'Gritty Bill Nye' Is the Bill Nye Apocalypse Meme Earth Needs Right Now

Also coincidentally the Bill Nye we deserve.


No more immune to a grim-‘n’-gritty reboot than any other colorful hero from our collective youth, the internet is turning Bill Nye into a world-weary badass. And unlike say, Superman, the look suits “The Science Guy” like a firmly knotted bow tie.

“Gritty Bill Nye’s” origins are seeded in the scientist’s latest show, “Explorer: Bill Nye’s Global Meltdown,” which follows him as he experiences the five stages of grief over climate change. An image of him stalking down a lonely road, cigarette dangling, was meant to represent the grief stage. But as Redditor avemae10 knows, it’s a scientific truth that having nothing left to lose looks pretty damn cool.

“Bill Nye looks like he’s dropping the hottest mix tape of 2015” avemae10 wrote under this still:

Please please beef with Drake.

Imgur / avemae10

The internet being the internet, people ran with it and a fresh and godly meme was born.

Nye Hard

Imgur / jakobitz

Literally watching the world burn.

Imgur / ANastyPieceOfWorkChiefAskAnybody·

Your rejection of scientific fact made him do this.

Imgur / ANewBadlyPhotoshoppedPictureofDrakeEveryday ·

Even in space, you don’t step to Nye.

Call him Han YOLO -- because one planet is all we have.

Imgur / LennyFaceIsNotAllowed 

He could take over for Daniel Craig based on this.

Imgur / morned92

Just as he dwells in our hearts and minds and souls, Nye has long been loved online, already having his own Know Your Meme page and a parody Twitter account Bill Nye Tho. At any given moment, Nye seems a heartbeat away from a wildfire of social media iconography that would supplant even those Chuck Norris jokes everyone was forwarding in the late aughts. Good thing too because after watching his new show about what we’ve done to the planet, you’ll need a good laugh. Nye is both sickness and medicine.

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