Tom Hardy's New Film 'Legend' Embraces Bad Reviews 

Tom Hardy's new movie passed off a two-star review as five stars. We're not even mad; we're just impressed.

Most studios simply ignore bad reviews and run whatever nice thing Peter Travers says in Rolling Stone, but the folks behind Tom Hardy’s new movie, Legend, in which he plays a pair of British gangster twins, took a different approach. They put the bad review on the poster for all to (kind of) see.

See if you can spot how it handled The Guardian’s two-star review:

If you’re thinking a movie can’t possibly be so brazen as to put a two-star review front and center, in between Tom Hardy #1 and Tom Hardy #2’s heads, you’re wrong. It’s wildly misleading, but that’s okay because it’s also kind of badass and this is, after all, a take-no-prisoners gangster flick.