Aerial Video of Mississippi Sinkhole Is Insane

A giant sinkhole enveloped a parking lot in Meridian, Mississippi over the weekend, swallowing 15 cars. Aerial video shows the true scale of the damage. 

by Sam Blum

Over the weekend on Saturday night, at around 7:15 pm Central Time, the ground beneath an IHOP restaurant in Meridian, Mississippi began to disintegrate as a massive sinkhole devoured the surrounding pavement and everything in its wake.

According to reports, the sinkhole is roughly 50 feet wide and 30 feet deep. No one was hurt during the incident, although aerial video uploaded to you Youtube yesterday shows the full spectrum of damage wrought by the enormous chasm in the earth.

You’ll see the 15 cars enveloped by the hole:

There’s overturned vehicles, smashed windshields and cars completely embedded within mounds of red sediment. It’s more than a confusing scene.

Authorities over the weekend were concerned of cars slipping deeper within the sinkhole due to forecasted rain, but most cars are projected to be wrenched from the huge fissure within the week.

Sinkholes aren’t entirely unheard of, especially in regions with a healthy amount of rainfall, although when they do start occurring more frequently than expected, people have every right to be more than a little irked.

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