Your Pot

Why juggle pots and traditional colanders when you can simple attach this snap-on pot strainer and pour out your pot with one hand instead? Made from flexible silicone, this strainer can expand or contract to fit multiple pot sizes. Plus, it takes up less space in cabinets than traditional strainers, too.

  • Available colors: 4


A Transparent Shower Liner That Protects Your Curtain

Add an extra layer of water protection with this clear plastic shower liner. Not only does it help prevent soap scum and other stains, it also comes fitted with weighted magnets at the bottom to help it lie smoothly. Plus, it’s made without BPA, chloride, or phthalates. Snag one in several different sizes dimensions.

  • Available colors: 13


A Lightweight Foam Roller With a Versatile & Massaging Design

This foam roller is covered in a gentle massaging texture that will feel amazing after a long gym session. The high-density foam is durable enough for stretching, massaging your muscles after a workout, or even to use as a tool during your workout. If you’re not sure how to start, this lightweight piece comes with a handy guide.


An Insulated Water Bottle with Multiple Ways to Drink

If you’re serious about hydration, you’re going to want to check out this insulated water bottle. Made from stainless steel, its lid opens with the push of a button and reveals both a straw for sipping and an open mouth for chugging. The insulation can help chill beverages all day long, too.

  • Available colors: 14


These Rechargeable Bug Zappers With a Bug-Finding LED Light

Trust me — you will love that these rechargeable bug zappers come in a two-pack because you’ll find yourself using them all over your home. They have an oversized face and plenty of safety mesh, so you can zap every annoying fly or creepy spider without zapping your fingers. You can even turn on the LED light to find an annoying bug in the dark.


This Car Mount That Automatically Clips to Your Phone

This suction cup mount makes it so quick for you to get your phone set up right when you get in the car because it automatically clips around your phone. It has a slim button on the front, so the back of your phone hits the button to tighten the phone-holding clips. It also comes with a sturdy telescopic arm to pull out and pivot for the perfect angle.


This Easy-to-Install Wireless Doorbell That Looks Modern & Expensive

This wireless doorbell comes with classic installation hardware or some seriously durable all-weather tape to pop it on your door with zero effort. The compact, minimalist receiver simply plugs into outlets in your home (wherever you’ll hear them the most), and you can choose between volume options and over 50 different doorbell sounds.


A Pack of Eco-Friendly Laundry Sheets That Cuts Down on Plastic

If you’re looking to reduce your plastic consumption, consider these laundry detergent sheets that can tackle up to 60 loads with just 30 sheets. They’re biodegradable and come in plastic-free packaging, too. Because the formula is hypoallergenic, it’s even safe to use on sensitive skin, too.

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