The Best Leaf Blowers Under $50 Will Keep Your Home Pristine

Say goodbye to unsightly leaf piles around your home this fall. 


Fall is finally here, and it’s brought with it gorgeous leaves changing colors and dropping to the ground before our very eyes. As pretty as it may be, it’s also extremely frustrating to have to deal with getting rid of all the leaves that have cluttered around your home (and can create a real need for an icy-hot patch).

Fortunately, you can invest less than $50 in a reliable leaf blower, which will make clearing out the mess that’s accumulated around your driveway and patio super simple (and pain-free). Don’t believe us? We’ve gathered together some awesome picks that you can rely on to make sure your area is just as pristine as possible. Happy fall!

1. An Excellent Choice For Smaller Spaces: Greenworks Single Speed Electric Blower

This lime green leaf blower is just powerful enough to get the job done. It’s a smaller unit, which makes it best for small yards, and it doesn’t come with an extension cord to save extra cash, though you can spend a bit more to get that if you need it. It features one speed, and an electric start so you can get down to business straight away. It blows up to 160 mph so you can get just about any kind of debris out of your yard, and the wand features nearly no vibration when compared to other gas blowers of this size and shape. It’s a great option if you don’t have a lot of surface area in your yard to blow through, or if you just want to do small bursts of clean-up.

2. A Great Lightweight Option: Toro Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower

Toro’s slick black leaf blower generates an air speed of 160 mph, but at just under five pounds, is still very light and easy to use. It features 2-speed air control so you can get a stronger or less strong air flow, and it comes with a two year warranty should anything go wrong. It’s handheld and is cordless, so you just need to charge it up between uses, which makes it great for anyone who doesn’t want to be restricted to a smaller yard. Plus, Toro is the same name behind lawnmowers and other gardening tools, so you can trust the name here.

3. An Ultra-Adjustable Choice: Worx Turbine Electric Leaf Blower

This extremely lightweight electric leaf blower is easy to control and features a power cord retainer to keep things simple. It features dynamic airflow design and a Hyper Stream nozzle to put out faster air and forceful blasts for you to send leaves packing. It can deliver air speeds up to 110 mph, and it includes a variable speed control, so you can adjust just how powerful you need to make it. You don’t need to worry about it running out of battery either, since it features a lengthy cord to keep you leaf blowing all afternoon, until the job is done.