Amazon keeps selling out of these 50 clever things that make your life at home so much better

Catch them while you can.

by Christina X. Wood

When a product is so good people tell everyone they know about it — and it’s so affordable that most can afford to buy it — that product tends to sell out. That product will also tend to get terrific reviews, which only encourages the selling-out situation. When a product trends, briefly, it could be simply because of a fad or rumor. But when it continuously sells out, when the seller just can’t keep up with demand, it’s probably because that product helps people accomplish something that all of us need to do. Add to that formula a price tag that’s hard to resist, and you have a bonafide winner. This list is chock-full of them. Behold, 50 clever things that Amazon keeps selling out of that make your life at home so much better.

Whether you need something to help smooth friction between you and your pet, a new way to enjoy a healthy and relaxing evening at home, some affordable beauty in your space, or a better way to organize and clean your chaotic dwelling, you will find it in this list. There is everything from beautiful bedding to kitchen tools to genius storage solutions.

You better hurry up, though. These items are selling out fast.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

1. A glass teapot with integrated stainless steel infuser

Watch your tea brew through the durable borosilicate glass of this beautiful teapot. A stainless steel infuser fits neatly into the opening so you can brew loose tea without finding leaves in your cup. The heat-resistant glass is safe for stovetop use. And the large handle and elegant spout make pouring tea easy and comfortable.

2. This genius kit for getting rid of pet smells

This orange-scented pet stink eliminator kit finds the source of the smell your fur baby made and completely eliminates it. The UV light built into the spray top shows you precisely where your pet did the deed so you can hit the source of the smell accurately with the precision sprayer. Angry Orange spray uses orange oil to eliminate odors, replacing stink with the delightful smell of citrus.

3. A weighted blanket that won’t make you overheat

This weighted blanket is great for creating a sensation of relaxation and comfort to promote deep sleep. It is filled with glass microbeads — balanced amid the multilayer quilted sections for even distribution — that make it heavy. But it’s also breathable and cooling so you don’t overheat. It comes in seven colors and 13 weight and size options, so you can get the right experience for your body and needs.

4. A mortar & pestle to elevate culinary creations

Whether you want to whip up a quick guacamole, crush some peppercorns, make nut pastes, or create a curry with hot peppers and spices, this heavy-duty stone mortar and pestle will get it done. It looks attractive enough to serve the dips you created inside it and holds four cups. Just rinse it to clean.

5. This lightweight neck fan to cool you off wherever you go

When it’s hot, this wearable neck fan will drop the temperature in your personal space by as much as 20 degrees so you can keep going without wilting. It’s rechargeable and light so it’s easy to wear. Just press a button, choose from the three fan speeds, and it pulls in ambient air to create exactly the cool breeze you need around your neck and face.

6. A portable lap desk so you can comfortably work wherever you are

If you find yourself working in hotel lobbies, airplanes, on couches, and from cafes, tuck this portable lap desk into your computer bag so you can always find a comfortable position (and a place to put your mouse). The anti-skid surface keeps laptops from slipping, while grippy strips underneath keep the thing on your lap. It dissipates laptop heat away from your body or surfaces and has a slide-out shelf on either side for a mouse, phone, or a notepad.

7. This pour-over coffee maker for tasty joe the go

This stainless steel vacuum-insulated coffee mug with a reusable steel coffee filter makes it super easy to brew fresh pour-over coffee wherever you go. Just fill the cone with coffee, add hot water, and... go. Your fresh-brewed cuppa will stay hot for hours. And the locking lid won’t leak but is easy to drink from.

8. These super-soft bamboo sheets in stunning colors

If you’re looking to add a bit of luxury and color to the bedroom without the luxury prices, these microfiber and bamboo sheets are deliciously soft and come in a selection of beautiful colors. Choose from rich hues spanning bold purple to muted olive to fresh white. The brushed microfiber is 40 percent bamboo rayon and 60 percent microfiber for a high-thread-count sheet that feels expensive but isn’t.

9. A set of 20 wooden hangers for an easy closet update

An organized, uniform closet makes choosing an outfit an every day pleasure — standardizing things with a set of 20 solid wood hangers helps. There is a notch to keep clothes from sliding off, the chrome hook swivels 360 degrees, and the pants hanger is rounded so garments slide on and don’t crease. They come in six closet-friendly colors.

10. This beard straightener brush that uses heat to calm wild whiskers

When whiskers are an untamable mess and you’re about to give up on looking groomed, pull out this beard straightener, plug it in, and gently tame that wild thing with heat. A few gentle strokes with this ceramic heat brush straightens, calms, and lasts all day. It comes with a wooden comb for quick touch-ups and has 12 levels of heat to suit your beard’s needs.

11. This full-spectrum mood light to help guide circadian rhythms to a happy place

If you spend too much time indoors, your body probably doesn’t get the bright, full-spectrum light it needs to regulate circadian rhythms. This can lead to feeling tired when you want to be awake and being unable to sleep when you need to. This full-spectrum, 10,000 LUX lamp helps bring sunlight to wherever you are, to treat afternoon slumps and sleeplessness with light therapy. Reviewers note being pleasantly shocked by how much this uplifts their moods.

12. A big pack of clips that handily stick to the fridge

Stick everything from grocery lists to greeting cards to kid art and love notes to your fridge with this 12-pack of magnetic clips. The magnets are strong enough to handle bumps and fridge-door openings and the clips are stainless steel. Over 8,000 people gave these five stars.

13. This curved blade that chops salad & herbs fast

If you love a chopped salad, this two-bladed curved cutter mounted to a big, round handle is the trick to making them at home. Just fill a bowl with everything from greens to veggies to meat and cheese and have at it with the double blades. Within seconds, you will have beautifully chopped items ready to enhance the dish of your choice.

14. A corkscrew & bottle stopper for a smooth wine experience from start to finish

This easy-to-use wine opener helps take the struggle out of getting a wine bottle open. And it will take care of beer and soda bottles, too, because there’s a bottle opener built into the handle. Just set the base on the top of a bottle, turn the handle until the corkscrew descends into the cork, and depress the arms to remove it. You can save leftover wine for later with the included wine stopper.

15. A milk frother for yummy coffee drinks at home

When you are craving a foamy cappuccino or café au lait, you don’t have to go out. Just pull out this stainless steel frother, whip up some foamy milk of your choice, and enjoy your favorite cafe coffee (or up-leved hot chocolate) at home. It has two speeds, a steel whisk, and will also mix powders into smoothies, matcha tea, or salad dressing.

16. The rechargeable reading light that clips to your book

When you want to read, knit, or work on a computer without disturbing anyone by turning on a lamp, clip this reading light to your book or task. You can choose from three light settings to suit what you’re doing. White, daylight-colored light is great for projects that require focus. An amber light lets you read without making it impossible to sleep afterward.

17. These weird dishcloths that are halfway between a sponge & towel

These cellulose and cotton dishcloths are like the hybrid offspring of a hand towel and a sponge. They are flexible and washable like a towel, but absorbent and quick-drying like a sponge. That makes them the perfect kitchen tool because they clean up messes quickly, hold water and soap when washing dishes, wring dry, and go into the laundry for easy cleanup and reuse.

18. This big pizza paddle with a folding handle for easy storage

When you make pizza at home, you need a way to get a big pie in and out of the oven — but most pizza peels are so large you have nowhere to store them, unless your kitchen is huge. This big pizza paddle is big enough to lift your large pizza, and the handle folds away when you’re done so you can store it in a cupboard. It’s made of stainless steel and the handle stays cool to the touch.

19. These moth traps so your clothes don't get eaten

If you notice moths in your closet or your clothes have holes and you don’t know how they got there, you might have a moth problem. Hang this cardboard trap in your closet and let the moths eat it instead of your expensive sweaters. It emits an attractant that’s odorless to humans but that tempts moths into the trap where they get stuck. This has seven traps, and each one will last three months.

20. A fresh pasta maker that is beautiful & functional

When you have this pasta machine in your kitchen, making fresh pasta becomes super easy. Just mix up some dough and put it in the press, set the thickness you want, and turn the handle. It will turn out spaghetti, fettuccine, linguini, and even lasagne when you turn the crank. It comes with a clamp to mount it to your counter and has all the cutter attachments you need.

21. This microfiber mop system that makes easy work of cleaning floors

The long aluminum alloy handle of this mop system has a swiveling head so it will go under furniture, sneak into corners, and handle stairs. And it comes with four reusable microfiber mop heads so you can grab a new mop head every time you clean without filling the landfill with flimsy, disposable mop pads. You can use them dry for dusting floors or wet for mopping and toss them in the laundry when they get dirty.

22. An elegant cutting board nice enough to serve from

This large cutting board will give you plenty of room to work, and may become a statement piece in your kitchen. It’s crafted from Acacia wood, an inch thick, and is gorgeous. “The weight of the board, the beauty of the wood, the craftsmanship... everything about this cutting board is perfect,” said one reviewer. “I had been looking for a long time and cutting boards were so expensive. I found this and took a chance. I didn’t expect it to be as nice as it is.”

23. A ceramic pizza stone for better crusts at home

Homemade (or frozen) pizza doesn’t get really good till you cook it on a pizza stone, and this one is a terrific choice. It’s made from ceramic so it heats up faster than stone, yet it creates a perfect, crispy crust. The burn-resistant, non-stick coating makes getting your pie on and off of it easy, and prevents smoking so it won’t change the flavor of your pizza. It’s easy to clean, too.

24. This 10-piece mixology set in a chic wooden stand

Upgrade your bar with this gorgeous mixology kit that comes with everything a good bartender needs, all stored in a beautiful, water-resistant wooden stand. There’s a 24-ounce stainless steel shaker, tongs, two pourers for your booze bottles, a two-ounce jigger, a strainer, a long stirring spoon, a muddler, and a corkscrew. Choose from mahogany or bamboo stands and from four finishes of metal.

25. A complete resistance band set that’s like a home gym in a bag

This 12-piece resistance band set is all you need to get in shape in very little space. There are five bands in color-coded resistance levels, with the equivalent weight printed right on the side. The weights go from five to 25 pounds and you can also combine them to increase the load. It comes with a door anchor, padded ankle strap, two wrist straps, two handles, and a storage bag. An easy carabiner system connects the bands to the handles and straps.

26. A weekly planner that sticks on the fridge for all to see

Whether you’re working from home and want to get organized, or are looking for a way to share meal, chore, or activity plans with your family, this magnetic weekly planner whiteboard will be super handy. There’s plenty of room for each day, along with a notes section below. It comes with four colorful, fine-tip markers so you can color code. And it wipes off cleanly at the end of the week so you can start again.

27. This silicone straw & cleaner set so you don’t have to use plastic

Straws are awesome. But tossing them after one use isn’t. This 20-pack of silicone straws in a bag is the solution. The food-grade silicone, bendy straws are soft on your teeth, come with a cleaning brush, and are easy to bring along in the included carrying bag. They are sized to work well with everything from soda cups in a restaurant to your 20-ounce travel tumbler.

28. A microwave popper for custom popcorn snacks

This silicone popcorn popper solves everything about making popcorn at home (or work). It makes a plentiful serving of freshly-popped corn, using your own kernels and oil, in just a couple of minutes. You don’t have to buy prefilled bags, hack your own paper bag solution, or dirty a pan. The silicone won’t break the way glass poppers do and it goes easily in the dishwasher for cleanup. It comes in 17 colors.

29. The honey dispenser that’s clean & fast & looks like a hive

This acrylic honey dispenser is engineered to make getting honey into your tea or meal fast and easy, with none of the slow-to-pour irritation of standard containers (and it’s also cute). Honey exits the hive-shaped dispenser from the bottom, so it’s always primed and ready to pour. Just pull the trigger to release the honey and let go to stop it. There are no drips. Keep it in the matching stand so it’s always at hand.

30. A charging station for all your phones & tablets

If you have a few gadgets, the outlets and surfaces in your home can be quickly overwhelmed by charging wires and gear. This 6-port charging station gives you one central place to put them all, and takes up only one outlet and has a small footprint. It comes with seven short cables, has adjustable dividers so phones stand on their side, and works for Apple or Android gadgets as well as cameras.

31. These clear bins that make your fridge & pantry soothingly tidy

Where there is chaos in your fridge and pantry, these clear bins bring order. Use them to store produce, condiments, and soda cans to save space and prevent things from getting lost in the back. There are six bins altogether — two wide ones for meat and produce, two narrow ones that are perfect for cans or small condiments, one that holds eggs, and a drink dispenser made for soda cans.

32. This simple trick for maximizing the space in your closet

This 6-pack of closet organizers effectively expands your closet’s hanging capacity. First, hang the organizers from the closet rod in the horizontal position and load them with shirts, pants, or skirts. Then shift them to the vertical position, and those garments will all hang in about the same space previously required for one item. They are thick and durable, and the hook rotates 360 degrees.

33. These posh candles with earthy, woodsy scents

If you like a scented candle but aren’t so keen on sugary, flowery, or baked goods scents, this long-burning soy candle is sure to be more your speed. It comes in a black jar to suit a modern decor and smells of bergamot, sandalwood, and leather to create a delightfully woodsy cabin scent in your home. There are other scents in the line, too, and all of them evoke the woods, fireside, or a leather-furnished den.

34. A storage ottoman that neatly hides your clutter in plain sight

This clever storage ottoman makes a great entry bench, coffee table, or seat at the end of the bed. The linen cover — in a choice of three colors — looks great, is easy to assemble, and hides away 80 liters of your spare bedding, shoes, toys, or whatever clutter you have trouble storing. Installation is as easy as opening a box and reviewers (there are well over 7,000 five-star reviews) say it holds tons of clutter.

35. These cable clips that bring order to cord chaos

Instead of letting snarls of charging cables and computer cords rule your desk or bedside table, make them stay where you want them with this 16-pack of variously sized cable clips. There are two five-channel clips to take on your entertainment center or desk, and an assortment of three, two, and one channel clips for all your other use cases. They are peel-and-stick easy to install, and get almost 32,000 five-star reviews.

36. This adjustable rack that efficiently stores the baking pans

Your cookie sheets, muffin pans, pizza pan, and baking dishes do not have to live in an irritating and space-hogging jumble in the cupboard. This adjustable rack stands them on end and brings them to order. It makes it easy to find and remove the pan you want and saves space. Rubber feet keep it from slipping, and the separators can be easily moved to accommodate pans of different sizes.

37. This over-the-door organizer with windows

Hang this over-the-door organizer anywhere there’s a door and use it to store cleaning supplies, underwear, baby supplies, or anything you need to keep within easy reach. The big pockets have clear windows so you can see what’s in them, it comes in nine sizes and colors, and it requires no hardware to install. Just hook it over the door.

38. The clever phone mount you can wear

The bendable gooseneck loop that forms the base of this phone stand is so versatile that you can wear it around your neck, stand it on a table, loop it to a tree or the steering wheel, or anything you can think up. It holds the shape you set, clips firmly to your phone, fits most phones, and comes in black or white.

39. The handy note board & phone stand that attaches to your monitor

This handy note board and phone stand turns the side of your monitor into a terrific place to leave yourself reminders, clip notes you want to type up, and store your phone so you can glance at it easily while you work. There’s a clip at the top to hold papers, a stretch of clear plastic that’s perfect for sticky notes, and a lip at the bottom — complete with a charger-cable port — that’s the perfect spot for your phone.

40. A compact shelf that elevates under-sink storage

This compact, double-tiered unit is sized to fit perfectly under the kitchen sink to bring order to the disorder often found there. It’s made from an attractive material and is also perfect right out in the open on a counter to hold spices or coffee supplies. There are two hooks for sponges or hot mitts and it comes in black or white.

41. An organizer for all the coffee & tea supplies

Make coffee breaks easier by organizing the necessary supplies in this efficient condiment organizer. Whether you set it up in the break room at work or in the kitchen at home, it brings two levels of tidy organizing cubbies to the counter. There are 11 compartments altogether that are sized for tea bags, coffee cups, sugar packs, and creamers.

42. This slipcover that protects & refreshes your couch

Whether your couch is brand new and you want to protect it from the pets and kids, or it’s looking tired and you don’t want to spring for a new one, this stretchy slipcover is ready to help. It’s super soft and easy to install. Just stretch it over the couch, line up the clearly labeled parts of the cover with the indicated parts of your couch, and insert guides to hold it in place. You can easily launder it and it comes in 37 colors.

43. These adjustable, tiered shelves that make the best spice rack

Whatever room you have on your counter or in your cupboards for a spice rack, this clever adjustable shelf system will accommodate. The shelves slide together or apart to fit the width of your space, or you can split them up and put a shelf on either side of the stove. They are made from bamboo and metal — in white or black — so they look elegant wherever you put them.

44. These thin cleaning gloves that protect hands & preserve dexterity

Pull these super-thin PVC gloves on to wash dishes, clean the house, or do any work that might damage hands or nails. They are thin and unlined, so they won’t contribute to dropping things or lost dexterity. You can even operate a touch-screen with them on. And, they’re long enough to keep water from leaking in. This is three pairs and they come in four colors.

45. A stainless steel bar that gets bad smells off your skin

After you handle fish, garlic, or other strong-smelling foods, getting the scent off your hands is a challenge. This bar of “soap” made of stainless steel is the strange solution. The scent molecules actually bind to the metal so, even though it doesn’t lather or contain any soap, it effectively removes those molecules from your skin, leaving you free of the smell. Keep one by the sink. It lasts forever.

46. A snazzy shower liner that doesn’t billow

When you turn on the shower, hot water creates a draft that pulls lesser shower curtains into your space so you have to fight with damp plastic while covered in soap. This shower curtain liner is nice enough to stand on its own, and has heavy-duty stones — not feeble magnets — sewn into the hem. This makes it stay where you want it so you can enjoy a shower in peace. Almost 56,000 people gave this experience five stars.

47. A splash guard so you can wash dishes without getting wet

This colorful kitchen sink guard does more than bring a pop of color to your sink area, it protects your clothes as you wash the dishes. Just suction it to the area between the water and your front and let it take the splashes dealt out by large pans and sprayback. You can leave it where it is when done or use the cutout to hang it dry. It comes in five colors.

48. This mini cast-iron skillet for tasty little treats

This tiny cast-iron skillet is perfect for melting butter, cooking a single egg, or making individual-sized desserts. It’s just like the larger — excellent — Lodge skillets in that it heats evenly and retains heat well, but it’s tiny and adorable. It would make a great ramekin or dip server and looks great with your cast-iron skillet collection.

49. These satin pillowcases that help you wake up without bed head

Not only are these soft, satin pillowcases beautiful, but they are easy on your skin and hair. They don’t absorb the moisture away from your skin, pull out your hair, or rough up delicate facial skin as you sleep because they are slick and soft. They come in 22 gorgeous colors to enhance your bedroom, too.

50. These beeswax-covered cloths that are a step up from plastic wrap

Plastic wrap is not only difficult to use, it’s hard on the planet, what with the single-use. These three pieces of beeswax-covered cotton cloth — in three sizes — are pleasant to use and can be reused over and over again. They save your wallet and the planet. Use the warmth of your hand to seal containers, wrap sandwiches, and cover anything. The wax melts enough to grip and then stays that way. It comes in four fun patterns and nearly 5,000 reviewers rated them five stars.

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