Birds often leave their watchers in awe, scientists inspired, and other animals amused and/or terrified. Birds also make us LOL. Here's the very best of bird reporting by Inverse. We're calling it "Birds, LOL."

fly ducks fly

3D analysis reveals a key similarity between dinosaur and bird embryos

It's all in the hips.

Metal Animals

Look — These 6 animals can survive the most extreme conditions on planet Earth

Lights out

The simple fix that could keep us from killing millions of birds

Birds are dying — but scientists say we can save them.

Silent Spring 2

Will birds go extinct? Study reveals the impact of climate change

Meanwhile, small mammals employ a survival technique used since the age of the dinosaurs.


5 weird ways birds communicate

Tweet tweet

4 wild ways birds have evolved to live alongside humans


7 extinct birds that were extremely metal

Avian Adaptation

Study of 8,600 species reveals how 5 crafty birds turn adversity into an advantage

As humans push into the natural world, these five avian innovators are not just surviving the pressure. They are thriving.

bird is the word

It’s OK to feed wild birds – here are some tips for doing it the right way

Birds have been taking advantage of human civilization for thousands of years, congregating where grains and waste are abundant.


"PigeonBot" video shows how birds fly, and it's remarkable

After all these years, animals still do it best.


Unfaithful Birds Reveal Tinder’s Evolutionary Downside


"Long Streams of Excrement" From Birds Shut Down NY Nuclear Power Plant

This shit is serious.