Real Burning Lightsaber a 'Star Wars' Dream, Parent's Nightmare

It's at least the coolest flamethrower we've ever seen. 

Sufficiently Advanced; Giphy

The techno-pyromaniacs over at Sufficently Advanced have built what may be the world’s first burning lightsaber, though the power source is more methanol than kyber crystal.

The “lightsaber” is essentially a “controlled” flamethrower, and it’s pretty awesome in a that-thing-is-definitely-going-to-blow-up kind of way.

Perhaps this new creation was bound to appear given the lameness of the plastic lightsabers we all grew up using. The inventors even manage to substitute different combustion materials to produce different color flames, like boric acid for green light.

The sword of fire uses an impressive combination of materials to generate its flame, including some parts that had to be 3D-printed.

If the guy in the video is any indication though, the new lightsaber is helluva lot of fun to mess around with. Nonetheless, it seems best that it stays firmly put in its corner of the internet and never reaches anything like a mass audience.