New Galaxy-Conquering, Non-Risk 'Star Wars' Board Game Coming in 2016

Walkers! Spies! Moffs!

Fantasy Flight Games

Hankering for plastic AT-ATs and Death Stars and asymmetrical galactic warfare over cardboard planets? A new board game wants to Force-scratch that itch.

Announced Tuesday by publisher Fantasy Flight, Star Wars: Rebellion hands you the reigns to the galaxy you know and love. Or, at least, to the team filling in that Imperial role. Rebels get gumption, luck, and shield generators.

Rebellion, as the name suggests, is a head-butting Empire-on-Alliance deal. Gameplay details are scant at this point; per the announcement, the Empire hunts for the Rebel base and can blow things up, as Death Stars are wont. The Rebel goal is to survive long enough for things to get revolting. If the Empire goes full-on bloodthirsty, it appears a political mechanic steps up to tilt sympathy toward the underdogs.

While there will be heroes to turn battles and go on missions — Leia! Luke! uh, Grand Moff Tarkin! — it’s also got elements of resource-gathering and logistical strategy. Not shying away from asymmetry, Rebel fighters can try to land lucky shots on the D-Star and Imperials encourage captured combatants to divulge info and subjugate planets. Fun!

It’s Fantasy Flight’s first foray into the Star Wars universe that isn’t card-based, revolves around miniatures warfare, or a role-playing game, though there will be 150 little figurines to clack around the board.

If we’re optimistic Fantasy Flight can deliver, it’s because Rebellion comes out of the minds of developer Steve Kimball and designer Corey Konieczka, who revamped the now-board game juggernauts Twilight Imperium and Descent, and made traitor games a thing with Battlestar Galactica.

Expect Rebellion to hit shelves at some point early 2016.

Kimball is developing and producing Star Wars: Rebellion; a previous version of the article misidentified his role.

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