This Beautiful Chronograph Watch Is an Amazing Early Black Friday Deal

We've selected a great one so you can stop shopping around. 


There might be nothing better than a beautiful Chronograph watch. After all, it’s a classic design of a wristwatch combined with a stop watch. First invented in 1816 it’s been around for over 200 years. Leave it to a company that’s been around less than five to create a Chronograph worthy of this article.

The Armogan St. Louis Chronograph gets its name from Charles Lindberg’s New York - Paris flight. This watch is everything you want from a design that is as classic as watches themselves are:

  • It’s got a soft leather band which makes it not only stylish but adaptable. This isn’t a watch for suits or jeans, it’s a watch for any occasion.
  • It’s got a slim case design. That means that it’s never going to feel like you’re dragging a kitchen clock around with you. It’ll be a highlight but not the centerpiece of your look.
  • It’s also durable. It’s water resistant, with a five year watch battery and a two year warranty you’re looking at a watch that’s going to be well worth the price you spend.

Armogan St. Louis Chronograph


If price matters to you then this might be the best part. While it normally retails at $225.00 you can now get this beautiful watch on sale for 20% off. That means this piece will run you under $200 dollars.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a nice looking watch and the Armogan St. Louis Chronograph is proof of that.

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