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5 Things To Consider When Building An Investment Portfolio

by Arielle Dachille

Investing feels like a whole new territory within adulthood. Once your other key financial needs have been addressed, it may be time to build yourself an investment portfolio.

But how exactly do you cover your bases to make sure that you’re spreading that money around properly, to make sure you’re not risking it all in one place?

We’ve teamed up with Charles Schwab and Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz CFP® to make the process of building an investment portfolio way less overwhelming, and way more user friendly.


Establish How Much Risk You Can Manage

It’s just a fact of the market. Any kind of investment involves some degree of risk.

According to Carrie, the two elements that can help determine how much risk you can take are your personal comfort, and time frame. “If market ups and downs are going to give you a constant upset stomach, you can take a more conservative approach,” Carrie says. “If you're able to live with market fluctuations and think long-term, you can be more aggressive.”