Meet the creative geniuses behind some of our favorite gifts and gadgets this holiday season

Grado Labs RS2e Headphones

Wooden Headphones for Superior Sound

$495 Buy Now
John Grado awoke from a deep sleep one evening with a burning question in his head: What would wooden headphones sound like? So he went down to his workshop in the dead of night and built some. As it turns out, wooden headphones sound pretty darn good.

Ekster Smart Wallet

The Perfect Blend of Style and Tech

$80 Buy Now
Ever lose your wallet? Ekster co-founder Olivier Momma has. That’s why he created the Parliament Wallet. This smart wallet doesn’t just know where it is at all times, it also protects against skimming, and stays charged with a tiny solar panel built right in.


The World’s First 3D Pen

$100 Buy Now
Inventors Maxwell Bogue and Peter Dilworth came up with the idea for the 3Doodler when their 3D printer malfunctioned in the middle of a big project. They disassembled the printer, and used the parts to create the first prototype right there on the spot. One incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign later, and the rest is history.


Your Own Personal Thunderstorm

$580 Buy Now
Designer Richard Clarkson calls his clouds as a ‘harmonious contradiction’, a term he coined to describe the intersection of technology and nature in his work. The latest iteration of his cloud actually defies gravity, effortlessly floating a few inches above its base.


A Carry-On With an IQ

$295 Buy Now
Raden CEO Josh Udashkin never intended to find himself in the luggage business - for him it was all about finding ways to improve user experiences. So really, building a suitcase that knows where it is, how much it weighs, and can charge your phone is right in his wheelhouse.


It’s Like You, Only Smaller

$95 Buy Now
Don’t call it a 3D selfie - DOOB USA CEO Michael Anderson believes these miniature 3D replicas are much more than that. For him it’s all about mixing art, emotion, and technology to create something that truly connects with people.

Goodwood Retro Clock

What Happens When You Mix Wood With Lasers

$65 Buy Now
For Goodwood NYC Creative Director Richard Franklin, it’s all about the customization. They combine classic materials like wood with cutting edge tools like their laser cutter to create custom, one-of-a-kind pieces that perfectly juxtapose the old school with the new school.

Cross TrackR Pen

Classic Design Meets Technology

$150 Buy Now
These days it seems like just about anything can be retrofitted with a Bluetooth tracking module… and that’s exactly what Scott Hawthorne from TrackR wants. Their latest project brings some high tech features to a refined classic with the Cross Peerless TrackR Pen.
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