This Petition Wants to Ship Donald Trump to Space, for Good

Go ahead, give it your best shot.


No longer content to wait for Donald Trump’s own hot air to carry him from the Earth’s surface, a petition is collecting signatures to have the Republican candidate permanently blasted into space.

Petition organizer Autumn Boehle of Detroit explains:

“We are all tired of hearing about what outrageous thing that Donald Trump has said, done, wants to do, believes, etc. My solution to this is to send him into space and leave him there. If this petition gets enough signatures I will attach a link to where you can donate to make this happen. It wont be cheap, but it will be worth while.”

No word on whether Jeff Bezos is willing to supply a rocket gratis after making a similar offer to send Trump to the heavens.

One-way-ticket astronaut Trump is no less retro than his views on, say, WWII-era applied xenophobia. This is a worthy cause, and has already attracted 14,560 signatures. Wait, I’m doing my part. 14,561.

I contacted NASA to get an estimate of how much it would cost to shoot Trump into orbit, and I’ll update if/when and when I hear back. Virgin Galactic will fly passengers to the edge of the atmosphere for a mere $250,000. Elon Musk estimates tickets to Mars should someday cost $500,000. Only the best for Trump, it will be — first-class all the way, off into the sunset and beyond.

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