‘Empire’ Punishes The Lyons All, Big and Small

Even the unborn Lyon feels the pain during this episode.

Empire (FOX)

Fox’s ‘Empire’ is the worst, best, most-watchable show on television—and the latest episode featured plot twists aplenty. Here’s a breakdown on all the surprise turns and burns:

Hakeem doesn’t get nominated for an American Sound Award (but Freeda Gatz does).

Hakeem finds out he loses his ASA nomination to Freeda Gatz on FOX's "Empire."Empire (FOX)

The host of the award nomination ceremony asks Skye if she “identifies” as black and Jamal if he identifies as gay.

Skye and Jamal deal with a mean-spirited host on FOX's "Empire."Empire (FOX)

Mimi Whiteman takes the stage and reveals her wife: It’s Camilla!

Mimi reveals her wife to be Camilla, on FOX's "Empire."Empire (FOX)

After revealing secretly recorded footage of Lucious threatening to fire board members, Mimi suggests voting Lucious out from Empire’s CEO position, and schedules a last-minute board meeting to do so.

Mimi reveals she's been recording Lucious threatening to fire people, on FOX's "Empire."Empire (FOX)

Camilla secretly shows up at Hakeem’s spot, and tells him to stick with her, no matter what.

Camilla grabs Hakeem's crotch, on FOX's "Empire."Empire (FOX)

She even grabs his package!

The board meeting is on—and Hakeem votes to REMOVE Lucious from his CEO position of Empire. It’s the deciding vote, and Lucious gets removed as the Empire chief.

Hakeem votes against Lucious, on FOX's "Empire."Empire (FOX)

…and then Mimi puts Camilla in charge of Empire.

Camilla lands the Empire chairman job, on FOX's "Empire."Empire (FOX)

Lucious doesn’t take it well, and starts shooting up his house.

Lucious starts shooting up his house after losing his chairman job on FOX's "Empire."Empire (FOX)

Lucious and Cookie hug. YIKES.

Lucious and Cookie hug, despite their differences, on FOX's "Empire."Empire (FOX)

Someone (Anika?) throws Andre’s pregnant wife down the stairs.

Someone throws Andre's wife down the stairs, on FOX's "Empire."Empire (FOX)

What’s next? We’ll have to wait until March to see, when Empire returns….