This Week in Podcasts: 9/7/2015 - 9/11/2015

Catch up with the podcasts the Inverse staff been listening to all week. 

Clemens Bilan, Getty Images

Here in the final weeks of summer the Inverse staff is listening to shows about football, e-sports, and Uber.

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“Risk #664: Loaded” is three stories of life on drugs. Comedian Matteson Perry goes to Burning Man and makes an LSD BFF; Myriah Myers shares a raw, powerful story about her mother’s alcoholism; some people eat shit and die, Shashi Musso took acid, ate shit, and lived. - Ben Guarino

Tuesday night, I saw “The Grantland NFL Podcast” live at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory. I jersey’d up with my fellow Jets fan friend (Shaun Ellis for me, Nick Mangold for him), and we were ready for some football, as they say. Surprisingly, we got very little sports talk from hosts Robert Mays and Bill Barnwell. They’ve spent a while now previewing the upcoming NFL season, so getting too #sports would just be redundant. Instead, it was an NFL-related comedy hour, featuring special guests Mina Kimes (ESPN The Magazine) and Josh Gondelman (writer for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver). They compared 1980s Minnesota Vikings coach Jerry Burns to Method Man. Look out for the podcast when it drops some time next week. - Matthew Strauss

Not many podcast episodes I’d go back and listen to more than once but this episode of “Love + Radio” about a woman watching her neighbors through the living room window is like some lost Raymond Carver shit that just wrecks me every time. - Peter Rugg

The New York writers’ favorite website about themselves and their city is now available in podcast form. This latest episode grabs a powerful line-up of the Awl’s own Matt Buchanan along with Jay Kang and Jonathan Shainin as they chat about the polices and ethics around the car service. The conversation is interesting but the advertisement at the beginning that felt a parody of normal podcasts ads, which felt like the point or maybe not. I don’t know.

While I don’t follow the world of e-sports too deeply, but with the NFL season about to start it feels like a perfect time to follow a whole new realm of sports. “Esports Today” is a weekly breakdown of the e-sports world that focuses on MOBAs but isn’t afraid to look into other genres. I’m still getting used to the player names, teams, and terminology, but it is a nice step into this particular world. David Turner