Kevin Bacon Returns for More ‘Tremors’

The actor will appear and serve as executive producer for a new TV version.

Disney | ABC Television Group

Kevin Bacon is returning for a new TV version of Tremors, this time serving both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Unlike many of Bacon’s films, Tremors stars a huge worm (although some may say the same about Wild Things) that travels under the Nevada desert at breakneck speed, gobbling up anyone it could. The sci-fi flick was well-reviewed, and went on to spawn three sequels, a prequel, and a short-lived TV 2003 show — all of which were done without Bacon.

Here’s the original Tremors trailer:

As recently as 2013, Bacon had expressed disdain for the cult classic—but did change his tune during an August interview with Vice where he stated, “It’s a surprisingly good movie…it’s the only character that I’ve ever done, that I am interested in revisiting, 25 years later.”

Entertainment Weekly announced Tuesday that the actor will be returning as his 1990 Tremors character Valentine McKee, and also as the series executive producer. Currently, the show is only in the development stages and doesn’t have a network home—but just in case you can’t wait long for a taste, here’s a bit of the original to sample…you’re welcome.