Best Wireless Car Chargers

Everything else is going wire-free, shouldn't charging your phone in your car be the same?

Unsplash / Limor Zellermayer

When you spend a decent amount of time in your car you know that if there’s one thing you can’t get enough of, it’s battery life for your phone. Whether you rely on your phone for directions or connect it with your car’s sound system for background music, there’s nothing worse than a phone that’s out of juice. But no one wants wires getting in the way of the dashboard control panels or getting tangled around your shift stick. In that case, you need a wireless car charger. And we’ve sifted through Amazon to find the top-rated affordable wireless car chargers on the market today.

Best Charger for Customizable Angles

Unless you’re lucky and everyone in your household has their own car, there’s a good chance that you share your ride. And if you’re not all the same height, that also means that people are constantly adjusting things so that driving is as comfortable as possible. Make life just a tad easier by opting for a wireless car charger and holder that allows you to adjust the angle for the best line of sight. This ZeeHoo wireless charger is compatible with a wide range of models from both Android and Apple. Plus, it relies on 10 watt Qi technology for fast charging. You can mount this charging holder on the windshield, dashboard or air vents. And the 360-degree rotation functionality ensures that you can use your phone in portrait or landscape mode.

Best Charger for Budget Shoppers

Thanks to technological advances, wireless chargers are no longer expensive to acquire. This RGCTL wireless car charger offers all the benefits of the Qi fast-charging technology at a modest price that practically anyone can afford. Much like other wireless car chargers, this model is designed to work with a variety of Samsung and Apple phones. However, there is limited functionality in terms of customizing angles. While you can mount this model using the included 3M adhesive to the windshield, or with an air vent clip, there are only so many angles available to you.

Best Charger for Landscape Mode Use

For many people, portrait mode is a pain in the you-know-what. If you prefer to use landscape mode for a wider view — especially when using your phone for directions, then you’re going to appreciate this particular wireless car charger. Wonsidary’s wireless car charger is designed to securely hold your phone in landscape mode while it’s charging. This model promises to charge your mobile device up to 1.5 times faster than standard wireless chargers and also features 10-watt Qi charging technology. The Wonsidary model can only be mounted to your dashboard using the built-in suction cup and is compatible with Samsung and Apple phones.

Best Charger for Car Consoles

Not everyone wants a mounted car charger. And that means that you’re not interested in using adhesive or clips to attach a charger to your car. In that case, a flat, mat-style charger is a better choice. The Polmxs wireless car charging mat can fit into your console, and then also be removed and used anywhere else you prefer — such as your bedside table or work desk. This charger also features fast Qi technology with the choice between 7.5 and 10-watts. Best of all the non-slip silicone construction ensures that once you lay your phone on this mat, it stays in place. The Polmxs charger is compatible with a variety of models from Samsung and Apple.