Later to That Prestige TV Show You're Watching: The Entirety of 'The O.C.' Is Now Streaming

One more reason to never leave your house or speak to anyone in the colder weather.


Those of you who are not real and have never checked might assume that the beloved mid-‘00s epic primetime drama The O.C. is available on some streaming service or other. “It’s that type of show,” you might say, snobbily. “That show killed indie for me, bro.”

Actually, bro, it turned indie rock into a tsunami that consumed TV, movies, and Urban Outfitters all over the world. It paid for every member of The Shins’ mansions. Bands debuted new singles — Beck premiered a good fourth of Guero in the infamous “Beckpisode” — and The Killers, Death Cab, and Modest Mouse played the Bait Shop club on the pier.

Also, incidentally, Josh Schwartz’s pre-Gossip Girl warhorse is without a doubt one of the more entertaining watercooler soap operas of the past couple of decades. And it’s a tragedy that it has never been made available on any streaming platform outside of Amazon rental.

Now, however — as Complex reports — a CW sister web network called CW Seed has bought the rights to stream the show. Once intended as the CW’s official streaming network, CW Seed now handles programming the main channel does not have time to put into rotation, as well as some weird web-only programming.

The O.C. is the biggest draw, but you can also — notably — stream every episode of the American Whose Line Is It Anyway? and the short-lived but often funny turn-of-the-‘90s The Ben Stiller Show, a sketch comedy show that helped launch the careers of Stiller, Jon Stewart, Bob Odenkirk, Andy Dick and others. Also… Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, if you get down like that.

Let me reiterate: If you literally click on this hyperlink, you have but to click the “Play” button on your desired episode and you can be watching an episode of The O.C. you haven’t thought about in a decade. There is no login required. Instantly, you can be checking out Seth and Summer’s “Spiderman kiss,” the moment with Marissa and Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah,” Ryan beating up people for no reason, a live Rooney show, and that dream episode in Season 4 where everyone’s personality switches.

You probably forgot how insane Season 4 was! They pretty much knew they were being cancelled, and didn’t care — so they had Ryan date Taylor Townsend. But it’ll all come back to you soon. Just click on the link above and get back to me in a month. You’re welcome and also, I’m sorry.

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