The Best Samsung Wireless Charger

Cords are yesterday's news.


So it’s 2019, and generally speaking, wires are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. Considering that it all started with phones, it should stand to reason that wireless chargers are pretty necessary. After all, who wants to tangle with a cord? But another thing that comes with it being 2019 is a litany of choices when it comes to buying, well, anything. I So with all of your choices, what should you pick when it comes to Samsung wireless chargers? Here’s a quick roundup for reference.

The Samsung QI Wireless Charger

The Samsung QI wireless charger is probably one of the most popular Samsung chargers on the market. What’s interesting to note is that this one has dual coil design, which allows for a larger charging surface, so you’re not limited charging in portrait mode only. The built-in cooling fan keeps your device cool while it charges, and the fast charge powers up your device almost two times faster than many other wireless chargers.

The Samsung Dual Charger

Just as you would expect, the Samsung Dual charger costs a bit more, but then again, it does a bit more. Compatible with any device equipped with the standard QI charging spec, the Samsung dual charger is pretty universal. We all have multiple devices that need charging, so the dual charger is a really great problem solver. Built-in fans prevent overheating, and if you’re concerned about aesthetics, the dual charger is available in black or white.

Samsung 2-in-1 Portable Fast Charge

If the thought of your phone dying makes you feel a little anxious, you may want to consider a charger battery pack combo unit. Your phone can be charged while it’s plugged in, and if you’re on the go, simply take it with you for a portable battery pack. The portable fast charger is Qi certified, so it works great for all of your devices, including the Samsung watch. The 10, 000 mAh battery provides almost two full charges for your phone—and approximately 10 full charges for your watch.