What We'd Like to See in 'Star Wars Battlefront's DLC

The Clone Wars? Space Battles? Galactic Conquest? ALL OF THE ABOVE?!

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It’s no secret that downloadable content has become a huge part of every video game release these days, especially with the addition of season passes for most popular titles. As expected, DICE’s newest project, Star Wars Battlefront, released alongside a $50 plan that is promising new maps, modes and heroes following the game’s initial release.

While Star Wars Battlefront may not have been all we hoped for, it’s still a fantastic game that could easily be improved upon with future downloadable content. Here’s just a few of the things we’d like to see in the DLC packs releasing next year:

Space Battles

Nicholas Bashore

When DICE and Electronic Arts announced that Battlefront wouldn’t have space battles, the community was outraged — and rightfully so. Not only had space battles become a huge part of Star Wars: Battlefront II, but they had a unique feel to them that you couldn’t find elsewhere. Large scale battles, huge capital ships firing on each other; it was epic in scale and expected to make a glorious return thanks to next generation gaming hardware. However, Battlefront’s answer to the community was Fighter Squadron, a mode where 20 players battle head-to-head alongside a squad of A.I. — but it’s lacking substance, something space battles offered in large quantities. The mode feels shallow and underdeveloped, with two hero units and four ship types — compared to Battlefront II’s 12+, each with a different role in combat — so why not improve upon it by releasing a space battles DLC compete with new ship types and heroes?

Additional Eras

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The newest installment of Battlefront is solely focused on the Empire and Rebellion during the time period of the original trilogy — and while we certainly love the classic, adding in the Clone Wars from the prequel trilogy and possibly even the new trilogy coming with The Force Awakens could become an amazing chunk of downloadable content. Battlefront is already hinting at this with their free DLC map, The Battle of Jakku, which was one of the largest battles in the Galactic Civil War. So why not continue the trend with the Resistance vs. The First Order or bring back the Clone Army and Clankers?

More Customization Options

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Battlefront is filled with customization options, 189 in total to be exact — most of which reflect the same look on both Imperial and Rebel soldiers. At later levels though, players get access to alien races for Rebels and Scout/Shadow Troopers for the Empire, which have become some of the most highly sought after unlocks in the game — I mean, who doesn’t want to run around Endor as a Scout Trooper blasting rebels? Adding more of these unlocks in DLC would be a great addition, especially if they expand into different eras. Weapons, emotes, and star cards could also prove valuable additions to customization as well, improving upon the small base package currently in the game.

Galactic Conquest

Nicholas Bashore

One of the biggest modes in both Star Wars: Battlefront I and Star Wars: Battlefront II, Galactic Conquest was a single-player mode that allowed players to conquer the galaxy planet by planet, continuing until one of the factions successfully conquered all of the planets available. Each planet had two battles to fight through before players conquered it and moved to the next, with different planets providing different bonuses in battle for those who controlled it. Battlefront II added space battles, different unit unlocks, and a currency system to Galactic Conquest, all of which complemented the original experience in a big way.

While DICE’s Battlefront only has four planets available, Galactic Conquest could have still made an appearance as a feature — especially considering all the different multiplayer modes available in the game. Granted, Battlefront doesn’t have a compelling single-player experience due to a lack of dedicated, large-scale A.I. battles, but it could easily be added via a DLC pack down the line. You could have different battles across each planet, both large and small scale, that would complement the game modes already in Battlefront — incorporating them into a much larger experience, both online and offline. Just imagine a season where you pick a side, Rebels or Empire, and compete for planetary control to keep your faction ahead. It’s an interesting next-generation concept that DICE could grab a hold of for DLC next year.

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