North Korea Unveils Atom-Shaped Science and Technology Center

Would a failed nation-state build something this sweet?


In the international political equivalent of letting people know that you’re totally doing well because otherwise why would you be wearing name brand clothing, North Korea has released a series of photos of its slick new science and technology complex. A prudent use of state funds! North Korea’s got cash to burn, guys.

“Visiting the Ssuk Islet, an islet of science, everyone will know well about the validity and vitality of the policy of the WPK (Worker’s Party of Korea) which has been constantly directing big efforts to the development of science and technology,” leader Kim Jong-un said of the facility, as quoted by the state-owned media at KCNA.

North Korea's new science center, built like an atom.


Just a harmless rocket.


Kim calls it an “islet” because it’s built on a river running through the capital city of Pyongyang. It runs on completely clean energy sources like solar and geothermal.

Also, do not mistake the long projectile in the center of its circular foyer as a missile. It is not a missile, it is a rocket. Just because Kim said his country’s nuclear complex was operational this September and working to improve the “quality and quantity” of its weapons with which to attack us “any time” does not mean that that structure is a missile.

A fully self-aware Kim surveys the scene of his new science center, impressively.


Would a country with a perpetually starving citizenship spend its money to brag about how the government scientists could live in the new complex in luxury apartments so as to cut down on their commute to work? That seems unlikely.

We’re all impressed, Kim. Everyone is impressed.

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