This League of Legends Fan Built Enormous Animatronic Wings

Behold, these insane, homemade animatronic wings, powered by an Android app. 

by Sam Blum
Riot Games

As teams from all over the world assemble to wage war at the annual League of Legends World Championships, most seasoned gamers focus on strategy and how to effectively pwn their opponents.

Not so with artist Elmins Cosplay, who undermines subtlety in all forms. He showed up to the LoL World Championship Quarterfinals in London with his tribute to character Aether Wing Kayle, which drew mouths agape with its sprawling set of animatronic wings.

According to Cosplay, the wings are homemade, even if they look like something conjured in a surrealist laboratory. Turns out however, that they’re controlled by an Android app that Cosplay built himself.

Detailed in a post on the artist’s Facebook page are the materials employed in creating such a set of wings, which understandably demanded a lot of time and elbow grease.

“Parts of a microwave, bed frame, shelving, PC power supply, and motherboard were used” in the creation, according to Cosplay, who obviously has a penchant for thrift, as well as style.

Cosplay also adds that in the video above, there are “small feathers rotating” which the viewer cannot see, and that there’s also “various lighting modes,” programed into the contraption, including a “sweet rave strobe mode.”

To be honest, we’d love to see this guy at a rave:

Elmins Cosplay ready to do battle. 

Riot Games Publicity Image