The 5 Best Hoodies for Men 

It's officially hoodie weather -- here are some of the comfiest, coziest ones out there. 


For some people, fall means hot pumpkin-laced drinks. It means warm pies, baked fresh from a day spent apple picking. It even means the excitement of “spooky season” can officially settle in, horror movies enjoyed while curled up on the couch. For others, fall only means one thing: hoodie weather.

Ah yes, glorious hoodie weather—it means so much more than just getting to wear a favorite article of clothing. It means that the sun has stopped trying to melt us into a puddle of our own sweat nor is the wind trying to burn our skin with its freezing lashes. It means the weather is just goddamn delightful, that a gentle breeze may be nipping at our nose, but it isn’t so bad we’re hiding from the outdoors. The perfect weather does call for the perfect hoodie, so it is totally fair to upgrade your favorite to a new, warm, and cozy option. Whether you like them to pull over or zip up, we found some of the best hoodies out there for you to curl up into.

The Basic

If you’re a no-frills kind of guy, this simple pull-over hoodie was meant for you. Available not only in sizes small to 5XL, this hoodie also comes in 23 versatile colors. And at such an affordable price, you can totally stock up with at least four solid colors this season. Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, this hoodie is certain to be a cozy heaven-sent hoodie this fall.

The Zipperhead

Can’t stand the thought of pulling a hoodie over your head? This zip-up basic fleece hoodie is perfect. Not only does it come in 23 different styles, it can fit anyone up to a size XXL. The best part is it is super fleecy, so it is extra warm and snuggly but not overbearingly insulated where you feel like you’re sweating on a 65 degree weather day.

The Name Brand

The North Face hoodies are known for their ability to battle winter weather. This particular pull-over hoodie is a midweight fleece, making it perfect for fall. Made to have room for layering, this hoodie can last you deep into winter. I can fit anyone up to a size 3XL and comes in 24 colors.

The No-Nonsense Hoodie

This hoodie is here to do two things: keep you warm and dry. There are only four style options for this hoodie, but it really isn’t about fashion — it’s all about function. This thermal lined, water-repellent hoodie was made to endure whatever surprises nature throws at you.The pockets also have well-hidden zippers so your stuff stays safe and secure.

The Loud Hoodie

Keep it weird 2019? These loud, in your face heavily graphic designed hoodies definitely aren’t afraid to stand out. With galaxy designs, full on realistic food designs, and super abstract styles, if you have a personality that was made to stand out these hoodies are for you. Currently they range in sizes all the way u to 2XL.