How to catch 'Sword and Shield's legendary Pokémon, Zacian and Zamazenta

The quest will take you all around the Galar region.

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You’re finally at the end. You’ve come a long way since clearing the first gym and getting the hang of Max Raid Battles.You’ve captured Eternatus, defeated Leon, and completed the main story. Now, it’s time for your final challenge: capturing the pesky guy on the box of your game. Unlike every other Pokémon title, Sword and Shield has made you wait until the very end. Don’t worry, you’ll be prepared. Here’s how exactly you can catch the elusive Zacaian or Zamazenta.

Return to your roots to trigger the legendary hunt

From the title screen, select Legendary Quest after completing the main story. Then head to Slumbering Weald, right by your hometown. Go to the very back of the area. Having defeated Leon, there will be a few more paths open than when you first visited this place. There will be a cutscene once you get to the right area, triggering a quest sequence that will take you all around the Galar region, before finally catching Zacaian or Zamazenta.

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This hunt around the nation will conclude atop Hammerlocke Stadium, where you battled Eternatus earlier in the game. Your first foe here will be the opposite game’s legendary Pokémon, so Zamazenta(fighting/steel)if you purchased Sword, and Zacian (fairy/steel) if you purchased Shield. Try as you might, this Pokémon cannot be captured. They only exist as an obstacle for your version’s legendary Pokémon, so feel free to defeat them.

With the rival legendary out of the picture, you can finally catch your own. If you’re having difficulty, remember Professor Magnolia gifted you a Master Ball for winning the champions cup. This is possibly the best time to use it.

After capturing your legendary, another challenge awaits

Congratulations on your new legendary Pokémon! With them in tow, head back to Slumbering Weald one last time. If you speak with Sonia, she can warp you right back.

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When you return, Hop will be there, waiting for a final showdown. Be warned: his strength has increased tremendously since your last battle. While you captured your own legendary Pokémon, he caught the opposite one. We suggest putting your new legendary in your party to counter his. His entire party will include:

  • Dubwool, LV 69, normal
  • Snorlax, LV 68, normal
  • Pincurchin, LV 68, electric
  • Corviknight, LV 69, flying/steel
  • LV 70 Cinderace, Rillaboom, or Inteleon*
  • LV 70 Zacaian or Zamazenta*

‘*’ Indicates Hop’s lineup will vary depending on your choice

With Hop defeated, you’ve proven yourself superior. Great job! But are you up to the challenge posed by the Battle Tower?

Pokémon Sword and Shield are now in stores.

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