Stop the World for One Whole Minute: Scarlett Johansson is Directing an Ellie Goulding Concert

Also, no one has ever watched an 'American Express Unstaged' concert.

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Hey, do you guys know about Unstaged? It’s a online concert movie series from American “AmEx” Express. You probably know about it through biannual head-scratcher news hits like this one. The boys who brought you Gold and Platinum credit cards have been sponsoring this auspicious franchise for over five years, and the gimmick is: Famous directors (or just celebrities who want to fill out the “Director” category on their IMDb page) direct a concert video for a famous band.

This is what always happens when the time for another one of these things comes around: You read said news hit, like you’re reading this one, raise your eyebrows, Gchat the link to a friend, and then literally forget about it forever. Unless you are a really diehard fan of the band or the director; in that case, you might watch it and realize it’s pretty much the same as any other concert video. Even if it has some weird-out connective tissue thrown in, an Unstaged installment isn’t going to rank as some great work of music documentary film. Even Lynch got in there, did a Duran Duran show, and his fanbase was too afraid to watch.

So here’s today’s Unstaged news you’re going to forget about in a week: Scoop star (I think she’s been in some other stuff too) Scarlett Johansson is directing a video for charttopping-and-anonymous pop phenomenon Ellie Goulding. You know her music, whether you know you do or not:

Johansson directed a short in 2009 and is supposedly in the midst of making a Truman Capote adaptation, but has otherwise not directed anything. She’s into music though. I imagine she’s got some crazy camera angles planned — maybe some GoPros on band members? Maybe celeb friends like Woody Allen will be caught on tape, wilting in the wings — Scarlett had promised him they were going to an All-Star Tribute to Bix Beiderbecke.

Here’s the date to watch this concert (get ready to forget it): NOVEMBER 11th. AT 8 P.M. You can stream it at the AmEx site, and then there will be a 24-hour broadcast following, but that will not help you. You’re not going to get it together to watch this, just like you didn’t watch Werner Herzog direct The Killers — no matter how much you fuck with Aguirre, the Wrath of God — or GARY OLDMAN directing JACK WHITE. Also, if you actually watched that second one, please never visit this website again.

"Did I take the whole eighth, man???"