The Best Multi-Tool Knife Under $25

Never leave home without a Swiss Army Knife in your pocket ever again.

Unsplash / Paul Felberbauer

If you’ve ever been camping, on a road trip, or anywhere you’ve found yourself in need of a sharp edge, a bottle opener, pliers or some other kind of tool not within easy reach, you probably had to think on your feet or ask the one person prepared enough to remember their Swiss Army Knife to borrow it for every little need. And that’s likely how you ended up here.

A quick google or Amazon search for multitools will deliver an overwhelming number of results and it can be difficult to know which one will actually meet your needs. Never fear because I’m an expert in paging through the hundreds of results and making an honest recommendation that’s actually worth buying.

In this case, it’s Amazon’s number one best seller—the Swiss Army Knife. You probably had one in your junk drawer growing up. You’ve probably seen your dad carrying one at some point in your life and if you’ve ever been camping, this is probably the exact one you asked to borrow a dozen times. While we’re living in the age of constant innovation, often times the thing that’s been around the longest is the best. After all, how has it been around so long?

Manufactured in Switzerland for as long as they’ve been around, this Swiss Army Knife has 12 important functions, including a can opener, knife blades, Phillips head screwdriver, and a bottle opener. Designed to be both compact and durable, it’s constructed from lightweight but long-lasting Swiss Made stainless steel and encased in ultra-tough ABS material so the only reason you’ll ever need to buy more than one is to gift to your less prepared friends and family.

At less than 3.5-inches in length, a little over a half inch in thickness and less than 2 ounces in weight, you’ll never want to leave the house without your Swiss Army Knife again. Store it in your backpack, your car’s center console, glove box or your front pocket and you won’t even notice its presence until you’re next in a situation that requires a quick screw tighten, rope cutting and dozens of other neccessary quick fixes. Soon, you’ll be the person that people are asking to borrow your multi-tool and just like that, you now know what to get everyone for Christmas this year.