'John Wick 4' release date, trailer and cast of Keanu's next thriller

Here's what to expect for the 'Parabellum' follow-up.


Well, it looks like Keanu Reeves is back and ready to kick even more ass in John Wick 4. What began as a humble indie action flick with 2014’s John Wick, which followed an ex-hitman’s mission to take revenge on the Russian mobsters who killed his dog and stole his car, has morphed into a multi-million dollar franchise chock-full of action set pieces and a killer cast. The most recent installment, John Wick 3 - Parabellum, saw John duking it out with fellow assassins after he’s branded “Excommunicado” for killing a member of the High Table.

John Wick 4 may be a long way away, but we have tons of details to help us prepare for what’s coming. Here’s what we know.

When will John Wick 4 be released?

Variety says Lionsgate plans for John Wick: Chapter 4 to be released on May 21, 2021. Warner Bros. then threatened us with a good time when, in December, it scheduled Matrix 4 on May 21, 2021 as well. It’s gonna be a big day at the movies.

Keanu Reeves in 'John Wick 3 - Parabellum'Lionsgate

What is the official title of John Wick 4?

Right now, the current title for the fourth movie is John Wick: Chapter 4. The titles have eschewed any predictable pattern like, say, the Mission:Impossible franchise. Considering John Wick: Chapter 4 is reminiscent of the second movie’s title (John Wick: Chapter 2), it’s very possible the title could remain intact. But there’s the chance the John Wick team will have a creative change of heart and revamp the title closer to release.

Is Chad Stahelski directing John Wick 4?

As of December 2019, it’s unclear if Chad Stahelski is back on board for John Wick: Chapter 4. Stahelski is a longtime friend of Reeves, having worked as his stunt double, and helmed all three previous John Wick movies. However, Stahelski’s IMDb shows he’s booked up for at least the next year or so working on a number of projects, including a Highlander reboot. Stahelski has been pivotal is shaping the look, feel, and pace of the John Wick world and story, so it’s tough to imagine a movie where he’s not in the driver’s seat. We’ll have to wait and see on this one.

Is there a John Wick 4 trailer?

There isn’t a trailer for John Wick 4 just yet. We’ll likely see the first teaser arrive in mid-late 2020, and an official trailer closer to the May 2021 release date.

Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry in 'John Wick 3 - Parabellum'Lionsgate

Which cast members will join Keanu Reeves in John Wick 4?

So far, Reeves’ return is the only sure thing as far as the John Wick 4 cast is concerned. Given the way Parabellum ended, it’s very possibly (and borderline likely) that Lance Reddick (Charon), Ian McShane (Winston), Halle Berry (Sofia), and Asia Kate Dillon (The Adjudicator) will be involved in the story.

How did John Wick 3 - Parabellum end?

John Wick 3 - Parabellum ends with John facing down Winston and The Adjudicator (working on behalf of the High Table, which essentially governs killers worldwide). Winston was forced to lure John into a rooftop parley. Whether knowingly or not, Winston shoots John in the chest — good thing he was wearing his bullet-proof suit. Wick manages to survive the fall and walk away from the scene, and is secreted away by the Tick-Tock Man (Jason Mantzoukas) and the Bowery King (Lawrence Fishburne) to heal from his wounds and likely plot a little revenge.

What is the plot of John Wick 4?

We still don’t know the plot of John Wick 4. It’s very likely the movie will pick up immediately after the end of Parabellum, as previous sequels picked up one right after the other. It’s also likely John will be going after The Adjudicator, the High Table, and Winston in his quest for retribution.

Keanu Reeves in 'John Wick 3 - Parabellum'Lionsgate

What else do we know about John Wick 4 ?

Keanu Reeves is wasting no time at all getting back into the thick of it with his physical training. The week before Christmas 2019, the team at Taran Tactical posted a photo to the company’s Instagram featuring Reeves. The photo teases Reeves’ training for the upcoming sequel, which will begin filming some time in 2020. Reeves trained with Taran Tactical for the earlier movies, too.

What do we know about theJohn Wick spin-offs in the works?

There are two spin-offs in the works right now, and it’s unclear whether they’ll directly tie in to the main John Wick arc.

The first is The Continental, a Starz TV series. Deadline reports it’s unlikely to air before 2021, but that’s decent timing considering John Wick 4 is set to hit theaters that same year. While we don’t know how much screentime Keanu Reeves will get in the series (but he will appear), we know the series will be a prequel that explores the origins of The Continental and its high-class killers.

There is also Ballerina, a movie spin-off based on revealations about John Wick’s past and his training, as seen in Parabellum. Ballerina will focus on a female killer trained by the same shadowy Eastern European organization which trained John. She’s also seeking revenge on those who killed her family. We still don’t have a release date for Ballerina, but a 2021 release is likely the earliest possibility.

John Wick 4 arrives in theaters May 21, 2021.