50 Things for Your Home Trending on Amazon That Are Sick as Hell

There’s a reason these things are selling fast.

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Ready to give your house some love? Or maybe you’re happy with the furniture, but what about the little things? Those things that bring real comfort, charm, personality, and organization to your space. Luckily, there are so many hidden gems that can transform your home. From heating vent attachments that direct the air away from you to a charging station for all of your technology, these 50 things for your home are trending on Amazon because they are sick as hell.


This Hack For Your TV That Will Blow Your Mind

Take 10 minutes and transform the look of your TV or gaming rig with this TV backlight strip. It’s easy to install — just peel, stick, and plug it into a USB port — but makes an enormous difference to the visuals. By illuminating the wall behind the screen, it reduces contrast allowing your eyes to see more color and richer blacks. “You want some sick lights for [your] gamer setup? This is it,” said one reviewer. “Overall 11/10 epic.”


These Air Deflectors For The Heating Vents

When the heat or AC vent blows right in your face or overheats your workspace or bedroom, stick this magnetic heat and air deflector to the vent and redirect it away from you. The size adjusts to fit the vents you have and, once installed, it’s nearly invisible. This is a two-pack.


This Dryer Vent Cleaner That Attaches To The Vacuum Cleaner

You will be shocked at how much lint is jamming up the works in your dryer vents once you get done with this vent cleaner hose kit that attaches to the vacuum cleaner. The long hose reaches deep into the vents, behind the dryer, and into the lint trap to pull it all out. Your dryer will work more efficiently afterward and there will be less risk of fire.


This Clever Splash Guard To Keep The Sink Edge Dry

Keep the area around your faucet dry — even if you want to set wet sponges and scrubbers there — with this silicone splash guard. It wraps around the faucet, is waterproof, and sends the water it catches back into the sink. It comes in four colors.


This 5-Piece Shower Storage System

If the chaos in your shower is out of control, this shower caddy will bring order. There are five pieces — two big shelves, a smaller vertical storage unit, and two soap dishes with hooks — to hold everything from shampoo and conditioner to sponges, razors, grooming tools, and soap. “These are very sturdy, the adhesive is super strong, and the actual caddy is large [enough] to put even the biggest bottles of shampoo & body wash!” said one reviewer.


These Clever Drawer Dividers

These drawer dividers let you create exactly the storage space you need in your drawers and they install in seconds. Simple peel and stick the ends to the inside of your drawers. This is a pack of eight so you can customize all your drawers. “Used these in kitchen and they are great!” said one reviewer.


The Hangers That Can Handle Pants

If you want to keep pants in the closet with all your other clothes, hanging them on a hanger can be irritating. These trouser hangers make it easy. They are open at one end so you can slide the fold of the pants over them. Your trousers will be wrinkle-free and easy to find. “They make my pants take up less space, stay on the hangers well, and make the closet look much neater and more organized!” said one reviewer.


The Counter Tray That Moves Your Appliances Around

This rolling appliance tray makes it easy to drag the blender, mixer, coffee machine, or other appliances out from under the cupboards and into reach. Press down to activate the wheels and your appliance slides smoothly forward. Otherwise, it remains still so you can work with the appliance right on the tray. It comes in four colors and three sizes.


A Pair Of Comfy Pillows

With a cotton cover and a filling composed of half hollow fiber and half gel fiber microfiber, these hotel collection bed pillows are soft and plump to support your head without giving you a crick in your neck. They are machine washable, too, so you can clean them thoroughly whenever the mood strikes. They come in four colors.


The Caulk Tape You Will Use Everywhere

This caulk tape fixes so many problems around the house: That disintegrating trim around the bath, the space next to the stove, or the gaping maw next to a toilet that was inaccurately installed. Just peel and stick it where you need a gap filled, a leak sealed, or an aesthetic update. It comes in five colors.


A Kitchen Sink Tray That Protects Your Countertops

Protect your countertop from slime formed by drippy soap and moist sponges with this silicone tray. Easy to clean by hand or popping it into the dishwasher, it’s narrow enough to sit next to your faucet. Made of food-grade silicone, it keeps your counter organized and gunk-free.


The Pet Hair Remover That The Internet Loves

Clean up unwanted pet hair with this pet hair roller. It's the ultimate tool for efficient dog and cat hair removal from furniture, carpets, and more. Unlike traditional lint rollers, it's reusable and eco-friendly. Keep your spaces purr-fectly fur-free effortlessly.


This Electric Can Opener That Is So Easy To Use

This handy little gadget is the last can opener you'll ever need. It runs on four AA batteries (not included) and works with the touch of a button for easy, hands-free can opening. It’s great for kitchen enthusiasts, and a helpful tool for those with grip challenges or arthritis.


An Odor-Absorbing Deodorizer For Your Fridge

This refrigerator deodorizer neutralizes odors at the source, ensuring your fridge stays fresh and your food lasts longer. With a service life of up to 10 years, it's an eco-friendly choice. More effective than baking soda or activated carbon, it requires no power, leaving no pollution. Made from durable stainless steel, both convenient and elegant.


The Utensil Rest For Serious Cooks

This silicone utensil rest is the countertop protection system for serious cooks. It doesn’t hold only one tasting spoon, it can handle your spatula, spoon, whisk, basting brush, and ladle all at once and it catches all the spillage. Toss it into the dishwasher with everything else when the meal is ready. It comes in 19 colors and two sizes and, if you cook often, consider getting more than one so there is always at least one next to the stove.


A Safe Place For Your Oven

Protect yourself from those nasty arm burns that happen when you put something into the oven or take it out again! These silicone oven rack shields install onto the oven racks so you don’t have to wear ultra-long oven mitts or risk injury. They snap on easily, come in three colors, are simple to cut to size, and are easy to wash.


These Colorful Heat-Resistant Spatulas For All Your Baking Needs

Withstanding heat up to 480°F, these silicone spatulas won't melt or warp. The smooth, bendable heads are gentle on cookware, perfect for precise tasks, and the comfortable grip with a textured handle prevents slippage. This variety pack includes large and small spatulas, a spoonula, and a jar scraper, suitable for frying pans, mixing bowls, and more.


This Set Of Nesting Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

These elegant stainless steel mixing bowls come in five sizes, making them versatile for various kitchen tasks. They are easy to clean and resist absorbing odors, stains, and tastes. Lightweight yet durable, they are freezer and dishwasher safe. The ergonomic design with wide rolled rims allows for drip-free pouring and a secure grip.


An Update For Your TP Holder

Replace your old-school toilet paper holder with this one that has a shelf for your phone and you will prevent countless smartphone drownings. Or use it to stash some wipes, decor, or room scent in a handy place if your bathroom has adequate places to set down your belongings. It installs with adhesive and comes in five styles.


This Stackable Shelving For Storing Your Favorite Water Bottles

Don’t let your water bottles roll around in the cupboard — get this stackable water bottle organizer. It can hold various-sized water bottles, energy drinks, and other 32-ounce containers. These stackable shelves can each hold three drink containers and are stable, preventing bottles from rolling. They are suitable for kitchens, pantries, dining rooms, and even small spaces like apartments and campers.


A Lighted House Number So People Can Actually Find Your House

Make it easy for delivery people to find your home by hanging this lighted house number plaque on the front of it. The numbers are 3.5 inches tall and a light shines on them so they are visible in dark and rainy weather. The plaque is zero maintenance, though, because the light is solar-powered. It lights up at dusk and turns off when the battery runs out, charging again when the sun comes up.


A Shelf For The Top Of Your Stove

Turn that otherwise useless space over the back of your stove into a handy place to set spices, oils, and essential cooking tools by sticking this magnetic shelf to the top of that appliance. It has a clever lip that makes it seem integrated into your kitchen and comes in three colors. “I got sick and tired of things falling behind my stove because there was a gap between it and the wall behind,” said one reviewer. “This is the perfect size, holds quite a bit, sturdy, and literally required ZERO assembly!”


This Solution For Water Bottle Lid Chaos

Put a permanent end to that messy pile of lids to all your thermal coffee tumblers and water bottles with this tumbler lid organizer. All the lids stack on it so you can see each one and find the one you need at a glance. Store it in a cupboard or make it part of your dish drying rack so you never have to hunt the kitchen again for the right lid.


The Shower Head That Filters Your Water

Your limp hair and ailing skin might have nothing to do with the soaps you use or your diet. It could be the water that falls on you during every shower. This shower head with a filter removes the metals, chlorine, sediment, scale, and more from your water so you bathe only in clean, sweet-smelling water. “Since using this filtered shower head I am no longer experiencing breakouts and my skin is looking much healthier,” said one reviewer.


This Bidet That Will Change Your Life

Ready to upgrade your life? Install this bidet attachment under the toilet seat and you will wonder how you ever survived before. Every trip the to bathroom can include a refreshing, targeted nether shower that makes toilet paper seem positively medieval. “I feel like I've just stepped out of the dark ages,” said one reviewer.


The Fix For Slippery Stairs

Make that dangerous flight of slippery stairs safe again with this transparent anti-slip tape. The textured tape provides traction without being too rough for bare feet. And it’s super easy to install. Just stick it directly to the wood, tile, or other slippery surface. “This grip tape works beautifully!!” said one reviewer. “I highly recommend it for dogs as well as people. It was so easy to use and very durable.”


A Clever Way To Store Power Strips & Cords At Your Desk

Keep all your wires, power strips, and power bricks orderly and off the floor by putting them in this under desk cable management tray that clamps onto your desk. The vents allow for airflow to keep those power sources cool and it comes with five cord wraps to keep everything contained.


This Trick For Getting A Better Wi-Fi Signal

Why is the signal always weak right in the place you most need it to be reliable? Not to fret. Simply plug in this Wi-Fi extender and amplify that signal right where you want it. It’s simple to install, throws the Wi-Fi signal you already have up to 1,200 feet further, and gets 55,000 five-star reviews.


The Wall Extender With Every Port You Need

Turn one outlet into a powerhouse with this wall outlet extender that has five standard plugs and four USB plugs, including one USB-C port. The standard plugs are distanced nicely from each other so you can use them all. “This gives me everything I wanted and things I didn’t know I needed!!” said one reviewer.


This Stainless Steel Lazy Susan For Maximizing Shelf Space

This super-strong lazy susan organizer is perfect for storing and organizing spices, condiments, and more. With a 360-degree turntable design, it's easy to access items from any side. Crafted from brushed stainless steel to prevent stains and fingerprints, it’s a practical and stylish addition to your home. Use it in your kitchen cabinet, on the countertop, or as a centerpiece for fruits and more.


This Container That Keeps All Your Storage Lids Organized

Always find the right lid for your Tupperware using this container lid organizer. With five adjustable dividers, it can accommodate various shapes and sizes of lids, keeping them upright and accessible. The built-in handles make it easy to grab and slide the organizer when needed. No tools are required for setup; just add dividers and load your lids for quick and convenient organization. Made to fit standard cabinets and drawers, it's constructed from high-quality, easy-to-clean, BPA-free plastic.


A Drain Protector That Catches Hair Before It Messes Up Your Plumbing

Say goodbye to clogged tub drains with this innovative drain protector. It effortlessly traps human and pet hair, preventing costly plumbing issues without disrupting water flow. Unlike unsightly plugs, it fits neatly inside the drain, concealing collected hair. Cleanup is a breeze; just wipe it off. Protect your pipes and the environment without harsh chemicals.


An Absorbent Mat For Your Coffee Bar

Keep your countertop pristine with this versatile and absorbent mat. The surface conceals stains, while super absorbent diatomite instantly tackles spills. It's easy to clean, dries quickly, and features a durable rubber backing to prevent seepage. This versatile mat isn't just for coffee—it's also perfect for drying dishes and cups in the kitchen, bar, or bathroom.


These Colorful Refrigerator Mats

Add a pop of color to the interior of your fridge to make staring in there hunting for snacks more enjoyable. These refrigerator liners are easy to install and colorful. They also make cleaning the fridge so much easier since they are easy to wipe or remove for a thorough rinse. They soften the surfaces, too, so fruits and vegetables don’t sit on cold glass.


A Magnetic Paper Towel Holder You Can Stick Anywhere

Mount a roll of paper towels anywhere you have a metal surface, the fridge, microwave, tool chest, the BBQ, with this magnetic paper towel holder. It’s smooth and elegant, comes in five colors, and boasts powerful magnets that will hold your towels firmly in place. “This was a game changer for me in my tiny kitchen,” said one reviewer.


A Charging Station For All Your EDC Tech

Get rid of the chaos that comes with having a complete daily tech rig by giving it all a place to call home and recharge. This wireless charger has a place to charge two phones — Apple or Android — an Apple Watch, AirPods, and more. The phone stand rotates and has three different charging plugs and the wireless charging pad supports MagSafe.


These Non-Slip Velvet Hangers For Streamlining Your Closet

These sleek black velvet sweater hangers feature non-slip surfaces, 360-degree swivel hooks, and notched shoulders. They provide a strong and firm grip for all types of clothing, from coats to delicate tops. Designed to save space, these slim hangers have a curved shoulder line that preserves your clothing's shape, and the added horizontal bar allows versatile use for pants and suits.


This Adjustable Box Organizer For Stacking Your Foil & Wrap

Say goodbye to unruly box pile-ups and keep your kitchen organized with this versatile pantry box organizer. Its adjustable shelves can accommodate various box sizes, from foil to freezer bags. With non-slip feet and sturdy steel wire supports, it can hold up to 20 pounds. This organizer is quick to set up, snapping together in minutes with no tools required. Made from high-quality plastic and coated steel, it's easy to clean.


These Pot Holders Boosted With Silicone

The silicone stripes on these big pot holders boost the heat protection and give you more grippy purchase on pans as you move them about the kitchen. You can slide your hand inside to get an even better grip but the versatile design also allows you to set a hot pan down on one of these in a pinch.


These Can Organizers So You Can Always Grab A Cold One

Organize all the beer and soda in your fridge so you aren’t constantly moving cans around or running out of cold ones. This can organizer stacks them all in a small space and delivers them to the front of the fridge so they are easy to grab. Choose bins that hold standard cans or skinny ones to organize everything from soda to beer to hard seltzer. This is a two-pack.


The Battery Organizer That Simplifies Power

Your battery collection called from the junk drawer and it wants this battery organizer so it doesn’t feel so lost. With a clear cover and an integrated battery tester, this case shows you every battery you have and lets you check to make sure it still has power before you install it into anything. It comes in seven colors.


This Door Draft Stopper That Is So Easy To Install

Reduce your energy bills with this weather stripping that seals gaps up to one inch wide on doors and windows. It provides noise reduction, making your space quieter and more comfortable. Easy to install, simply measure, cut, and peel off the adhesive backing. Suitable for various door and window types, it's a cost-effective solution for maintaining a cozy environment and saving on heating and cooling costs.


The Pour Over Coffee Maker That Saves You Money At Cafes

Elevate your coffee experience with this pour over coffee dripper, designed for barista-quality brews. This BPA-Free coffee maker enhances the flavor of your coffee by hand-brewing, accentuating its rich taste. It's reusable and eco-friendly, featuring a stainless steel mesh filter. Crafted from heat-resistant glass with a cool-touch collar, it's easy to handle.


These Food Storage Bins That Bring Order To The Pantry

Clean up the pantry and make prepping recipes so much easier by moving your dry goods into these airtight food storage containers that stack, lock closed, and fit together like a puzzle to maximize your cabinet space. The six containers — in a variety of sizes — come with chalkboard labels and a chalk marker so you can label everything.


A Set Of Clips To Manage Cable Clutter

Stay organized with this adhesive cable clips set. You'll receive 45 clear cable clips neatly stored in a convenient box, along with a SIM card tray pin for easy application. Made from eco-friendly material, these clips offer a strong grip and are residue-free. Suitable for various cables, they can be used on walls, glass, desks, and metal surfaces. Save time and space with these versatile wire organizer clips that hold up to two cables each.


These Swedish Dishcloths That Replace Your Sponge & Paper Towels

Replace your paper towels and your kitchen sponge with these Swedish dishcloths and you will never look back. They are super absorbent like paper towels, but they hold onto liquid like a sponge. You can use them to wipe off the counters, clean the dishes, and more. Then toss them in the laundry and use them again.


These Clear Food Storage Bags That Replace Single-Use Options

These reusable bags are made from food-grade PEVA material, making them safe for your family and the environment. The double closures ensure an airtight, leakproof seal, while the widened sidebar and non-slip double lock zipper design make them easy to open and close. These bags are freezer and dishwasher safe, perfect for preserving food and reducing plastic bag waste. They come in larger sizes for added convenience and versatility.


These Pan Liners So There Is No Cleanup

When you are cleaning up after your latest cooking adventure, you will be so pleased with yourself that you thought to set a silicone baking mat on the pan that went into the oven. Because now all you have to do is rinse the mat or drop it in the dishwasher, and put the pan away. This three-pack is sized for full-sized baking sheets but there are many sizes to choose from.


A Glass Pitcher For Your Best Beverages

Whip up a batch of iced tea, lemonade, or juice in this glass pitcher and that beverage will go easily from fridge to table to fridge again. It has an airtight lid that locks closed and opens easily for pouring. The integrated handle makes it easy to grab and pour from. It holds a quart and fits neatly in the fridge.


The Trick For Storing Cutting Boards In Cupboards

Maximize your kitchen storage with this slim chopping board set. It's designed for narrow spaces and mounts easily using adhesive tape. The set includes two double-sided chopping boards with non-slip feet and textured, knife-friendly surfaces. Store them on the back of your cupboard door for convenient access. These boards come in two sizes and are a space-saving solution for any kitchen. Installation is a breeze with included instructions.

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