There’s plenty of great gaming content scattered across YouTube, especially when it comes to multiplayer montages and hilarious glitches, but sometimes you come across a video that’s just downright impressive. Today, that video comes from a YouTuber who focuses on achieving the impossible in stealth-based video games like Dishonored.

Dishonored itself takes place in a steampunk world controlled by Victorian aristocracy, where players take control of a supernatural assassin. With his various abilities like his teleportation and mind control, you work through each level in a variety of ways — the most difficult being stealth. But YouTuber StealthGamerBR makes this difficult approach seem like a walk in the park.

StealthGamerBR has been working his way through the entire campaign this way, completing every mission with the same chaotic approach — remaining undetected for the majority of each one.

While these damn near-perfect runs are something we can all aspire to, it’s not something many people can accomplish — if only because this sort of thing is time consuming.

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