50 Cheap Things Selling Out On Amazon That Are So Freaking Weird & Cool

Meet your strangest, coolest match yet with these practical products.

Written by Alexandra Elizabeth
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If you’re looking to add some items to your space that are useful, unexpected, or just freaking cool, look no further. Whether you’re hoping to grab some kitchen tools that solve ultra-specific problems, snag ingenious products to get more organized, or get your hands on clever tech accessories, there’s something here for you below.

Better yet, all of these products are affordable, with many priced below $20. So go ahead and click “Add to Cart” before they sell out.


The Liners That Protect Your Fridge From Messes

Refrigerator shelves, with all their grooves and hard-to-reach places, are notoriously hard to clean, so keep them from getting dirty in the first place with these refrigerator liners. They’re BPA-free and feature a smooth adhesive side that adheres to your shelf, and a textured grippy side to keep products from sliding around.


This Incredibly Useful Set Of Grill Lights

If you’re big on grilling no matter the elements, you’ll need this pair of grill lights. Each light features a sturdy, magnetic base, so they’ll stay put even in windy conditions. Plus, they have a flexible neck so you can angle the light right where you need it. They even come with a protective carrying case and six batteries.


The Reusable Lunch Bag With Tons Of Nostalgia

Evoke the nostalgia of your grade school years with this canvas lunch bag that looks just like the brown paper sacks of your youth. Because the canvas is coated in beeswax, it’s waterproof, making it reusable and eco-friendly. Users report that it’s easy to clean and holds a number of items.


A Flexible Desk Light With 2 Different Light Settings

This clip-on lamp allows you to choose between a bright white light and a more mellow warm light. It has an adjustable, flexible neck that allows you to maneuver it into the perfect position. When you’re ready to charge it, you can do so with an adapter, a power bank, or even straight from your computer.


This Mesh Screen That Fixes An Annoying Cooking Hassle

If you like cooking but hate cleaning you won’t want to sleep on this splatter screen. Made from a fine stainless steel mesh, this guard sits on top of your frying pan to keep sauce from splashing against your stove and walls while also preventing painful grease splatters. It comes in sizes ranging from 11.5 inches to 15 inches wide to fit a variety of pans.


A Clever Strainer Designed To Deliver Bacon Grease On Demand

You know by now not to pour grease down your drain after cooking, but if you’re still not sure what else to do with it, you need this bacon grease strainer. It’s made from dishwasher-safe stainless steel and features a mesh strainer on top. Just pour your bacon grease through the strainer to separate out solids, and you’ll be left with tasty bacon grease you can add to future meals any time.


The Burger Press That Helps You Make The Perfect Patty

Become the ultimate grill master with this burger press. Made from durable aluminum, this press fits either 1/3 pound or 1/4 pound patties and presses them into the perfect round shape, so you won’t lose juice by flattening them on the grill with a spatula. It comes with 200 pieces of parchment paper for meal prepping patties and freezing them, too.


An Unbreakable Beer Mug That Won’t Sweat

Level up your imbibing with this stainless steel beer mug. Thanks to its double-walled insulation, it keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot all without condensation. It has a 16.9-ounce capacity and comes with a removable airtight lid so you can take it on the go without spills.


This Tortilla Warmer That Levels Up Dinner Time

If you’re serious about taco night, why not try this microwavable tortilla warmer? It features a base and a lid with a silicone handle, so you can grab it with ease even when it comes out of the microwave. It can hold 10 tortillas at once and helps to keep them warm even after they’ve been heated up.


This Sponge That Cleans A Fogged Windshield Fast

When the windshield fogs up as you are driving, you don’t want to have a fight with the defogger or any of your car’s slow methods for stopping that. You need to see out of that window right now. Grab this windshield cleaner and give the interior a wipe. It gets rid of the condensation fast without leaving streaks or fingerprints.


A Powerful Bluetooth Speaker That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

For those who want their music anywhere they go, consider this mini Bluetooth speaker. It weighs just over 6 ounces and has an IP67 waterproof rating, making it ideal for camping and travel. It comes with a micro USB charger and can play five hours of music on a single charge.

  • Available colors: 3


The Convenient Neck Fan For Those Who Want To Beat The Heat

If portable climate control is your top priority, you’ll want to add this neck fan to your cart ASAP. The neck area is made from comfortable silicone, while the dual fan arms feature 360 degree rotation. It doesn’t make a lot of noise and has three different fan speeds to choose from, too.

  • Available colors: 4


A Compact Pizza Cutter With A Useful Safety Feature

Most people love having the exact right tool for the job, but hate taking up the extra storage space, and thankfully with this pizza cutter you don’t have to choose. It’s super compact and features a sliding plastic sheath to cover up the blade when not in use. All the parts easily snap open so you can run it through the dishwasher when needed.

  • Available colors: 3


This Novelty Tea Infuser That Fills Your Tea With Flavor & Humor

Tea time doesn’t have to be boring, thanks to this llama-shaped silicone tea infuser. Called “Como Tea Llama” (see what they did there?), this infuser has a hollow center for loose tea leaves and legs that can hook over the side of your mug while it infuses. It’s both dishwasher and microwave safe.


A Pair Of Meat Shredding Claws That Make You Feel Like Wolverine

For those looking to make meal prep more fun, try these meat claws. They fit over your knuckles and feature heavy duty plastic claw-like prongs to shred through cooked meat in large quantities with ease. And yes, they’re safe even in the top rack of your dishwasher.

  • Available colors: 2


The Mesh Cubes That Totally Change The Way You Pack

Messy packers looking to get it together will appreciate these travel organizer cubes. Each set comes with four zippered mesh cubes in different sizes, so you can sort your items by type for extra organization and fold them as compactly as possible. The set also includes a laundry bag, so you can keep dirty clothes separate.

  • Available colors: 10


This Snap-On Gadget That Turns Your Pot Into A Strainer

Streamline your cooking routine with this snap-on pot strainer. Since it’s made from flexible silicone, it can stretch or compress to fit multiple pot sizes, allowing you to tip the pot on its side and pour out excess water without transferring the contents to a different container. It takes up less storage space than a traditional colander, too.

  • Available colors: 5


A Strip Of LED Lights That Make It So Easy To Add Backlight To Your TV

There are tons of benefits to adding LED lights to the back of your TV, like reducing strain on your eyes and making the contrast sharper in low lighting. This 78-inch long strip is powered by your TV’s USB port and sticks to the back of your screen with 3M adhesive. Plus you can use it under cabinets or in closets, too.


An Insulated Mug That Lets You Brew Coffee On The Go

Make your food accessories pull double duty with this pour-over brewer mug. Not only is it a double-wall insulated travel mug that keeps your coffee warm, but it can actually brew it. Just put your grounds into the included stainless steel mesh filter, pour in hot water, and wait. Remove the filter and you’re good to sip.

  • Available colors: 4


A Panini Maker That Makes Not One But 2 Sandwiches At Once

This heavy duty panini grill allows you to double your sandwich production. It features non-stick steel plates with helpful indents that create a convenient “cut here” line on your sammie, plus a handle that stays cool to the touch. And no need to guess when it’s done, since it includes a useful indicator light.


The Outlet Cover That Provides An Extra Shelf

If you’re short on space, consider this bathroom gadget shelf. It easily mounts over your existing outlet to create a shelf that’s perfect for any electric gadget, be it an electric toothbrush or even just a stand for your smartphone. Plus, the hooks at the bottom allow you to neatly coil any charging wires for a streamlined look.

  • Available colors: 2


These Novelty Sushi Magnets That Will Make Your Mouth Water

If these sushi magnets make your stomach rumble, thankfully all you need to do is open your fridge and get some food. Each set comes with eight magnets in different, hyper-realistic styles, including traditional rolls and sashimi over rice. Users report that the magnet holds well and they make excellent gifts.


A Sleek, Chic Can Cooler For Cold Bevvies

Add some style to your drink while keeping it cool with this skinny can cooler, perfect for White Claws, Red Bulls, and anything else that comes in a 12-ounce skinny can. It’s double-wall insulted for temperature control and comes with a screw-on lid to keep your beverage securely in place. Or, sip liquids from it directly like a tumbler.


The Tablet Stand With Lots Of Adjustable Angles

If you’re looking for a device stand that can change up its angle, look no further. This pick has a wide bottom ledge to secure your device, making it perfect for anything from smartphones to tablets to e-readers. The hinge adjusts to angles ranging from 0 degrees to 100 degrees, so you can customize it to your needs.

  • Available colors: 2


This Convenient Bin That Helps You Keep Your Car Trash Organized

Stop using your car as a trash can and install this actual car trash can instead. It has a spacious 4-gallon capacity, plus durable clip straps to keep in place. Thanks to the magnetic lid, you can close it up to keep smells to a minimum. And yep, it’s waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about spills.


The Power Scrubber That Helps With Difficult Cleaning Tasks

Give the elbow grease a rest and bring this power scrubber to the task next time you are faced with cleaning grout, an appliance with corners and crevices, or the intricate parts of a faucet. The oscillating head scrubs 60 times per second to clean detailed places two times faster than doing it by hand. “So glad I bought this thing,” said one reviewer. “[It] scrubs the corners and small to reach areas really well and fast.”


This Trick For Making Magic In A Campfire

Next time you go camping or have a fire in your fire pit, amaze everyone with your magical abilities by tossing one of these Magical Flames pouches into the flames. It transforms the flames into a rainbow of colors that lasts an hour and will make you look like Merlin. This is a 12 pack so you can throw a couple of pouches in for maximum effect.


The Whimsical Ladle That Won’t Tip Over

Bring joy back to cooking with this Nessie ladle. It features a deep spoon with four legs that act as a base so it can stand on the counter (or in your pot of soup) without tipping over. Not to mention its adorable elongated head popping out from a pot makes it look like a Loch Ness monster sighting in your dinner. Made from BPA-free material, it’s food safe, of course.

  • Available colors: 6


The Easiest Way To Get Pet Fur Off The Couch

If you have pets, keeping their favorite spot on the couch free of pet fur feels like an impossible task. Arm yourself with this ChomChom roller, though, and it becomes easy. Just roll it back and forth a few times over the furry patch. Then empty the chamber at the top and throw the fur away. It takes seconds, is astonishingly effective, and does not involve the vacuum, tape, or frustration. “This product has been life-changing!” said one reviewer.


A Compact Gadget That Creates The Perfect Frothed Milk

Turn your coffee consumption into a luxurious morning ritual with this milk frother. It features a comfortable silicone handle and a powerful stainless steel whisk with a motor running at 19,000 rotations per minute to deliver frothed milk in just 15 seconds. Plus, it’s scored an impressive 4.6-star rating after nearly 13,000 reviewers weighed in.

  • Available colors: 8


The Digital Thermometer That Makes Grilling A Cinch

Accurate cooking has never been easier thanks to this instant read meat thermometer. It takes just 2 to 3 seconds for the illuminated LCD screen to display your food’s internal temperature once jabbed with the probe. It has tons of cool features too, like a magnetic body so you can store it on your grill or fridge, and an IP67 waterproof rating.


A Pump Top Dispenser For Big Beverage Bottles

Go ahead and buy those money-saving super-sized beverage bottles with no worry about how you are going to wrangle the beverage into a glass. This automatic drink dispenser will handle that. Just install it into that big bottle. When you want a drink or to pour milk over a bowl of cereal, press the glass or bowl against the trigger. It’s easy enough for children to use.


The Simple, Fun & Fast Way To Get Clean Grout

Cleaning grout is so hard that many people give up on it. But this grout pen turns the project into a relaxing coloring activity. You use them to paint over the dirty grout with a bright white water-based colorant. “Fantastically fun to use and very effective,” said one reviewer. “My floor looks FANTASTIC,” said another.


A Clever Hack For Fixing Damaged Wood Furniture

That damage on your coffee table, wood cabinets, or dining table is not a scar you have to live with for life. Nor do you have to take on a messy and time-consuming refinishing project. Just color over the damage with these wood markers and crayons and make it invisible. If no one can see it, is that damage even there? “[The] nasty scratch [...] is now virtually invisible. Amazing results!” said one reviewer.


These Weird Cloths That Are So Much Better Than Paper Towels

It’s easy to give up paper towels if you have a pack of these Swedish dishcloths in the house because they work better than paper towels. A mix of cellulose and cotton, they are super absorbent, easy to wring out, flexible in your hand, and slightly abrasive. And, unlike paper towels, when these get too dirty to you use, you can throw them in the wash, clean them, and use them again.


The Egg Bite & Poached Egg Maker That Gives Perfect Results

Poaching eggs is a challenge — even for serious cooks. And making egg bites is no small feat either. This clever electric egg bites cooker, though, can do it perfectly every time. It uses a sous vide-style water bath with non-stick egg cups to bring scientific accuracy to the process. All you do is load the water, put the eggs in the cups, cover it, and wait for the light to tell you that breakfast is ready. It comes in three colors.


A Pack Of Magnetic Cable Organizers To Keep Your Life Tangle Free

Whether you’re looking to secure keys, earphones, USB cords, or more, these cable organizers can get the job done. They come five to a pack in vibrant colors and are even magnetic, so you can store your items on any metal surface, or even to itself on the lapel of a shirt. Plus, they’re super lightweight, too.


This Convenient Cupholder That Lets You Take Your Beer Into The Shower

The pregame knows no limits thanks to this bath cupholder. It comes with a useful suction cup mount so you can secure it in place even in damp areas like the shower. It has a hollowed out bottom so that you can safely cradle a stemmed wine glass as well as traditional canned drinks. It’s dishwasher safe for extra convenience and comes in several colors.

  • Available colors: 6


The All-In-One Gadget That Cleans Up Your Laptop

If you’re guilty of bringing your laptop everywhere you go — including with you during meals and cuddle time with shedding pets — rejoice, because this laptop cleaner is here to help. It features a brush on one side to wipe away debris like crumbs and hair and a microfiber pad on the other side to rid your screen of smudges. Just seal it back up with the included cap when you’re done.


A Sleek Thermos That Brews Tea For You

This tumbler, made from eco-friendly bamboo, is expertly insulated and can keep beverages temperature controlled for up to 12 hours at a time. It also comes with a stainless steel mesh infusion filter that lets you brew loose leaf teas right in the bottle. There’s even a strainer to ensure no debris gets left behind in your drink.


The Kitchen Tool That Turns You Into A Wild Animal

Don’t use two forks, tons of effort, and the health of your hands and wrists to shred the meat the next time you BBQ a pork butt or beef brisket. Wear these meat shredder claws and tap your inner ursus. With long, sharp claws — and a good grip on them — you can shred that meat as effectively as a bear would — and just as fast. They are great for lifting large pieces of meat, too.


A Comfy Memory Foam Pillow That Goes Wherever You Do

This camping pillow covers all your bases. For one, it’s made from cushy, 4-inch thick memory foam. For another, it’s ultra compact and rolls up so it takes up minimal space. Finally, it comes with an included drawstring travel sack to keep it clean and protected when not in use. It’s even lightweight for extra portability.

  • Available colors: 6


The Cure For Cats That Scratch The Furniture

Your cat loves to scratch the furniture because that expensive upholstery fabric feels terrific to those razor-sharp claws and cats don’t have to pay for furniture. So install these furniture protectors over all the best scratching places. It has the worst possible texture for scratching so cats return immediately to the scratching post you bought. Nearly 9,000 people say “Five stars!” (But their cats do not agree.)


The Butter Knife You Didn’t Know You Needed

Who knew that a butter knife could do so many cool things? This one will not only cut cold butter but it will make butter curls that melt faster on your hot toast. And this is the tool to do the spreading, too, since it is designed to accomplish that with speed and efficiency. “Gone are the days of struggling to spread cold, hard butter on my toast,” said one reviewer. “With this Butter Spreader, I can smoothly glide a thin layer of buttery goodness onto any food item in seconds.”


This Clever Way To Bring Home Leftover Pizza

Tired of recycling empty pizza boxes? Pack this pizza storage container next time you go out for pizza and bring the leftovers home in it instead. It collapses to fit easily in your bag, is shaped like pizza slices, and comes with little trays that keep the pieces separated. When you heat your pizza up, you can do it right on those trays, which double as pizza plates.


A Donut Blanket That’s As Silly As It Is Sweet

Sometimes you just need to add a little levity to life, and this giant glazed donut blanket will do the trick. It features a photo-realistic image of a doughy confection, complete with colorful sprinkles. It’s also made from a super soft flannel material that won’t fade or shrink, all while staying breathable and not too heavy.


An Ergonomic Mouse That Prevents Hand Cramps

This wireless mouse has been created with an ergonomic design, allowing your hand to comfortably grip it with a side angle to reduce pressure on your wrist. It features a rechargeable battery and works with many Windows, XP, and Linux computers. It’s beloved by Amazon reviewers, over 11,000 of whom have weighed in to give it a 4.3-star rating.


This Handy Magnetic Wristband That Keeps All Your Tools Nearby

If you’ve ever been hard at work on a project only to watch your screws and bolts go flying off the table, this magnetic wristband is for you. It’s made from a breathable mesh material and wraps around your wrist, giving you plenty of surface area to hold drilling bits, nails, and more with ease. Reviewers report that its magnets are nice and strong.


This Trick That Turns Big Laundry Detergent Bottles Into Dispensers

You can quit struggling with that big bottle of laundry detergent now. Just mount it onto this laundry detergent holder, strap it down, and push the button to dispense the liquid right into your cup. It holds the bottle at the right angle so you don’t even have to tip it to get the last drops out. It has rubber feet so it doesn’t slide and comes with a strap to keep your detergent in place.


This 3-Pack Of Towels Perfect For The Gym

For those who enjoy being active and on-the-go but don’t love the sweat that can come with it, consider this quick drying towel set. It comes with three different sized towels: one for your face, hair, and a large one for your body. Since they’re made from microfiber, they’ll wick away water fast and fold up compact in the included travel case.

  • Available colors: 8

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