Spooky David Bowie Video Finds Major Tom's Body

Go into deep space with "Blackstar." 

And I was worried David Bowie couldn’t get genuinely weird anymore. Way to prove me wrong, boss!

Bowie has a new music video slash nightmare hellscape featuring dead astronauts and a church where he wants to yell at you about shoes and make faces, which almost distracts from how much worse things are about to get. Check out the structure-less sprawling epic below.

Wow. The Man Who Fell To Earth is back at the top of his art-house spook game.

The song was teased in its usage on the BBC show The Last Panthers which was directed by Johan Renck, who also directed this music video. You might know him from his work on the lesser known American crime drama Breaking Bad. Oh, this is all falling into place now. That’s clearly not just Major Tom laying dead on that space rock surrounded by blue rocks…no, this theory is nothing, nevermind.

The soon to be 69-year-old rocker Bowie releases his new album, also called Blackstar, at the beginning of January. If this song is anything to go by — well, we have absolutely no idea what that album will sound like. But it’s goddamned great that Bowie is back.

This will be the first full Bowie album in five years. Feel free to check out this awesome James Murphy remix for a Bowie hits collection back in 2013, in case you missed it.

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