Disassembled Oculus Rift Reveals Hidden Samsung Touchscreen

Is a touchscreen that never knows a finger still a touchscreen?

If you’ve ever wanted to delicately tear apart an Oculus Rift to expose its guts piece by piece, your Oculus autopsy dreams have been answered.

In a teardown of an Oculus Developer Kit 2, the folks at the Online Components reveal in a new video the bits that make this virtual reality machine tick.


That there’s a Samsung touchscreen buried deep inside doesn’t come as a complete surprise, as long as you’ve been following the Oculus Rift through its development stages.

Even so, seeing the Galaxy Note 3 display intact — Samsung logo, touchscreen controller, and all — is still pretty weird. Unless you’ve been hankering after a VR contact lens simulator, we guess?

You’ll be able to demolish your own consumer Oculus at some point in Q1 of 2016.